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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

How To: PS3 FW 2.50 Brings DivX VOD

Firmware 2.50 is now out for your shiny big black box. Once downloaded, you can then view rented or bought DivX files on your PS3. You have to register the device using the code found in the System Settings submenu. Simply open DivX player on a PC, go to Tools > Device Manager and it will walk you through the steps needed to activate the PS3 playback device.

Once done, you get a downloadable file. Pop that onto a flash drive and play it from the Video section of your XMB and Robert's your mother's brother.

Easy as that!

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Blogger Brodiesan said...

I'm not too familiar with the whole VOD service. I was wondering in general however if we know anymore about further codec support?

There are STILL divx files I have that my PS3 will not play. Has firmware 2.50 alleviated this in any way?

15 October 2008 09:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Sony just want DivX certification. They won't support files encoded with qpel, multipoint gmc or custom quant. Those file are not compatible with DivX Home Theater profile.

15 October 2008 13:35  
Blogger Brodiesan said...

Is there anyway to confirm what codec a divx file was encoded with?

And is there a way to convert ?

15 October 2008 14:08  

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