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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

PixelJunk Monsters Patch Will Be Trophy-tastic [UPDATE]

UPDATE: PlayStation.Blog has additional information for us all:
  • The patch will release October 23rd for Japan and October 30th for Europe and North America.
  • You can use any combination of difficulty settings to complete your game. Sweet!
  • XMB Custom soundtrack support.
  • Trophies will work differently. Instead of re-playing your entire game, specific trophy challenges must be met on maps with set rules.
  • Jeff Rubenstein interviews Dylan Cuthbert about the upcoming patch. Must see.

We have heard that a patch for Monsters was coming our way. Now with the patch (finally) getting closer to a Japanese release, some info has trickled down our way.

This fantastic patch will add Trophy support and YouTube recording (just like younger sibling Eden), easy and hard difficulty levels (wasn't the game already hard?), and re-balances the strength and range of some towers.

I have yet to pick up the expansion pack Encore, namely because my tribe gets slaughtered by cutesy monsters. Needless to say, the new easy mode is highly welcome (and in my case, sorely needed).

Although Eden has all my PixelJunk attention at the moment, Monsters has made a major blip on my radar. I can only hope that the red headed PixelJunk step child (a.k.a. Racers) gets some attention too.

Source [PS3 Fanboy, Game Watch]

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