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Friday, 28 March 2008

April Showers? PS3 Attitude Big Three

Once again, it's that time of the month where we run down the three titles you really have to seek out in the coming month.

As a quick reminder, the PS3 Attitude Big Three takes in UK and European release dates only and is for titles that will be released in April.

You can keep tabs on the latest release dates by using the PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar, which you'll also find a shareable/embeddable version in the left sidebar.

So let's get started - what should you spend your money on this month? And will April shower us with new releases (see what we did there?)...

1. Grand Theft Auto: IV [pre-order] [pre-order special edition] [pre-rent]

Yes people - it's the Big One. The wait is finally over and GTA: IV hits our shelves this month.

So much has already been said about GTA: IV that it's hard to think of anything new to say. Simply put, it is one of the most important game releases for some time on any platform.

There will also, of course, be a complete media circus around the release of the game which will distract the masses from the reality of the situation - not only is this a brilliant experience, this is an adult game with adult themes for adults only. If there are parents reading this and you buy this game for your kids, you're part of the reason we've just had a government review on gaming in the UK. Don't do it.

Getting back to the gameplay, we already know about the tons of multi-player modes and we'll expect the usual deep single player storyline. The graphics are more realistic than ever before which points to a grittier experience. That being said, all the usual wit and dark comedy that has filled Rockstar's seminal sandbox series in the past is all there.

This is one title you don't want to miss out on this year, let alone this month.

2. Condemned 2: Bloodshot [pre-order] [pre-rent]

It's going to be tough with the release of GTA: IV to recommend two other titles, especially when the choice of great games in April is not as wide as we've had recently. However, Condemned 2: Bloodshot certainly requires your attention.

Coming from Sega, this is the complete opposite of their usual game genre. There's definitely no cute blue hedgehogs in this title. Gruesome? Yes. Dark? Indeed.

Similar in some ways to The Darkness, Condemned delivers an FPS that owes more to the supernatural than it does to realistic combat.

Whilst the multiplayer experience has been reported as being a little 'laggy', the single player game is a lot of fun and has gained good reviews almost across the board (Edge Magazine excepted). A patch is expected soon to iron out some sound sync issues that have been spotted in the US release.

If you're not sure whether Condemned floats your boat or not, there is a demo available at the PS Store that might help you make up your mind. We say that if you're not buying it, Condemned is surely a title worth renting instead.

3. UEFA EURO 2008 [pre-order] [pre-rent]

The choice this month is a little woeful, and that's understandable given that no-one really wants to compete with the Big One. In fact, this was almost the PS3 Attitude Big Two due to a lack of any really good games in April.

Since we're a UK-based news site, it seemed the only safe choice was to go with the regular EA FIFA update. After all, it is the only way anyone from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are going to have a chance at playing in Euro 2008.

The things that surprised me about this title when I played it recently is that is seems as if EA haven't just updated FIFA 08, they've made everything just that little bit slicker. Consequently, UEFA EURO 2008 looks like the definitive football game on the PS3 since the first next-gen incarnation of PES is very poor.

For once then, a FIFA title is actually better than a PES game. And this latest version is better than the original it is based on. If you haven't picked up a football game yet, this would be the best one to go for - despite the fact that none of our home teams made it to the finals!

That's all for this month. Did we make the right choices? Would Dark Sector be in your Big Three, or Solider of Fortune: Payback? Tell us about it in the comments...

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Ask Us; secrets and treats in video games

Q: So I remember that game makers or programmers would add little treats and secrets outside of the games intended program. What is probably the most famous one and why doesn't it seem as common today?
Posted by jockhotty

A: Going back to when I was much younger, I remember 'Easter eggs' hidden inside Microsoft Excel and Word where you could access a hidden flight simulator and pinball game.

Flipping that around then, what games have had hidden office applications?

I can't remember any that fit that specific category, although several text-based adventures did have a 'boss key' that replaced the game with a bogus spreadsheet so you didn't get caught playing at work! Sites like list over 500 hidden 'features' in games and console games that we know about.

Of course, the most famous hidden feature (only because of it's massive notoriety and the sheer column inches it produced) has to be the 'hot coffee' mod in GTA.

What treats and secrets do you remember the most?

Want to ask us a question? Use the askablogr widget in the left sidebar...


European PS Store update for 28th March

Yes - we know. It's Friday.

Despite hanging around (well, actually I was playing GT5: Prologue on Blu-ray) until about 02:30 this morning, the weekly update just didn't appear.

We know that the original plan was to have the update arrive early evening yesterday. Then there were rumours that things would be held back until the GTA: IV trailer launched. Either way, something broke.

And that is, after all, what software does. It breaks every now and then. Regardless of whether you're on a free network like the PSN, or if you pay a monthly fee like on XBL, it is occasionally not going to work. It's just unfortunate that it didn't work on the day many people were looking forward to downloading the PSN version of GT5: Prologue.

So other than the biggest download of the year so far and the one-day delay, what else was made news on the PS Store today?

Here's the list:


GT5: Prologue (£24.99)
Reel Fishing (for PSP and PS3; £3.49)

Demos (all free)



Turok Map Pack (£1.99)
Unreal Tournament III Map Pack (free)
Eye of Judgement Biolith Rebellion Set 2 (£6.99)

Videos (all free)

GT5: Prologue TV trailer
Dark Sector - five trailers
Everybody's Golf World Tour trailer
Eye of Judgement Biolith Rebellion Set 2 trailer
Dynasty Warriors 6 Producer Q&A

Two full games (one of them monumental), a demo, two map packs, the extra card set for Eye of Judgement and a bunch of videos.

I'd say that was worth the extra day, wouldn't you?

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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Want to ask a question?

You'll notice in the left sidebar that we've added a new feature. And you know how we love new features at PS3 Attitude!

Powered by askablogr, you can now ask us a question.

Have a PS3 issue you need answering? Want to know what has happened to a particular game? Need to know more about PS3 Attitude?

Go ahead and pitch your question to us. Keep it gaming, PS3 or site related though. We get to pick and choose which questions get answered, so if there's anything we don't think is on topic, it will simply get pushed aside and you won't get those 5 minutes of your life back.

The best questions and answers will appear here and in our various RSS and Email Subscription feeds for everyone to enjoy.


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IndieCade 2008; Are you the next Jonathan Mak? Prove it!

Everyday Shooter is a great game. After waiting for so long for it to be released in the UK and Europe, it's been one of the PS Store titles we play the most.

The game was created by 'triple-threat' Jonathan Mak. He developed the game, designed all the graphics and produced all the music.

Everyday Shooter is one of the many indie games picked up by IndieCade, an organisation that promotes and shows independent games to the masses. IndieCade exists to educate and provide gamers with a view of what is happening in the indie games scene. They organise events and shows across the globe - we first met them at GameCity in the UK last year.

Another indie title to make an appearance at IndieCade 2007 was Night Journey, the frankly spiritual experience we featured last year at the PS3 Attitude YouTube Channel.

So are you the next Jonathan Mak? If you are, IndieCade is now open to submissions for 2008.

In order to enter you need to be developing a title that has no funding from any of the major publishers. You can personally have deals with these publishers, but the game you're submitting can't.

Any type of game is encouraged, as are 'works in progress' - you must have at least one playable level to be eligible.

You also have to own all the rights (or have permission to use) for the content in the game.

The deadline? Midnight (US Pacific Time) on April 11th, so you have around a fortnight to put in your submission. There's a $25 fee for processing, but the exposure you'll get if your game is chosen for IndieCade 2008 will be massive.

Just look what it's done for Mr. Mak.

Head on over to the IndieCade 2008 submission pages for more details and to enter your game into the fray.

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GT5: Prologue - Ferrari F2007 in action

A good friend sent us in this video of the awesome Ferrari F2007 Formula 1 car in action. We don't need to say anything else about the video really - just watch and remember to pick up your jaw before trying to walk away...

Haze date still a little hazy...

Ubisoft now say that the 22nd May is 'around' when Haze will be launched.

So - we're going to stick our neck out and say that since most releases in the UK appear on a Friday, Haze will appear on the 23rd instead.

Whatever date Ubi decide on, we'll be amongst the first to tell you. Oh, and the scarily accurate PS3 Attitude Calendar will be updated, of course.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Burnout v1.2 all done; 24th April expected release

We already told you what to expect in version 1.2 of Burnout Paradise, but now Criterion tell us they've finished the update and it has gone over to Microsoft and Sony for their certification process.

Although a release date isn't secured, we should expect to see the update on the 24th April.

Check out our previous post on Burnout Paradise 1.2 for details of the changes.

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Haze dated; PS3 Attitude calendar right again...

[Gloat Mode: ON] We were right again! [Gloat Mode: OFF]

It has been confirmed that Haze will arrive on May 22nd, exactly as we stated on the PS3 Attitude PlayStation 3 Events Calendar weeks ago. The fact is, the calendar is proving to be scarily accurate and on a regular basis, so please make sure you visit it regularly or subscribe to it using Google Calendar.

We'll have much more about Haze as we get closer to the release date, so look out for all manner of nectar-fuelled goodness from PS3 Attitude.

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Resident Evil 5 gameplay on Famitsu DVD

Resident Evil 5, or Biohazard 5 as it is known by in Japan, will be arriving later this year. And boy are we excited!

So we'll happily lap up anything we can get our hands on when it comes to video footage, including this developer interview that Japanese readers of Famitsu magazine found in the cover disk this month.

You'll see lots of the usual wireframe developer stuff but hidden amongst the few minutes of footage are some moments of actual gameplay. Enjoy!

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Linger in Shadows; new game, or just eye candy?

Almost everything in the video you're about to watch reminds us of something that might be designed by Team ICO, with a nod towards elements of the 'real world' in The Matrix.

To say it is beautiful and awe-inspiring would be an understatement.

But what it actually is, no-one can yet say. Some people say it is a technical demo. Some say it has been given the go ahead to become a full game. It's true that SCEA's Santa Monica studios have worked on some visionary titles in the past, and this would be no exception.

Whatever Linger in Shadows is, or becomes, we'll be watching.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Firmware 2.20 described by Eric Lempel

SCEA have put out a video that has Eric Lempel describing many of the new features in version 2.20 of the PS3 firmware.

Take a look below to get a good overview of the new features.

From Crackle: Firmware 2.20 demo

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Firmware 2.20 is available

We already covered what was going to be in firmware 2.20 in detail, so this is one of the shortest news stories we've ever written.

It's live. Go download it.

We'll check out the changes and we'll update you as to how well they work soon. The first BD-LIVE titles aren't available yet, so it will be April before we can let you know how good BD Profile 2.0 is.

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Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Monday news wrap-up

As we've mentioneda few times, we're on our Easter break here at PS3 Attitude, so here's a quick wrap-up of the news from today:

1. Warhawk version 1.4 will definitely contain new game modes, according to Dylan Jobe. And they'll be free.

2. Staying with Incognito, Dylan also confirmed on the Official PlayStation Blog that the Warhawk development team are working on a new game.

3. Don't forget this week sees the release of GT5: Prologue and Everybody's Golf World Tour, both on our PS3 Attitude Big Three for March. Check the PlayStation 3 Events Calendar for more details on all the forthcoming UK and European releases.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break and we'll be back to normal service from tomorrow.

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