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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Resistance 2 teaser trailer goes live

Over at GameTrailers they got the exclusive Resistance 2 teaser trailer, which ends with a promise that they will show the first ever gameplay video on June 13th.

Enjoy the short introduction to Resistance 2 - there's nothing much to see here but what you do get to view certainly looks exciting enough!

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Friday, 11 April 2008

Metal Gear Online beta coming next week

Metal Gear Online has been offered as a beta for people that pre-order in the US and Japan, and we've been wondering what will happen to a European beta.Konami said earlier in the week that the beta was definitely coming to Europe, but still we had no details of how to get access.

Now, SCEE have confirmed that a completely open beta program will start next Thursday (17th) as part of the new store's first update. Yes - you'll be able to play MGO next week and you don't even have to pre-order MGS4.

In addition to the MGO beta, Europe will also get a Lair update that allows you to control the game using the analogue sticks, some new dragons for Lair, a Sega Superstar Tennis demo (same one that hit the US a few weeks back) and - importantly - Warhawk's Operation Broken Mirror map and APV pack.

There will also be a smattering of videos, including the latest GTA: IV trailer.

If this is how European updates are going to look in the future, we all have nothing to worry about!

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PS3iPlayer brings BBC TV on demand

Via our friends at PS3 Fanboy, news of a BBC iPlayer mash-up makes for interesting reading.

A chap calling himself/herself Ixalon has created a website with some clever coding that allows the BBC iPlayer to play videos directly within the PS3 browser.

There is no full-screen playback mode as there is in the actual PC-based iPlayer, but apparently you can get a good size picture using the zoom functions.

Apparently, the PS3iPlayer site and system were set up in a day. Considering the BBC just announced Wii compatibility for the iPlayer, Ixalon has shown how easy it could be for an official PS3 version to be made.

For those of you that don't know, the BBC iPlayer is a PC-based on-demand service for UK TV Licence paying residents that allows you to catch up with your favourite programmes for a week or so after they aired. Similar services are available in the UK from Channel 4 and Sky with their 4oD and Sky Anytime applications.

So if you're an iPlayer user, go ahead and try this out before the BBC stops it from working! It'll certainly give you a small taste of TV on your PS3 whilst we wait for news on the 'should-have-been-released-already' PlayTV PVR.

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MCV Industry Excellence Awards 2008

Last night saw the annual MCV Industry Excellence Awards at The Brewery in London.

You know, holding an awards ceremony at a place called The Brewery is already letting people know exactly what the event is really all about - the booze!

But amongst the debauchery some gongs were actually given out. The winners are chosen by their trade peers, so they actually tend to mean something.

Whilst Nintendo dominated the evening's events (as they did last year), we were please to see Assassin's Creed win best New Games Brand.

Here are the winners in full:


Independent Retailer:
Grainger Games

Specialist Retailer:

Entertainment Retailer:

Online Retailer:

Star Store:
Zavvi, Oxford Street


PR Team:

Game Campaign:
Halo 3 (Microsoft)

New Games Brand:
Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft)

Trade Marketing Team:
Electronic Arts

Marketing Team:


UK Development Team:

Distribution Team:

Sales Triumph:
Cooking Mama (505 Games)

Sales Team:

Games Publisher:


Paul Donnelly (Gem)



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Thursday, 10 April 2008

GTA: IV European bundle definitely happening; probably PS3 exclusive

You know us - we hate 'rumour'. But aside from SCEE not confirming this to us directly, we have so many other sources that say this is happening it's almost embarassing.

The news is great. A GTA: IV bundle will appear on shelves in Europe the same day as the game arrives - 29th April.

And most of our sources are confirming the answer to the obvious question - is there a PS3 bundle only, or will there be an X360 bundle too?

It seems that to give the PS3 some level of exclusivity after we lost 'episodic content' to Microsoft, the PS3 will indeed be the only console to gain a hardware bundle. Nice.

The PS3 Attitude Calendar has been updated as ever.

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Develop 100; European developers doing well

Today the fourth annual Develop 100 is released, a book that ranks the world's developers based on sales of their games across the UK.

Nintendo takes the number one position this year knocking EA Canada off the top spot, which it has held since the Develop 100 was originally conceived.

But despite the increased success of Nintendo and the reportedly low-cost development resources available in Canada, the Develop 100 shows that European studios are doing well.

Development teams in the UK and mainland Europe claimed 36 places in the list between them, having generated £284m at UK retail in 2007 – higher than Canada’s 12 studios and £221m revenues.

The top UK studio, sitting in 10th place, is Traveller's Tales - producers of the Lego series of games. Look out for more news from Traveller's Tales and TT Games soon at PS3 Attitude.

You can read the Develop 100 online after the jump.

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Additional Firmware 2.30 details

In addition to carrying the new PS Store with it, firmware 2.30 will also feature DTS-HD Master audio support.

Thankfully, the guys and gals at the Official PlayStation Blog explained what the heck that means:

"DTS-HD Master Audio is literally bit-for-bit identical to the studio master recording and makes movie soundtracks and sound effects truly come to life. The technology delivers audio at the incredibly high rate of 24.5 mega-bits per second (Mbps) on Blu-ray disc, which is significantly higher than standard DVDs. DTS-HD Master Audio also offers 7.1 audio channels at 96k sampling frequency/24 bit depths, so you’ll be totally immersed in the sound. The firmware update will add DTS-HD High Resolution Audio as well, which is a similar output technology that requires less disc space."
I'm glad we cleared that one up! PS3 Attitude are sure audiophiles everywhere are salivating right now.

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New PlayStation Store coming on 15th April

I'm sure you don't need reminding, but there will be no update today whilst we await Firmware 2.30 and the new-look PS Store.

But as promised, SCEA have presented us with a walk-through video of the upgraded store, presented by Grace Chen - the woman that posts on the Official PlayStation Blog about the usual weekly US store updates.

In addition, it has now been confirmed that the 2.30 update will happen on the 15th April. 'But that's not a Thursday', I hear you cry. Because the update happens on a Tuesday, we're not sure whether the firmware will simply allow you access to the new store with the existing content, or whether the new items we're expecting will arrive with it. Sony aren't confirming either way.

Take a look at the video below and look out for your firmware update this coming Tuesday.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Uwe Boll replies - wants a Pro-Boll petition

Incredibly, Uwe Boll has replied to his previous request for 1 million petitionees by creating this video.

In this amazing piece-to-camera, Boll requests that someone set up a Pro-Boll petition (or maybe a Pro Bowl petition, we can't quite tell which) and explains he is 'not a f*****g retard like Michael Bay'. He also states he is the 'only genius in this business'.

Of course, all of this comes just in time for the release of Postal. It would be cynical of us to suggest it is all just a PR stunt.

Watch and laugh as the delusional Boll swears his way through 1 minute and 6 seconds of your life. Due to the language this video is mildy NSFW.

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ThreeSpeech feature our guest article

Many thanks to the guys at ThreeSpeech, who were good enough today to feature a guest article we wrote.

'5 Remakes Perfect For The PlayStation Network' is our countdown of the five games from back when we were playing around with the C64, Amiga, Atari ST and MSX machines that would be perfect for re-imagining on the PSN.

Enjoy the article, and don't be shy - leave us a comment here and at ThreeSpeech!

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Haze date not hazy any more...

We told you about the Haze launch date.

Then we told you the date was a little hazy.

Now the previously hazy date is clear once again!

Yes - Ubisoft have finally set the date. And guess what?

That pesky PS3 Attitude Calendar was spot on all the time! Wow!

Why not celebrate with a new T-Shirt...!

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Get your PS3 on - PS3 Attitude Gear goes live!

You can now support your friendly neighbourhood PS3 news website, and show how proud you are to be a PS3 owner, with our new PS3 Attitude Gear.

Choose from a number of T-shirt designs or accessories, and show your love for the big black monolith.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund, which is awarded yearly to a worthwhile cause. Look out for more PS3 Attitude Charity Fund news soon!

If you have any ideas for a design, let us know in the comments.

Here's one of our designs - click through to find the others...

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Home on the way this month?

We don't usually do rumours here at PS3 Attitude, but this one is too interesting to pass up.

Our friends at The Sixth Axis have discovered details of Home 1.00 being available on the PSN, even though the download itself won't do anything just now - it's locked by Sony.

The download was made available using a Folding@Home exploit - again, not a topic we usually go for here since we're not interested in exploits and, *cough*, questionable activities.

Go read about it over at The Sixth Axis and then cross your fingers for the next nine days!

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Uwe Boll can be stopped; only 911,000 to go

If you don't know about Uwe Boll, please allow me educate you for a moment.

A film director, Dr. Boll has taken it upon himself over the years to grab some of our favourite video game franchises and take them, kicking and screaming, into movie theatres (or sometimes, straight to DVD).

The most poignant of his transformations concerns a title that is getting it's next-gen debut soon; Alone in the Dark.

Not even Cristian Slater, who happens to be one of my favourite actors, could save it. Scoring a miserable 2.2/10 on IMDB after 17,674 votes, it truly is a terrible experience. It was one of those days where I wished I didn't have my 'watch it to the end' rule.

Prior to Alone in the Dark, Boll murdered House of the Dead. He has also butchered Bloodrayne (twice), Postal and Dungeon Siege.

He is now in production on Alone in the Dark II, Bloodrayne III and - oh, please tell me it's not true - Far Cry.

There's nothing that wrong with the people he surrounds himself with, but his direction, script meddling and joint editing ruin the party every time. He's apparently very good at schmoozing investors, which explains how he keeps getting to make these films, since his box office takings don't explain the $20m+ production budgets.

A petition has now been set up to stop Dr. Boll from continuing to hack and slash his way through some usually competent cinematography, and Dr. Boll has responded with a challenge.

If the petition gains 1 million signatures [Dr. Evil Voice Mode: OFF] he'll quit.

I signed it today. There's about 911,000 to go.

Please make a difference to the world and stop this man from destroying future hopes that one day, a video game movie will be made that has merit. Hitman nearly managed it, taking $98m worldwide so far plus another $20m in DVD sales. Alone in the Dark, on the other hand, lost it's investors $12m. As Stephen King said yesterday, 'case closed'.

Go sign the Stop Dr. Uwe Boll petition now and save someone, somewhere, their time and/or money. You can make a difference.

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Monday, 7 April 2008

GTA IV revealed; Niko Bellic is voiced by Bruce Kronenburg

It has been revealed that the voice actor for the main role of Niko Bellic is none other than Bruce Kronenburg.


Well, Bruce has appeared in the occasional TV episode as a mobster, notably the Sopranos and Law & Order. He has also featured as 'Man on Street' in the 2004 movie 'Noise'.

OK - so whilst he may not be Robert De Niro in terms of his CV, he does already have a good amount of videogame voice-over experience having provided his services for various characters in Max Payne, Max Payne 2 and GTA 2.

Who knew he could do a Russian accent? Maybe that will score him some diverse roles in the future instead of playing mobsters all the time - oh, hang on...

There are scant pictures of Mr. Kronenburg available, and none that are free to use, so click through to see what Niko looks like in the flesh - we'll give you a clue (2nd from left).

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Stephen King tells it how it is; video game violence

In the UK we have a slightly different situation than in the US. Firstly, our retailers are happy to say 'no' to a minor trying to buy a game that is too old for them. It's the law, after all.

And since we don't have a Constitution that makes such a law irrelevant, that's the way it will stay. Just like 18-rated DVDs, for example - it is illegal to rent them or sell them to an under-18 customer.

Also in the UK we can't go and buy a gun from our local supermarket. That's probably the number one reason why the US has a major issue with gun crime - ease of access.

As far as I'm concerned, the 'freedom to bear arms' is as sensible as the 'freedom to arm bears'.

So it with a great deal of jealousy that I read Stephen King's defence of videogames and the reality behind the violence that is contained within them. Jealousy? Yes - as he says everything I believe to be true on the thorny subject in a way I can only dream of.

I have copied the full piece below rather than linking to it, and my only hope is you take 10 minutes of your time today to read through it in entirety. The article itself comes from Entertainment Weekly:

I'm no fan of videogames; pretty much gave them up in the late '70s or early '80s, when my kids used to beat me regularly at Pitfall! (hell, they used to beat me at Pong, and back then our youngest wasn't yet eligible for T-ball, let alone Little League). Sure, I've occasionally plugged quarters into one of the machines in the lobby of my local cineplex and shot at some bad guys, but I always miss the high-value targets and can never remember how to reload. As for amassing enough points to get bonus time? Forget about it. If I arrive early for the show, I'm much more apt to stick my money in the nonviolent machine that's full of stuffed toys. You probably know the one I'm talking about; you get 30 seconds to maneuver the claw, then drop it. I won a stuffed dog on one occasion doing that. Another time I won a rubber frog. When you squeezed it, the frog made a ribbit-ribbit sound and stuck out its tongue, which I enjoyed (your uncle Stevie is easily amused, he admits).

So, nope — videogames are not my thing. Nor am I some kind of raving political nutcase. But when I heard about HB 1423, which happens to be a bill pending in the Massachusetts state legislature, I still hit the roof. HB 1423 would restrict or outright ban the sale of violent videogames to anyone under the age of 18. Which means, by the way, that a 17-year-old who can get in to see Hostel: Part II would be forbidden by law from buying (or renting, one supposes) the violent but less graphic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

According to the proposed bill, violent videogames are pornographic and have no redeeming social merit. The vid-critics claim they exist for one reason and one reason only, so kids can experience the vicarious thrill of killing. Now, what does and doesn't have social merit is always an interesting question, one I can discuss for hours. But what makes me crazy is when politicians take it upon themselves to play surrogate parents. The results of that are usually disastrous. Not to mention undemocratic.

One of HB 1423's cosponsors is Rep. Christine E. Canavan, of Brockton. "I think this legislation is a good idea," she told the Boston Herald. "I don't want this constant barrage of violence on young minds and for them to think it is all right." It's a good point...except that it seems to me that the games only reflect a violence that already exists in the society.

Nor will I argue for the artistic value of stuff like God of War, or 50 Cent: Bulletproof, where looting the victims of gang violence is part of the game (players use the money to buy new Fiddy tunes and music videos — classy). I do, however, want to point out that videogames, like movies, have a ratings system, and ones with the big M or A on the box mean "Not for you, baby brother".

And if there's violence to be had, the kids are gonna find a way to get it, just as they'll find a way to get all-day shooters like No Country for Old Men from cable if they want. Or Girls Gone Wild, for that matter. Can parents block that stuff? You bet. But most never do. The most effective bar against what was called "the seduction of the innocent" when this hot-button issue centered on violent comic books 60 years ago is still parents who know and care not just about what their kids are watching and reading, but what they're doing and who they're hanging with. Parents need to have the guts to forbid material they find objectionable...and then explain why it's being forbidden. They also need to monitor their children's lives in the pop culture — which means a lot more than seeing what games they're renting down the street.

If HB 1423 becomes law, will it remain law? Doubtful. Similar legislation has been declared unconstitutional in several states. Could Massachusetts legislators find better ways to watch out for the kiddies? Man, I sure hope so, because there's a lot more to America's culture of violence than Resident Evil 4.

What really makes me insane is how eager politicians are to use the pop culture — not just videogames but TV, movies, even Harry Potter — as a whipping boy. It's easy for them, even sort of fun, because the pop-cult always hollers nice and loud. Also, it allows legislators to ignore the elephants in the living room. Elephant One is the ever-deepening divide between the haves and have-nots in this country, a situation guys like Fiddy and Snoop have been indirectly rapping about for years. Elephant Two is America's almost pathological love of guns. It was too easy for critics to claim — falsely, it turned out — that Cho Seung-Hui (the Virginia Tech killer) was a fan of Counter-Strike; I just wish to God that legislators were as eager to point out that this nutball had no problem obtaining a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. Cho used it in a rampage that resulted in the murder of 32 people. If he'd been stuck with nothing but a plastic videogame gun, he wouldn't even have been able to kill himself.

Case closed.

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The Agency; want to know more?

Over at The Agency HQ fansite they scored a great interview with one of the creators of this forthcoming multiplayer online game.

Part one of the interview concentrates on how abilities and attributes work, what skills the player has, how aliases work, what types of intel you can gain and how to get the best goods.

PS3 Attitude is pretty hyped about The Agency and we've been waiting for something new to report. Go read this interview with Hal Milton now and then check back with them in a few days for the second part.

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