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Friday, 18 April 2008

First Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics trailer

A little while back we wrote an article called 'Fatality! Do We Still Care About Mortal Kombat?'.

And now that the actual title of Mortal Kombat 8 has been revealed, we continue to ask the question.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics is certainly a different direction for the franchise, but is it the right one.

Anyone worried about why DC Comics would allow the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman to be the victim of a fatality or, even worse, a babality shouldn't worry for long. Word is that this Mortal Kombat won't feature any fatalities and will have 'very little blood' according to a Midway executive.

So what's the point? It might have some of the MK universe characters, but without the signature gore and finishing moves that made the original MK so enjoyable, what's left.

Maybe the DC licence is best left to the likes of TT and their Lego Batman series.

Anyhow, here's the first trailer of the game courtesy of GamesRadar, looking very much more like DoA than MK for my money.

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Konami ID site still broken, but MGO does update

If you've been following the mess that has been created by Konami surrounding the release of the Metal Gear Online beta programme, you'll know all about the various IDs you have to create before you can play the game.

The beta itself became available on the 17th to people that pre-ordered MGS4 around the world or, if you are lucky enough to be in the UK/Europe, on the PS Store as a free download.

There are two things you'll notice when you download the beta:

  1. It requires both a Konami ID and a GAME ID to be able to play. The two IDs cannot be the same, so you can't just use your PSN ID for both of them.
  2. The beta has a v1.01 download available for it already.

So far, due to the massive weight of traffic heading to the Konami ID site, it has been almost impossible to set up the two IDs necessary to play the game. There was a glimmer of hope that you could complete all the forms needed to gain your IDs for a few minutes today, but it broke again soon after without actually ever finishing the process.

The v1.01 download, however, does work as long as you choose peer-to-peer mode. Peer-to-peer operates in the same way as a BitTorrent, sharing the update file between users rather than everyone hammering the server. Choose this option if you actually want to get the update, as the HTML option just doesn't work at all right now.

Our advice to you is simple; grab the v1.01 update via the peer-to-peer option, wait until the 19th or 20th to register your Konami IDs at the site. And use a PC rather than the PS3 browser if you can. If you have to use the PS3 browser to get your IDs, use a keyboard if you have one.

Our advice to Konami is simple; use the PSN ID next time and avoid all this nonsense.

Quite how these unique IDs will play out when MGS4 launches is unclear, and it is certainly going to make Home integration for MGO an interesting topic - imagine meeting someone and noting their PSN ID, launching into an MGO game, and then not being able to find them because their name is different.

Seriously Konami - fix this as the number one bug in your beta!

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Siren: New Translation revealed; we were spot on...

Let the gloating begin!

Whilst many people were calling the SCEJ teaser site out as the next Silent Hill or even Heavy Rain, we did our research and revealed it as the teaser for Siren 3.

The countdown has now completed and, sure enough, 'Siren: New Translation' has been revealed. Of course, we knew that was the official name too after Famitsu helpfully printed some screens and details of the title a day after our news.

The game is dubbed 'New Translation' as it is effectively a remake of the original Siren title, so those of you in the Western world that never got to see Forbidden Siren 2 (all Siren games are known as Forbidden Siren over here) shouldn't worry too much. It's not like they're doing a sequel to a game you've never seen!

The teaser site reveals that a 550Mb demo will be available to play on the Japanese PS Store on 25th April.

There is also a debut trailer. Given the movie is in WMV format, we've set up a direct link to the Siren trailer - you need to have Windows Media Player or another WMV-compatible player available.

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

More original Japanese games please... thesixthaxis plea

Those good guys over at thesixthaxis (TSA) have posted an interesting guest article that deserves a good 10 minutes of your day.

Here's an excerpt from the piece, credited to Kamruz M.A.M., but please head over to the TSA website to read the entire story - it's worth it:

"Japanese developers make the greatest games, there is no doubt there and anyone who thinks otherwise can get their teeth kicked in by a donkey. But what they have in talent they lack in cold hard cash, specially when compared to the rich giants backing the western developers. Not helping matters is the ongoing shooter epidemic that is rapidly eating away at the minds of young gamers. This flesh eating disease had just about run itself to extinction on the PC, but now it has been unleashed on the console and its destructive nature has been reinvigorated by fresh unknowing victims for it to gorge itself with and pick its teeth with their bones once it is full and satisfied."

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Hong Kong gets an English Lair demo

Lair has certainly polarised opinion since it launched. Many reviewers panned the game for having a terrible control system. Some reviewers spent a little more time and energy getting used to the SixAxis controls and realised that the game had more merit than they initially thought.

Now that the analogue stick control patch is out, and the PS Store has been updated with a free 'Dragon Pack', you might be wondering if Lair is worth picking up.

Now you can try it out for yourself and make your own mind up.

If you have a Hong Kong PS Store account, and a spare 2Gb on your HDD, you can now download a fully English Lair demo from the HK PS Store.

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European PS Store update for 17th April

The second update of the week, the first being the additional content that came with the new PS Store and firmware 2.30, Europe gains the much anticipated MGO Beta and Warhawk's Operation Broken Mirror pack.

Here's the update in full:


Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta (free)


Warhawk Operation Broken Mirror (£3.99)
Lair Deadly Dragons Pack (free)

Videos (all free)

GTA: IV Trailer 4 - "Everyone's a Rat"

Combined with the updates we already received this week this makes the update the strongest for many months. Thanks SCEE - Keep it up!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Warhawk v1.31 goes live; reverses one of the 1.3 updates

You'll remember when we told you about Warhawk v1.3; one of the new features was to stop people from switching sides in a ranked game.

Well back on the 7th April, Dylan Jobe wrote a frank and honest assessment of that change on the US PlayStation Forum. And he admitted - they got it wrong.

Incognito did attempt to fix the problem using a server-side fix (or 'poke' as it's called) but this led to unbalanced teams. There were times when you could be on the receiving end of a 15 vs. 2 whooping!

Now, v1.31 fixes the issue permanently and with proper team balancing, and it has gone live today.

This version also fixes a couple of other issues, again led by users leaving comments on the forum.

It's great to see this kind of customer feedback being dealt with so quickly and with honesty and integrity. Qudos to Incognito and Dylan Jobe for their handling of the situation, and just in time for Operation Broken Mirror, which launches tomorrow.

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April Competition; win our swag!

It's the first competition of the year at PS3 Attitude, and we promise you it won't be the last.

During Live we collected a load of swag from all the nice people exhibiting there. Some of it you may have received in your goodie bag if you went along to the event, but we managed to secure some additional items that were held back for VIPs only.

Now is your chance to walk away with over 2Kg of prime swag in our competition.

You have questions, I can tell. Here are the answers...

How do I enter the competition?

Simple. All you have to do to for a chance of winning is sign up for our email update. Click the 'Email' button on the left sidebar, enter your details and then confirm you want to sign up in the verification email that you'll receive.

Then, when you get your next email update (which goes out at around 11:00 a.m. UK time each day) you'll see confirmation that you have entered.

Only 'verified' email subscribers will be entered. That means if you sign up and don't see a verification email appear soon after in your inbox, check your spam folder. Adding news [at] ps3attitude [dot] com to your 'whitelist' or contact list will also help.

What if I'm an RSS subscriber?

That's fine - please continue to subscribe to our RSS feed. It is your way of staying in touch with the news as it happens, since the RSS feed updates each time we send out a story.

But to enter the competition, you need to subscribe to our daily email summary by following the instructions above.

What if I already subscribe via email?

You are automatically entered into this and all future PS3 Attitude competitions! If you stay subscribed, you'll gain a place in every future giveaway.

What is the prize?

One lucky email subscriber (picked at random by our 'supercomputer') will win over 2Kg of swag including:

From Ubisoft - an environmentally friendly cloth bag (not pictured)
From Codemasters - a Lord of the Rings leather bracelet; an exclusive magnetic paperweight
From SanDisk - a baseball cap; a lanyard; a pen (not pictured); a Ducati T-Shirt
From - 2 x Ratatouille keyrings, a 'Spooks' book; 'Ice Age' Extreme Cool Edition DVD
From THQ - Stuntman Ignition metal number plate; Conan mini-comic

Who is the competition open to?

All PS3 Attitude email subscribers worldwide.

When will the winner be chosen?

We'll be picking a single winner from the current list of email subscribers on 5th May 2008. The prize will be sent out within 28 days of the 5th May 2008.

What does all this swag look like?

Click through to our gallery below for some artily blurry and overexposed pictures of all the key components.

Good luck, and look out for an even bigger competition coming this May!

April Competition 2008

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

[UPDATE] Forbidden Siren 3; SCEJ launches teaser site

We're going to go ahead and call this one.

The blood red teaser site that has appeared on the SCEJ website is for Forbidden Siren 3. If it turns out we're wrong, we'll eat our video-tape copy of Ringu.

Why are we so sure?

The countdown is exactly the same design and style as in the previous games. And there's lots of blood. Oh, and it has been nearly 18 months since hearing anything about the title, not to mention the development schedule points to the marketing machine starting anytime around now.

Anyhow - come back in 58 hours from now and we'll see if our next task is picking the winner in the 3:15 at Epsom or not.

[UPDATE] Additional evidence in. The symbol on the far right of the teaser is the Japanese さ which would be the first letter of either Siren (as it is known in Japan; Forbidden Siren is a US/EU title) or Silent Hill. The sounds that play in the background are the same as the sounds that play in the original Siren game. Oh, and Famitsu have just printed details of the new Siren game too in their magazine. It's Siren 3 for sure - formally known as Siren: New Translation.

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GT5: Prologue gets an update today

Looks like it is a day for updates! The latest news comes from the good people at Polyphony Digital, who have this to say about GT5: Prologue:

Starting on Tuesday, April 15th, we have provided an update for “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Spec II”. The main contents of this update are as follows;

Online play
- The award of race credits are now allocated at a fixed rate regardless of the number of race participants.
- The High Speed Ring course diagram has been fixed.
- Some online ID's were appearing in grey in the entry list, this has been amended.
- Some online opponents appeared to "blur", this has been amended.

- Country and area information now appears next to the online ID in the ranking boards.
- Unusually high scores had been recorded in some Drift Trials, this has been rectified.
- When Drift Trial replays were saved, occasionally these appeared in the "Load as Ghost" option of Time Trials.
This has now been rectified.

Performance Points (PP)
- The method of calculating Performance Points has been revised, to balance vehicles in events with PP upper limits.

- LCD display has been added in the F2007 interior view.
- Some interiors and exteriors of some vehicle models have been revised.
- On occasion the Quick Tune gear ratio became impossible to reset in some cars, this has been amended.
- The manual has been updated.

- The button assignments will be reset when the update is applied.
- In line with the application of the update, all ranking data will also be reset.

* To update, you will need a Playstation 3 connected to the internet with a broadband connection, and "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue" (Either the Blu-ray disc version or downloaded version)
Seems like a comprehensive bug-fix to us. Hopefully the re-balancing of the PP system will allow us here at PS3 Attitude to complete those last two 700PP 'S' Class races!

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New T-Shirt design; get your nametag on...

Our official PS3 Attitude merchandise shop has been updated today with a new design (probably the second most important store update of the moment).

You too can now go to conventions and exhibitions wearing your nametag proudly on your chest.

Remember, a percentage of all sales go to the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund, which will be awarded to a worthwhile cause once a year.

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AU Store; 'I Got The Music In Me' - not any more you don't...

Whilst the 2.30 update has brought along a shiny new PlayStation Store that seems to be winning universal praise, it appears there is a downside if you're in Australia.

Not only do our antipodean friends have to deal with a version of GTA: IV that looks more like the Coke Side of Life, now we have discovered that something else is missing.

The one thing that made the AU Store stand out from the crowd was the availability of free music videos from Sony BMG artists. Not only is there no category for music videos anywhere on the new store, but all the pre-existing videos have been taken down.

So if you were pining for that Bic Runga video you accidentally deleted, I'm afraid you'll have to find it elsewhere.

Of course, this does mean that there's a good chance the much-rumoured music and movie download service might be just around the corner. Does this new firmware have even more delights in 'store' than we thought?


New T-shirt design in the PS3 Attitude merchandise shop...

A percentage of all sales go to the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund, which is awarded to a worthwhile cause once a year.

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Firmware 2.30 arrives, along with a PS Store update

Sony sure do know how to make us happy right now.

Not only does firmware 2.30 hit the network before most people have woken up, but the nice new PlayStation Store has a few updates included in it as well.

The first thing you notice is just how fast the new store loads in comparison to the old one. And the zoom 'n' fade between windows is much better in real life than it showed up on the walkthrough video.

In terms of new content, there is an awesome update for Super Stardust HD that adds four new game modes and a retro soundtrack, amongst other things.

We have some new Guitar Hero III content from the band Dropkick Murphys and then there's the Sega Superstars Demo we were expecting to hit on Thursday.

Finally, we get a Bionic Commando Rearmed trailer and a second Lost Planet trailer.

This is good, but it's going to get better this week with the arrival of Metal Gear Online and the next Warhawk expansion - Operation Broken Mirror.

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Monday, 14 April 2008

Burnout Paradise demo servers say goodbye too this Thursday

As well as saying goodbye to the browser-based PS Store this week, Criterion have let us know that the Burnout Paradise demo servers will be switched off for good this Thursday.

That means that if you, Mr. Joe Public, haven't purchased the full game already, you will no longer be able to enjoy multiplayer gaming on shoestring after the 17th.

Yes - it's time to stop acting like a student and actually go and spend your hard-earned grant cheque on something other than subsidised beer and permanent marker pens that help you stake your claim to that sausage at the back of the fridge.

Burnout Paradise is available at some good game stores and some bad ones too.

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PlayStation Store; so long, farewell...

It probably won't have escaped your notice that the PlayStation Store is 'down for maintenance' at the moment as we lead up to the release of firmware 2.30 and the brand spanking new store.

So now seems like the perfect opportunity to say a fond farewell to the old, browser-based PS Store.

There have been times, being in the UK, when we wondered if the Store was worth having at all. The occasional nonsense update from SCEE has left us scratching our quite considerable heads.

But overall, and never forgetting it is a free service, we have enjoyed a good array of demos, games, add-ons, videos, wallpapers, themes and the odd surprise here and there.

Tomorrow is the big reveal - look out for your PS3 nagging you for an update. That'll be your cue to download v2.30 and gain access to the shiny new store.

Then check again Thursday for the first update of the new era. We already know what's coming to the PS Store this week, and if that is an indication of times to come then we should all be very happy indeed.

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More GTA: IV voice talent revealed - SNL dancer edition

Another member of the voice-over squad that will be bringing Liberty City to life has been revealed, and this time it's the super-talented Joan Baker. Joan will be voicing a TV reporter in the game.

Joan is author of the book Secrets of Voice Over Success and has provided her talents for hundreds of promos, commercials, TV shows and short films.

Joan Baker is, of course, not to be confused with Josephine Baker, who according to the Digital Underground song 'Heartbeat Props' "had them hooked, they loved the way she shook her money-maker".

Although in addition to her voice talents, Joan has been seen shaking the aforementioned 'money-maker' as a dancer on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

Along with the obviously well-known Bruce Kronenberg playing Niko Bellic, David Conley as 'Gordon' and the superstar that is Kevin Breznahan playing 'Various', this is lining up to be a veritable galaxy of voice-over talent.

Where did I leave my anti-sarcasm pills again?

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