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Friday, 6 June 2008

GTA shifts 11m; we rest on laurels

Sometimes, I think PS3 Attitude ought to open up it's own gaming industry analyst firm.

One week before GTA: IV hit the streets, we predicted the worldwide lifetime sales figures and the week one sales across both launch platforms.

Here's what we said back then:

GTA: IV will sell the following numbers over the life of the game:

PS3 - 7.4 million units
Xbox 360 - 11.5 million units
Total sales - 18.9 million units

Week One sales will make up an astonishing 25% of those totals, leading us to expect a combined 4.75 million units will hit the streets next week.
Once the week one sales figures came in, it was clear we'd underestimated the percentage slightly (by about 5%), since the game managed close to 6 million copies.

Today, we can reveal that GTA: IV has sold 11 million copies worldwide on both platforms, with a split of around 45% PS3 sales to 55% Xbox 360.

So our prediction of close to 19 million units worldwide across the life of the product seems like it is going to be spot on.

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

GTA stunts-a-plenty

There have been a lot of GTA stunt videos, but none quite so beautifully put together as this.

I don't need to say anything else about it - just put 5 minutes of your life on hold and enjoy...

[Via WeGame]

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Haze viral video tool is ridiculously good

Ubisoft have released the best viral video tool we have seen in many a year.

During the setup process you're asked about the friend you want to send it to. Once you've given the details (age range, build, talent etc.) you get to upload a picture of the 'victim' - don't worry about the size since they let you crop it on-site.

You also choose a 'spoof video', where in the UK they live and their occupation.

The tool then gives you a preview of the video.

It starts with the spoof video you've sent, but then the 'transmission' is interrupted and you're treated to a highly personalised rebel recruitment feed, where they even hold up your picture.

What's more, if you add in your friend's mobile number, they'll get a text message that is referenced in the video! Smart.

Really impressive stuff - go create your own Haze recruitment video and send it to your friends...

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European PS Store update for 5th June

Another good week for the European PS Store, with highlights including demos of Battlefield: Bad Company and Dragon Ball Z as well as a Rainbow Six retrospective and some neat GH III track packs.

Here's the list in full:


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six -PS1 game for PSP/PS3 (£3.49)
Killzone: Liberation - PSP game (£14.99)

Demos (all free)

Battlefield: Bad Company [PS3 Attitude Big Three title]
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit


Guitar Hero III: God of War track pack (free)
Guitar Hero III: Motorhead track pack (£3.99)
Toy Home: Second Gear pack (£2.99)

Videos (all free)

Resident Evil 5 Spring Trailer
Top Spin 3 Debut Trailer

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Captivate 08 blow-out

Capcom recently ran their Captivate 08 event. We weren't able to go, which makes us sad. Any sadness is tempered by the fact that they didn't give in to Web 2.0 culture and call the event Captiv8.

In case you missed what transpired during their various presentations, the guys at the Capcom US blog have provided a handy blow-out with videos, screenshots and articles on every title mentioned.

Go check out the Captivate 08 recap now.

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Develop Industry Excellence awards nominees

The Develop Industry Excellence award nominees have been announced, with strong showings from both Ninja Theory and Rockstar.

Here are the finalists in full:


Best New IP

Lost Winds (Frontier Developments)
Heavenly Sword (Ninja Theory)
Crysis (Crytek)
World in Conflict (Massive)
Viking: Battle for Asgard (Creative Assembly)
Overlord (Triumph)

Best Use of a Licence

Ferrari Challenge (Eutechnyx)
The Darkness (Starbreeze)
Sega Superstar Tennis (Sumo Digital)
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Splash Damage)
Lego Indiana Jones (Travellers’ Tales)
Metal Gear Solid Mobile (Ideaworks3D)

Visual Arts

Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto IV)
Crytek (Crysis)
London Studio (SingStar PS3 UI)
Frontier Developments (Lost Winds)
Criterion Games (Burnout Paradise)
Ninja Theory/SCEE Cambridge (Heavenly Sword)

Audio Accomplishment

London Studio (SingStar PS3)
Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto IV)
Ninja Theory/SCEE Cambridge (Heavenly Sword)
Sumo Digital (Sega Superstars Tennis)
Codemasters Studios (Race Driver GRID)
Criterion Games (Burnout Paradise)

Publishing Hero

1C & 505 Games


Tools Provider

Epic Games
Sony & SN Systems

Technical Innovation

Rockstar North/NaturalMotion/Image Metrics (Grand Theft Auto IV)
Ninja Theory/SCEE Cambridge (Heavenly Sword)
Ideaworks3D (Airplay)
SCEE R&D Team (PhyreEngine)
Geomerics (Enlighten)

Creative Outsourcing

Axis Animation
Side UK
Richard Jacques Studios
Outsource Media UK
The Audio Guys
Nimrod Productions


Testronic Labs
Partnertrans UK
Babel Media

Recruitment Company

Day One Search
Aardvark Swift

Games:Edu New Talent Award

Abertay University & Dare to be Digital
University of Derby
Hull University


Best New UK/European Studio

Konami Paris
Oxygen Studios
Rockstar London

Best Mobile Studio

Progressive Media
Digital Chocolate Finland/Sumea
Distinctive Developments

Business Development

Zoë Mode
Realtime Worlds
Team 17

Best Independent Developer

Splash Damage
Ninja Theory

Best In-house Developer

Rockstar North
Codemasters Studios
Criterion Games
Sports Interactive
London Studio
Bizarre Creations

There will also be two special recognition awards announced on the night; the Development Legend award and the Grand Prix award.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Eight Days and The Getaway 'on hold'

Eight Days and The Getaway were both under the wing of SCEWWS.

It seems that the new boss of the WWS division, Shuhei Yoshida, has been wielding a not inconsiderable axe and has decided he needs his resources allocated elsewhere, focusing on other titles. Here's the official word:

"It has been agreed that production of both 8 Days and The Getaway will cease immediately due to the redistribution of resources and budget. This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion. WWS has a reputation for innovative and entertaining games, with titles such as LittleBigPlanet, SingStar, Buzz, EyeToy and Eye of Judgement, and will continue to push the boundaries on all PlayStation platforms."
Personally, The Getaway didn't really get me excited, but Eight Days always looked highly promising. Maybe one, or both, of these titles will be picked up again in the future...

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Afrika not coming to Europe?

We've been big fans of Afrika at PS3 Attitude since we saw it at E3 2007.

The luscious environment and near photo-perfect animals looked like a great 'casual' combination, but it took some time before we got to hear about the gameplay.

We spotted that the game was a 'photo-em-up' when a trailer appeared at TGS 07, and there have been rumours of a pressure pad peripheral that measures how quietly you're approaching your 'prey', although recent listings don't seem to have mentioned this.

In all this time, we've been patiently waiting to ask SCEE about these details - they certainly intimated that they would be able to give us more information in May/June.

However, on chasing we were told that SCEE are not publishing this title in Europe.

We pressed on whether that meant Afrika wouldn't make it to Europe at all, and the answer was "no comment". As others have commented recently, 'no comment' usually means you've hit the nail on the head.

Now that the launch date has been confirmed as August 28th, we'd expect to see the title at Game or Alas, there are no listings.

We do hope we're wrong, and that Afrika will feature over here at some point.

Remember, you can import titles from anywhere as the PS3 is region-free for games, but that certainly will be a hassle in comparison to ordering it locally.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

SCEA launches Qore on the PS Store this week

Qore is a new PS Store-based 'magazine' that will include news, videos and information on all things PS3, presented by Veronica Belmont.

There will be all sorts of special content inside Qore, including access to demos, beta invitations and game add-ons. The downside? Qore is a SCEA-only initiative, so we're not going to get to see it over here in Europe any time soon.

Priced at $2.99 per 'episode' or $24.99 for an annual subscription containing 13 editions, the first will be made available this Thursday on the US PS Store.

After such a good showing recently by SCEE on the weekly PS Store updates, it's a shame to see the balance of power shift massively Stateside once more.

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PS3 Attitude turns 500; time to Jump

As we approach our one year anniversary on July 6th, it's good to hit yet another milestone in the life of PS3 Attitude. Yes folks, this is the 500th post.

So what better time than to remind you of our support for GamesAid through our Jump 2008 charity event.

We're still calling out for people to join the Jump Crew, so if you want to get involved and help raise thousands for deserved children's charities, find out more about Jump 2008 now and let us know ASAP.

In the meantime, thanks to all our readers and regular visitors for helping make PS3 Attitude what it is today. Here's a quick recap of 5 of our biggest articles from the last 500:

Look out for some first anniversary news in July as we turn one year old. In the meantime, please check out our Jump 2008 event, and let us know in the comments if you've enjoyed the last 500 posts. What was your favourite story?

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Monday, 2 June 2008

June jeopardy; PS3 Attitude Big Three

In May, we had the 'GTA Effect'. A title frankly so big it caused other publishers to run for the hills, making it difficult to pick two other good games to join the hotly anticipated 'instant classic'.

So is June similarly the month of the 'big boss' of gaming, pushing all other titles aside? Can we actually find three titles worthy of your time and attention?

Here's the rundown on the Big Three for June. Remember, the Big Three is based on UK and European titles that will launch in June only...

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [pre-order game] [pre-order game + official headset] [pre-rent]

Finally, the PS3 gets the exclusive it so richly deserves.

With so much talk recently around the 'business of exclusives' and whether Sony should be paying publishers for the sole rights to a game, it's nice to leave the financial issues behind us and simply revel in the final chapter of Snake's story.

There are a few things that make MGS4 really stand out from the crowd. First, let's talk about lineage.

If you are an MGS devotee, there is plenty to keep you happy in MGS4. As well as the main storyline, many of your questions about the series will be answered with side stories and plot lines that help tie up a whole bunch of loose ends. But you don't have to have played any of the previous titles to understand MGS4 - the game welcomes those that are new to the 20+ year old franchise without making you feel lost or left out.

Secondly, MGS4 is truly epic. The graphics are incredible - sure - but they are backed up by the kind of sound effects and audio accompaniment that will make you want to buy a surround-sound system if you don't already have one! Kojima-san certainly knows how to make you feel like you are truly part of something great.

Lastly, the sheer scale, size and scope of the game doesn't overwhelm the smallest of details. Without giving away anything, you will be truly amazed at the depth and attention to detail MGS4 has to offer.

It is one of the year's biggest games - probably one of the decade's biggest to be fair - so make sure you get your copy come June 12th. Sorry GTA, but you just got bumped...

2. Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures [pre-order]

Providing a nice change of pace for us older gamers, and a title that younger players not suited to the ravages of war can enjoy, the second of our picks goes to TT's first Lego game outside of the Star Wars universe.

Like every other Lego game from TT, this is a slick and easy-to-love game that reminds you how much fun video games can be. The trademark humour, great level design and extensive replay options are all here to enjoy, only this time you're switching your light sabre for a whip and a gun.

There are a couple of new game mechanics in this Lego title to keep things fresh, but nothing that doesn't fit with the series as a whole so this won't feel unlike any of the other games TT have produced.

With this title and Lego Batman on the way in 2008, we'll predict that in next year's Develop 100, TT will remain one of the highest regarded and best performing UK developers.

3. Battlefield: Bad Company [pre-order]

The one thing that will strike you when you play Battlefield: Bad Company is the game's versatility.

Whereas most shooters claim to have different ways to clear the area before moving on to the next checkpoint, B:BC is a lesson in how to do it properly. If you can see it, you can use it to your advantage - indeed, you will have to in order to progress.

Another thing you will notice is the graphics. The guys at DICE have managed to give everything a dirty, dusty and gritty look. They wanted to make you feel like you were kicking around in the grit and grime, and whilst the graphics aren't anywhere near as polished as CoD4 or MGS4, they have their own unique quality that stands out from the shooter crowd.

Mix in some cool characters and a smattering of humour and you have a game that's well worth picking up.

So that's the Big Three for June. There are certainly no shortage of games to play this month - there are no signs of the 'run for the hills' tactics that publishers took when GTA: IV launched - but these three stand out as the exceptional games of the month. Don't you agree?

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