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Friday, 25 July 2008

Rainy Woods delayed until 2009 at least due to Twin Peaks similarity

When we first saw Rainy Woods back in September 2007 at TGS, we said what everyone else was thinking.

It's Twin Peaks, the game...

Well, that similarity has now led the developers of Rainy Woods to completely re-code the game, and as a result the title has been pushed back to "mid to late 2009, maybe even 2010" according to a representative of Rising Star Games.

The resulting Rainy Woods is expected to still feature the 'Silent Hill-esque' gameplay we saw in the original trailer, just without the red curtains, midgets, log carrying locals and FBI agents who love their coffee a little too much.

Here's the original trailer from TGS 2007:

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The Top List: what new PS3 owners should buy - Summer 2008

We often receive friend requests or emails from new PlayStation 3 owners asking our advice on what initial games they should buy for their spangly new black monolith so they can impress their friends with its sheer, awesome, planet crunching power.

So - welcome to a new quarterly feature on PS3 Attitude - The Top List. Every three months we'll be bringing you a list of the best games for the PlayStation 3 system, timed to coincide with the key buying periods.

For this first Top List, we're focussing on the Summer Holidays, when parents get sick and tired of hearing 'I'm booooooorrrreeeed' and aleviate the pain by getting a PS3 - for themselves, naturally!

The great thing about many of these games are that you can now pick them up for lower-than-average prices or in the pre-owned section of your favourite game store.

Here's the Top List for new PS3 owners, Summer 2008:

You can share this Top List widget with your online profile or embed it in your blog to help your own friends and readers pick the right games... enjoy!

Any profits made from ordering titles online via this widget go to our charity fund. If you're not ordering, why not donate towards our Jump 2008 event now - lives are at stake, so please give generously...

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Dylan Cuthbert on Eden and more at Ripten

Our friends over at Ripten have a great interview with Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games.

In the piece, Dylan talks about Eden and the future of Q-Games titles. Go and check it out...

"Patrick: What are some of the ways you introduce new challenges to the player? We played one level where the gravity continually shifts– are there other surprises like that to be found?

Dylan: Yes, the gravity stage is my personal favourite, it’s something I’ve wanted to put in a game since I was about ten years old. Games are abstract so the current trend towards realism is frustrating, we need more games like Portal for example. Anyway, we have a no. of other cool gimmicks in there, and they are introduced to the player over the course of playing the game, so I shouldn’t reveal them too much as it is more fun to be surprised by them..."

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

PixelJunk Eden; trophy support and YouTube uploads

Over at the Official PlayStation Blog, Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games has been detailing a few of the trophies and features we can expect in Eden.

If you read our round-table discussion on forthcoming PSN titles over at TheSixthAxis, you'll know we are really looking forward to this addictive title.

One of the cooler features is the YouTube upload system, where you can share tips and tricks by directly uploading your gameplay to our favourite video-sharing site. We are anxious to see if it will support an existing YouTube profile though - I don't really want to have to manage two separate logins (or one of reach game that supports this in the future).

Cuthbert also mentions that the title is done and ready to go. There is a demo planned for later today (US Store only, probably) and the full game should be available on 31st July. In the US. It'll probably arrive in Europe in 2009.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Days of the Round Table: PSN titles

In a new feature that has easily the worst name we've made up for a feature ever, we've been involved in a round table discussion with our friends over at TheSixthAxis.

In this edition we discuss some of the new PSN titles that are on their way, following their respective announcements at E3.

So if you want to find out what we and the guys at TSA think of games like Fat Princess, Eden and Rag Doll Kung Fu, hop over to TheSixthAxis now to read the entire mash-up.

Crash Commando:

"Nofi: I thought it looked a bit dull. All this ‘Grunts’ and ‘Jarheads’ is terribly generic. It’s like a side-scroller without any soul.

Michael: Nah. Top of my list and expect future TSAN nights to be made of this.

Dolph: We’re more excited about another ‘Commando’ PSN game right now - shall we say a title that has recently been ‘Rearmed’ - but that doesn’t mean this one won’t get our 2D retro-gaming juices flowing..."

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Capcom says 'no' to gore reduction...

Capcom have stuck to their guns (pun intended) and are not going to reduce the amount of gore in the forthcoming Resident Evil 5 in order to lower the age rating of the game.

“We’re never going to create a gore-free Resident Evil title to try and get a lower rating as it’s a game about the horror experience and gore is part of that” - Rhys Cash, Capcom UK's research and planning manager.
Which we believe is a good thing.

RE5, GTA, Manhunt, The Darkness, Condemned.

Adult games made by adults for adults. Rated appropriately.

Just like horror stories (except anyone can buy a Stephen King book) or horror movies, these games are entertainment for those adults that choose to buy them.

I'm please Capcom aren't watering down RE5 to gain a wider, possibly more lucrative, audience for the game. Aren't you?

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Gran Turismo TV; new screens

Announced at E3, Gran Turismo TV will soon bring downloadable (and chargeable) TV episodes to GT5: Prologue owners.

ThreeSpeech scored a few new screens from the forthcoming feature. Why don't you pop over and have a look...

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Fantasy Football - think you can beat us?

It's that time of year when we start thinking about the new football season.

Of course, since most of us can't actually play football at a decent level, we resort to being 'armchair experts' instead.

Now you have a chance to prove you know more than PS3 Attitude when it comes to the English Premier League and take us on in a season of Fantasy Football.

We use Virgin Radio's Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Football game. This fantastic game is free to play, and starts scoring when the new season kicks off on 16th August 2008.

There are some great prizes up for grabs if your chosen team of 11 Premier League stars produce the goods, including a massive £20,000 first prize!

We have also set up a PS3 Attitude Private League, and the winner will win PS3-related prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Register your team today!

Once you have registered and created your team, join the PS3 Attitude Private League using PIN number 463.

May the best armchair expert win!

In August, we're jumping out of a plane at 13,000 ft in our charity skydive event, Jump 2008. Please help us raise thousands for GamesAid, the videogame industry charity.

Use the Jump 2008 Donate Now button in the left sidebar and please share the widget on your website and/or online profile. Thanks.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

LittleBigPlanet LittleBigDetails

LittleBigPlanet is another of the PS3's 'must-buy' titles for 2009, and like Metal Gear Solid 4 it is a PS3 exclusive.

Everyone has been hankering for details on the game, and today LivePlay3 in France gained some additional morsels of information.

Instead of sending you to a terrible Google Translate version of the site, allow me to give you some LittleBigDetails in English:

  • The game will contain 50 levels
  • Some of these levels will include a boss battle at the end
  • You will find it difficult -nay, impossible - to beat some of the bosses on your own. Teamwork is the name of the game with LBP.
  • It is possible to 'die', and you will re-spawn at one of the numerous checkpoints.
  • Controversially (maybe), LBP will not support customised soundtracks. Instead, Media Molecule have decided to limit in-game sound to their own music tracks for a 'more immersive experience'.

So, there you have it. A few more details than we had before. What do you think about the lack of support for customised soundtracks? Are you bothered? We suspect the list of tracks will include at least one from The Go! Team, so that's a good thing, right?

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Ripten publish hands-on with Killzone 2

Our friends over at Ripten have just published details of their hands-on with Killzone 2.

We highly recommend you hop over to their site and read what they have to say about what will undoubtedly be 2009's start-of-year blockbuster.

The only bad part of the preview? The write uses the words 'fo sho'! Nuff said. Heck - now he's got me talking slang...

"Players can expect to experience a smooth and detailed picture with the use of motion blur effects, depth-based color grading, and enhanced deferred rendering technology. Along with smooth character animations, natural looking environments, and real-time cutscenes, this game is going to be a great piece of eye candy, fo sho."

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