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Friday, 8 August 2008

Want to see more of Midnight Club: Los Angeles? You're in luck...

The new website launched for Midnight Club: Los Angeles today.

As with most gaming sites these days, they're going to tease you by revealing more of the site over time. Right now you can access the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

There are also droves of downloads, videos, screens and other goodies awaiting you.


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Sweet Flag preview Fallout 3

Our friends at Sweet Flag have written a great preview of the forthcoming Bethesda title, Fallout 3.

A being Fallout veterans, they were good enough to ask us what we thought of the PS3 version.

Check out the entire piece over at Sweet Flag.

"What is noticeably different between the original Fallout series & Fallout 3 looks to be the gameplay itself. Out goes the isometric turn based combat system of Fallout & in comes the first/third person shooter style.

Devoted Fallout players may find this a step too far from the original & with this in mind I asked DolphGB if he was happy that Fallout 3 was to break from the turn based combat of Fallout:

To compare the original with Fallout 3 is going to be a hard task. One was a turn-based RPG in the most standard sense of the genre. The new Fallout 3 seems more like a gritty, gore-ridden action game than an RPG. One was isometric, the other is first or third-person. I guess I’ll be happy with the result if it is as enjoyable as Oblivion was on the PS3."

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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Damnation video shows future Clint Eastwood

Check out this trailer for Codemasters' forthcoming Damnation, arriving on the PS3 this winter.

One magazine described the game as a hybrid of Prince of Persia and Gears of War, which certainly sounds mouthwatering.

All we know is it features a 25th Century Clint Eastwood, gravely voice and all.

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Coghlan; "Havok Microsoft deal does not affect Sony"

After some reports that Sony may lose the latest versions of the Havok middleware engine, due to a new agreement with Microsoft, we spoke to David Coghlan at Havok about the claims.

David is Havok's Vice President of Development and he was more than happy to squash the rumours that their deal with Microsoft would harm Sony or the PS3 platform in any way.

"Havok has licensing agreements in place with all of the major publishers across the globe. Arrangements like these make it easier for first and second party game studios to access Havok’s entire product line, which has recently grown to five products with the launch of Havok Destruction and Havok Cloth. Havok is an entirely cross-platform company that supports all of the major gaming platforms with our current and future products." - David Coghlan, Vice President of Development at Havok
We'll have more from the good people at Havok soon...

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Heavy Rain; want some images? Here you go...

Heavy Rain is a title that keeps on asking the question 'wow, but what's it going to play like?'.

These latest screenshots and don't really offer an answer to that question yet, but they do still make you start your sentence with 'wow'.

Quantic Dream were responsible for one of my favourite 'cult' game releases - the quirky Omikron, a collaboration with David Bowie. That in itself underlines their artistic bent, and these latests screens point towards a highly engaging, emotional experience.

It is thought that the female character in these images is the same as the one in the E3 2006 'Casting' video (below), only with a lot more spit and polish. Well - not spit. That's heavy rain on her face.

See all six images over at Ripten...

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Buzz! Quiz TV gets patched, includes trophy support

Relentless may have missed out on being the first Blu-ray game to gain trophy support, but it didn't take long for them to become the second.

Yes, Buzz! Quiz TV now has 25 trophies to collect. Here's a list of the virtual ornaments you can gain:

Sofa Subjugator Bronze: Win 5 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Bronze: Score over 1500 points in Single player
Lonesome and Loving it Bronze: Play 5 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Bronze: Play 1 MyBuzz game
Sofa Surfer Bronze: Play 1 Sofa vs Sofa game
Socialite Bronze: Play 5 Multiplayer games

Sofa Subjugator Silver: Win 20 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Silver: Score over 3000 points on single player
Lonesome and Loving it Silver: Play 20 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Silver: Play 20 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Silver: Play 15 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Silver: Play 20 multiplayer games

Sofa Subjugator Gold: Win 50 sofa vs sofa games
The Barnard Award Gold: Score 5000 points in single player
Lonesome and Loving it Gold: Play 50 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Gold: Play 50 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Gold: Play 40 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Gold: Play 50 multiplayer games

There are also 6 hidden trophies plus a Platinum trophy for completing all the others.

Don't forget as part of your MyBuzz Enthusiast playthrough to enjoy the PS3 Attitude quiz. You'll find it listed alphabetically. I'll give you a clue - it begins with a 'P'.

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Kratos and Nariko in LittleBigPlanet!

Over on the Official Playstation Blog they've been detailing what to expect when you pre-order LittleBigPlanet from certain retailers.

Which, of course, means this information is great for our US readers, but not so great for us as yet. Let's just hope we get a similar set of cool collectibles in the UK and Europe.

Included in the pre-order goodness are a game guide and a sticker book. There's even a cute burlap pouch, made of the same material as Sackboy himself.

But the real kicker are the two downloadable Sackboy costumes - Nariko from Heavenly Sword and Kratos from God of War. Check out the too-cute-for-words pictures below.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Warhawk to get trophies, features on August 27th

Warhawk is getting another one of it's free patches on August 27th, and this one is a doozy.

Along with custom soundtracks, 20 new aircraft designs, 50 new insignias and some spangly new tutorials, Warhawk version 1.5 will boast 50 (yes, 50) trophies.

Included in the roster are:

  • Community trophies, such as the Bandwidth Donor award for hosting a server for 4 hours or more
  • Gameplay trophies, such as the Lone Wolf trophy for a perfect deathmatch (finish in first place with no deaths!)
  • Vehicle trophies, like the One In A Million trophy for shooting down an aircraft with a tank cannon
  • Weapon trophies, like the How Did You Do That? trophy for downing an aircraft with a cluster bomb

There are trophies that are specific to the additional map packs, but Dylan Jobe already went on record saying that the you won't need to buy the add-ons to gain the Platinum trophy.

Roll on August 27th!

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PS3 Attitude becomes 100% charitable; calls for designers, writers...

As you may know, we've been leading up to a major event - Jump 2008 - in order to raise much-needed funds for GamesAid. We really need your donations, so please use the Donate Now button on the left.

In addition you can buy T-Shirts and merchandise to help the cause, because the profits also go to the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund. This fund is distributed to the charities we support each year, and GamesAid are the first recipients.

Today we are announcing the biggest change in the website since it began. PS3 Attitude is now 100% philanthropic. Every single penny, pound, cent, euro and dollar we make from advertising, affiliate revenue, game purchases, merchandise, special events or any other income derived from the site will be put into the Charity Fund for distribution to one or more charities each year.

So we are asking for your help.

  • Can you donate some money towards our Jump 2008 event today? Anything you give will help under-privileged children across the country. If you want to donate on behalf of a company, please get in touch by emailing jump2008 [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.
  • Do you know how to design Classic Blogger templates and graphics? We need a redesign in order to maximise our fund-raising and we're asking if you - or anyone you know - can help us. Email us at designers [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.
  • Do you want to write for the site to help us create more original content? Original content brings the most visitors to the site, and we need more writers - especially in the US, Japan and across continental Europe. [UPDATE] We had an amazing response to this - thank you all so much. For now, we are no longer looking for additional writers...
  • Is there any other way you can help us? PR, marketing, fund-raising, events? Contact us at helpus [at] ps3attitude [dot] com.
We hope all our readers support our decision to go 100% charitable. The people behind PS3 Attitude are funding the site/hosting/time/effort entirely out of their own pockets in order to make this possible.

Look out for a temporary site re-design soon that reflects our new charitable status.

Here's a few more ways you can help:
  • Buy our merchandise - remember, every penny made goes to charity
  • Set up a site-wide link to PS3 Attitude on your games-related website
  • Tell your friends about this by clicking the email symbol at the bottom-right of this news post
  • Share our charity widget - click the Share button and add it to your website, blog, Facebook, MySpace or almost any online profile
Thank you!

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Monday, 4 August 2008

Uncharted becomes first Blu-ray trophy title

Uncharted was patched today - much earlier than expected - and the update includes trophy support.

This makes Uncharted: Drake's Fortune the first Blu-ray title to include trophy support, probably to the annoyance of Relentless who had stated they wanted to be first with Buzz! Quiz TV.

A good reason to go and play the game through again? We think so...

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Final Fantasy XIII: rumour tennis and news wrap-up

Over the weekend, Square-Enix held an event in Japan for their dutiful fans. During the event, the invited few were treated to two separate viewings of the new trailers for FF XIII, FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII (the PSP title; mobile version has been scrapped), amongst other things.

Well, when we say 'invited few', what we really mean is hundreds of lucky punters. And we're jealous of each and every single one of them.

So, what was discussed, shown and played during the event? And what has the fallout been from the recent FF XIII X360 version announcement?

1. In March 2009 next year, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete will arrive on Blu-ray. The movie will have a Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII demo on the disk for PS3 only. It will also include a Final Fantasy Agito XIII demo for the PSP.

2. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to remain a PS3 exclusive.

3. Development of Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox 360 is a topic of much discussion, especially in terms of impact on the PS3 edition:

One camp is saying one thing. "We're making the PS3 version first, and then porting to the 360 later.... I'm telling [the development team] to not think about the Xbox 360 right now. We can think about it after the development kits arrive... Right now, we're fully concentrating on the PS3 version." - Motomu Toriyama, Square Enix

And yet we are receiving information more pertinent to Europe that sounds a little distressing. "With the PS3 version complete and hitting Japan in 2009, PS3 gamers in the United States and Europe will have to wait until the Xbox 360 port is done. According to Nomura, his team didn't receive Xbox 360 development kits until a few days ago, so depending on how long it takes the Square Enix team to port the title, the U.S. and Europe may not receive Final Fantasy XIII until 2010." - Justin Pinter, PSU

4. Square-Enix announced a PS3 bundle with the aforementioned Advent Children Complete will also arrive in March 2009, but we think this is probably for Japan only.

5. The title of the Square-Enix event, DKƩ3713, stands for Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, Sigma Harmonics, Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 13.

So, that's the complete round up of PS3-related news. We think the development and release schedule arguments, especially when it comes to worldwide release, are going to run and run.

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Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - split-screen gameplay, controls

Yesterday we had a chance to try out the split-screen gameplay at the Red Bull Air Race in the Motorstorm Tour truck.

The build we played was only 70% complete, but the split-screen was slick, fluid and fast. We noticed the controls have also had a facelift with the addition of features like a bunny-hop. These additional controls have been assigned to the d-pad, which will make for some interesting moments as you align your vehicle before attempting a new trick.

Despite the beta build, everything looked great and the action seemed as smooth as any other title, even in split-screen mode.

Here's our shaky-cam footage of the game along with a couple of photos of the Tour and the new controls... (click the images to zoom)

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PixelJunk Eden: Ten Minute Grimp Trophy

Here is yours truly getting my Ten Minute Grimp Trophy in Pixeljunk Eden.

Although I made a couple of mistakes, the key is to get at least a 4-pollen prowler combo as often as possible, since this gives you enough pollen to germinate the next seed along.

When you go for the fourth Spectra (in the order I did it), it's important to get a couple of 4 or 6-pollen prowler combos to fill up the larger seed that leads you to the fourth Spectra.

The best place to do this is shown in the video, since it also fills up the seeds that lead to the fifth Spectra.


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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift at the O2 Arena

Here's a first look at the Motorstorm Tour, located at the O2 as part of the London leg of the Red Bull Air Race.

Check back later for our hands-on and some storming gameplay footage.

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