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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Puzzle Quest Rated by the PEGI

The Pan European Game Information board (or PEGI for those that know her well) recently rated Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords - Revenge of the Plague Lord for the PlayStation Network. Say that tilte three times fast! No, strike that. Once is enough.

Besides having one of the longest names in PSN history, this could potentially lead to an European PSN release although no official announcement from D3 has been released at the time of this post.

PEGI is the European counterpart to America's ESRB, being the standard rating system in most of Europe.

Sources [PS3Fanboy, Siliconera]

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Socom Confrontation Beta Details Emerge

The details of a Socom Confrontation beta have just been announced. There will be two variants of the map Crossroads giving you the opportunity to take part in both 16 and 32 player games. Players will be able to try out all of the games modes and will also get their hands on the character creation mode. The guys over at do warn us that any customisations will reset when the full game comes out.

Do you want to know how to get your hands on the beta? It's going to be available from 1st September. To be one of the lucky few you need to either pre-order from GameStop in America or to have downloaded the June episode of Qore.

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More Ratchet & Clank "love" is coming!

So, let's assume you buy Quest for Booty next week. You enjoy playing it, but it won't last for long, will it? Don't worry mates; Insomniac has got your back.

As Joystiq kindly let us know, the new instalment in the series will visit us next Fall! At least that's what the teaser-picture hints!

I just hope they'll keep the quality of the series high. It will be a feat to publish one R&C game every year. Don't forget, they also have an exclusive FPS series to develop. What is it called? Oh yeah, Resistance or something...

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Friday, 15 August 2008

12 Things About LittleBigPlanet You May Not Know

Last Sunday was THE “perfect day”.

I was up close and personal with LittleBigPlanet and was able to grill one of the demonstrators to near exhaustion. After two hours, I walked away in a fuzzy felt stupor with my head full of level ideas and giant cutesy stickers!

This resulted in the following list. Some I knew were rumours and others completely unknown, but nonetheless it was great to get some solid facts.

Read on, fellow LittleBigPlaneteers, read on!

1. Boo! There are currently no plans to have custom soundtracks in game. Fear not: layered soundtracks will be available. The drums can play solo followed by guitars or keyboards in any order you like! The full game will have six of these layers.

2. The rumours are true; only PlayStation Eye images are available for use in the game. All images will be stored as game data separate from the photo albums in the XMB.

3. An empty level is huge. There is enough room to swing several motor-jointed, burning-limbed cats with plenty room to spare*. A temperature gauge on the left hand side dynamically measures and limits the complexity of each level.

4. The Media Molecule geniuses have created levels ranging in play duration from 5-10 minutes right up to 20-25 minutes and have taken the rigid view that the level editor will be able to replicate anything you see in the game proper.

5. MM are looking into the possibility of adding celebrity-designed levels into the final game, though none are currently confirmed. Imagine... fuzzy pink Fergie levels and gritty hard-hitting Eminem levels!

6. The bundled levels operate as the tutorial for the Create mode. Big red buttons activate helpful hints needed to complete the task in hand. The ‘PopIt’ menu is very complex and takes some getting used to but let’s face it; we knew there would be a lot to do here.

7. Levels created by others will be searchable via theme, rating, hits and users. The best levels will be available from the main My LittleBigPlanet menu and will sit alongside the bundled levels.

8. Glassy orbs containing prizes have now replaced the fluff that previously functioned as points. Levels are a dangerous place for Sackboy with both electrified and burning materials.

9. Spawn points are far more frequent now but have a limited re-spawn number. A white glow surrounding the restart points represents the spawns remaining.

10. Hurrah! The DualShock 3 rumbles when collecting orbs, meeting a grisly end or slapping another Sackboy in the mush!

11. I mentioned the PSP as a platform for the LBP universe and received a cursory response: “Media Molecule is not currently looking at any platform other than the PS3.” Erk!

12. Everyone will be able to have a go at level creation! Shops are expected to be set up in London and Manchester from September onwards for a period of four weeks, though I am awaiting confirmation of this.

(Bonus - 13. MM is aiming for a UK release in October/November.)

See you all on the front lines come the release date, people!

*This author does not condone the application of motors or flammable liquids to any pet.

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed available now on the European PS Store

Here's a shocker for everyone (me included)

According to PS3 Fanboy, Bionic Commando: Rearmed is now available on the European PS Store.

I just checked it myself and sure enough there it is. Full game and demo version available. Price is £6.99 or €9.99 depending on where you are.

This is very nice, yet confusing :)

Enjoy the game!

[Source: PS3 Fanboy]

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Golden Axe's Golden Screenshots

Five new screenshots of this next-gen remake made their appearance at's Media section.

Having never played the original Golden Axe, I was very impressed with the trailer for this new game. It seems like a good mix of Heavenly Sword and a wingless Lair at this point.

Is this the first time you've heard of Golden Axe or are you a fan of the old school original?

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Ask PS3 Attitude; How did you get your name?

Q: Dolph, I am in the process of making a PS3 website and I can't think of a name for the site. I was just wondering, how did you come up with PS3Attitude for this site? Asked by JustContribute

A: Thanks for asking about how we came up with the name 'PS3 Attitude'.

The process of coming up with a good name was a lot more technical than you might imagine.

You're not just trying to decide on a name, but you also have to ensure that the associated domain name is available, and that it serves whatever Search Engine Optimisation purpose you had in mind too.

The name also has to reflect your position, style and purpose.

I used a domain name generator, combined with MS Word's thesaurus, to help me try lots of combinations, whilst simultaneously telling me if those domains were available for purchase. After a lot of tweaking, I decided that PS3 Attitude was the best fit, and perfectly described what I wanted to achieve with the site.

Good luck in finding your name, and let us know when you've started it up!

Ask DolphGB a question.

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Home Beta Invitations Being Delivered

The expanded Home closed beta has been launched and invitations are being sent to European gamers, so go check your e-mail for any new mail from Sony.
American members will also be receiving download codes soon which will allow you to download Home beta only once and only on the PSN account that they have sent the code to. So make sure you don't lose your code.

[Source: PS3Fanboy]

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Expectations for Leipzig 2008

What has Sony got in store for us in Leipzig?

As you all know, the biggest game convention in Europe is starting shortly and I thought it would be interesting to write a short piece on what I expect (and don't expect) from Sony during this outing.

There have been intense rumours going about, especially after the less than stellar showing at E3 this year which gave us little news apart from MAG and a God of War 3 we already knew had to come. SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) themselves with David Reeves at the head have teased us further by promising "lots of announcements" at GC '08.

There are a few things that I expect, and some I don’t expect but wish for. I will detail them all below. And please remember that these are all my very personal expectations for the show, I am basing it simply on my gut feeling.

Things I would expect

SingStar announcement

Since David Reeves has stated this himself I would expect some form of announcement regarding the "next generation" of SingStar, when I first heard this I must say I was a bit frightened...I thought I just spent almost 200 euros so far on the "next generation" of SingStar. But I’m looking forward to whatever announcement it will be, I’m sure it won’t be something that will wreck the SingStar franchise as it stands now as that would be a social gaming suicide for Sony.

Perhaps wireless microphones, perhaps the possibility to use your mp3player or files in SingStar but I doubt the latter. The functionality would be too limited in my opinion, it would be like singing in the shower...but in your living room. Not as fun without the video and the lyrics on screen (or the water running down you for that matter...)


Of course there will be LittleBigPlanet stuff going on at Leipzig, what did you think? Since Alex Evans (Media Molecule developer) chat with Eurogamer last week when he said he’d "like to make another announcement", I think everyone is keen to know if he’s just being nostalgic about GDC 2007 or if he actually has an announcement up his sleeve, and if so, can the world handle anymore LittleBigPlanet announcements?

Resistance 2 & Killzone 2

I’d expect these two too square off yet again for the title of best shooter on the PS3, a title that was firmly held by Killzone 2 but has slipped more and more in the favour of Resistance 2, I still think Killzone 2 will come out on top in the end. Since the public has access to the Leipzig convention it should be interesting to find out what the public at large thinks about these two competing titles.

Heavy Rain

Could Leipzig be the venue Quantic Dream have chosen for unveiling their upcoming Heavy Rain, little is known about the title, except universal acknowledgement that it will look great. It would be very interesting to get more information on the game and to see if this was the game that so amazed a BBC reporter when he was shown a "secret game in production". Since Quantic Dream is based in Paris we could all hope that SCEE has saved them for Leipzig instead of going full out at E3.

Twisted Metal PS3

This classic needs a remake and we’re more than certain that it will have one on the PS3; the only question is when…I think Sony might shed more light on Twisted Metal PS3 during the convention in Leipzig.


Of course they’re going to be talking about Home, but what will they say…a release date? An open beta date? Your guess is as god as mine. There will be Home, but what will it be about.

New gadgets

I think there will be at least one new gadget announcement, or an announcement regarding something new you can use your PS3 for, such as the PlayTV hardware expansion we saw last year.

Life with PlayStation

Since Life with PlayStation should go live roughly around the time of the Leipzig convention I would expect some form of announcement regarding it, perhaps even a repeat of the E3 announcement of the video store a´la "it is available right now on your PS3".

Things I would not expect, but wish for!

Team ICO announcement

I know everyone is clamouring for an announcement on the new Team ICO game. I personally don’t think we’ll hear anything about it for one big reason; Sony Japan will want to keep any Team ICO announcement until the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

Uncharted 2

There has been at least a semi-confirmation from Naughty Dog that Uncharted 2 is in development(as if we didn’t know already), but what is it about, are the old protagonists still there, what environment will we get to hunt treasures in this time, what does it look like? Feel like? Play like? Yes I’m excited, I love Uncharted.

God of War 3 in-game video / playable

I think we might get another GoW3 trailer but I don’t think there will be any in-game video or playable material this time around.


I think what Zipper showed at E3 is basically what we get from MAG right now, hopefully a name change will come around soon, probably something involving SOCOM, but we’ll see when the time comes.

Syphon Filter PS3

I’d love to see a Syphon Filter game on the PS3, I played them all on PS, PS2 and PSP and enjoyed them immensely, the story, the characters, everything was great in those games; it needs to be on the PS3 as well. But…I don’t think we’ll get an announcement on it this time around.

Video Store announcement

David Reeves has stated himself that this will not come to Europe until early next year, so I doubt they will talk much about it during this year’s convention. There could however be some announcements about European TV / Movie makers that have come on board since the E3 announcement (if any)

New pricing schemes

I doubt that Sony would discuss any new pricing schemes right now; they seem to be happy the way things are going, especially with them finally making a profit again from the PlayStation division. If they do decide to lower the price this year, it will probably be closer to the Tokyo Game Show and expect an announcement there in that case.

New colours for PS3

I don’t think there will be any new colour announcements considering it took so long for the PS2 to get a colour remake in Europe and we still only have the PSP in black & silver(also yellow & red if you buy special bundles) but it’s not enough, colour is fun!

Come August 20th, we’ll all see what gets announced and what stays put in Sony’s closet of secrets. I would love to hear what expectations you might have in the comments section!

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Epic's new title to be released by EA

I can't say I didn't see that coming. Epic's new IP will be released by EA. As EA revealed, Epic Games is now a member of the EA Partners team.

The development of the new multi-platform title will be assigned to People Can Fly (known from the Painkiller series). Let me remind you that Epic bought People Can Fly about one year ago in order to help with the PC version of Gears of War.

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Metal Gear Online European Championships announced

Konami has announced its first European Metal Gear Online Championship, with entrants competing to win a luxury trip to Tokyo.

Entry is open to over 18's from all PAL territories - if you fit the bill then visit the MGO European Competition site to register. The first competition will be held today.

Konami is planning to host four preliminary tournaments per week - each preliminary tournament will feature six players per team, with one back-up member, and will span 16 games of 16 teams competing within the ‘Team Deathmatch: Direct Elimination’ mode and with the maps changing each game. Each match will comprise one round of 15 minutes and the best two teams from each preliminary Tournament will advance to one of two European Final Tournaments.

The two European Final Tournaments featuring teams who win their preliminary rounds will be played in September, with 16 teams each competing for the main prize of a trip to Tokyo between 9th-13th of October where they will be entered for the Grand World Finals at this year’s Tokyo Game Show where further prizes await the successful teams!

So if you're mad-crazy for MGO, grab some talented friends and get your Snake on!

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Batman goes to Arkham Asylum on PS3

Our friends over at ThreeSpeech have confirmed that Batman: Arkham Asylum has been announced for the PS3.

With a Dark Knight game not surfacing until 2009, much has already been made about the potential loss of earnings EA will suffer for not having a Batman game riding the coat-tails of the recent blockbuster. Now we seem to be getting more bats than we know what to do with.

Eidos Interactive will publish the game (with Warners Bros. Interactive Entertainment making up a dynamic duo for North America) with British studio Rocksteady developing.

The plot focuses on the Dark Knight delivering The Joker to Gotham's infamous asylum only to be set upon by the collective rogue's gallery of Arkham's inhabitants. Interestingly there is explicit mention of Batman's detective skills as a integral factor in the gameplay, suggesting we won't just be smashing criminals' faces in with batarangs but also engaging in some puzzle solving and investigative practices.

Also intriguing is that the game's story is penned by award winning scribe Paul Dini who just so happens to know a thing or two about the conflicted caped crusader having being a writer and producer on Batman: The Animated Series and the futuristic Batman Beyond.

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Two more new writers, anyone? Go on then...

In what will be the final announcement on adding new writing talent, following our previous two posts, we'd love you to place your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care, for two new authors.

Danny_D passed our 'describe yourself in 20 words' test with honours. He says he's "Ingenious, Animated, Meek, Diverse, Adamant, Nonchalant, Inventive, Extroverted, Lively, Entertaining, Steadfast, Psychedelic, Ambitious, Resourceful, Rambunctious, Alive, Gifted, Original, Zany, Abnormal."

We asked him about his favourite vegetable and he plumped for Broccoli. Really? Why so? "Because I never gave it a chance as a kid and now I can’t get enough of them little green trees". Being greedy, however, Danny_D also cited Asparagus because "it kinda sounds like my last name". If he could be any game character he'd be Rick Stalker from 1991’s Flying Warriors for the NES. "He’s a Kempo master that can change into superhero form (complete with costume!), use magic and fly around". Following the trend of being greedy with his answers, Danny_D also chose Quagmire from the Family Guy Video Game - only he didn't say why!

Our final author (for good, maybe?) is Phreaky. An easy going and chilled gamer since 1988, Phreaky "lives, sleeps and breathes games when not working or playing guitar".

Phreaky's favourite veg is tomato, because "it's versatile, tasty and the basis of my awesome bolognese". If he could be any game character he's be Yoshimitsu - "Great masks, great weaponry and always fighting the good fight".

So there you have it.

In addition to myself, our roster now takes in:


10 brave souls on a mission to deliver the best quality PS3 news to you daily. This also marks the increased globalisation of PS3 Attitude - from this point forward we'll be covering UK, Europe and the US. Our resident Japanese speaker, Brodiesan, will (I'm sure) be able to help us keep tabs on what's happening in Asia Pacific too.

Thanks to all our authors for donating their time and effort towards our PS3 Attitude Charity Fund. Make their day by clicking on the Donate Now button in the left sidebar - it's why they're doing this. Thank you.

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Valkyria Chronicles hits the shelves Nov. 11

Sega's Japanese tactical role-playing game is visiting the US, in November 11. Strangely, no word yet about the European release date. But, if is to be believed, Europe is getting it 3 days later, on November 14.

In addition, Christopher Kaminski (associate producer) gave some details about the game. As he told Siliconera, the DLC (downloadable content) that the Japanese are currently enjoying, won't be included in the retail version; A future DLC maybe?

Wait, you haven't heard the "BIG" announcement yet. J-RPG lovers (like me), you better sit somewhere before hearing this (what am I talking about; I haven't seen anyone "surfing" while he's standing). Japanese voice-over will be available as an in-game option! Now, how cool is that?

[Source: PS3 Fanboy]

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US PS Store Update for 14th August


Bionic Commando: Rearmed - $9.99
Street Fighter Alpha (PS1 classic for PSP/PS3) - $5.99

Demos (Free)

Bionic Command: Rearmed
1942: Joint Strike
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009


     “Constant Motion” - Dream Theater ($0.99)
     “Aesthetics of Hate” - Machine Head ($0.99)
     “My Curse” - Killswitch Engage ($0.99)
     “Clouds Over California” - DevilDriver ($0.99)
     “Runnin’ Wild” - Airbourne ($0.99)
     “Sleepwalker” - Megadeth ($0.99)

     Roadrunner Records Pack 1 ($5.99) - includes “Runnin’ Wild” - Airbourne, “Clouds Over California” - DevilDriver, “Constant Motion” - Dream Theater, “My Curse” -Killswitch Engage, “Aesthetics of Hate” - Machine Head , and “Sleepwalker” - Megadeth.

Videos (Free)

The Last Guy Gameplay Trailer 2
Bionic Commando: Rearmed: The Making Of - Part 3
Bionic Commando: Rearmed Launch Trailer
Saints Row 2 – Gangs Trailer
Vampire Rain Gameplay Trailer 1
Vampire Rain Running Alley Trailer
Legendary Behind the Scenes Teaser Trailer
Madden NFL 09 Buzz Video
Madden NFL 09 Announcers Video
Madden NFL 09 Presentation Video
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 : Fusion
Mirror’s Edge Story Trailer 1
AST Dew Tour - Cleveland FMX Jam Session
AST Dew Tour - Cleveland Skate Thrills
AST Dew Tour - Cleveland BMX Highlights
AST Dew Tour - Hear it from Nyquist

PS3 Themes (Free)

BioShock Theme
Bionic Commando: Rearmed Theme (x2)

PS3 Wallpaper (Free)

Bionic Commando: Rearmed Wallpaper (x2)

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Burnout Paradise - Coming to PSN

For those of you on the fence about purchasing Criterion's most recent Burnout iteration, Burnout Paradise, this recent announcement may just tip your hand.

Coming this fall, the game will be made available on PSN for the bargain price of $29.99, or about €20.49. In addition, the game will download with all previously released DLC as part of the install, simplifying the lengthy update process to a single step.

Or, as Jeremy Chubb, Producer of Criterion Games, puts it, "this is an all-singing, all-dancing version complete with all the free packs so far. Here are some of the highlights. All new game modes, like Online Marked Man and Online Road Rage. Awesome new vehicles, including the Hunter Olympus and Nakamura Rai-jin Turbo. 70 all-new challenges featuring against-the-clock gameplay and leaderboards plus the in-game calendar and news page."

Ready for the best news yet? This direct download option is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Criterion decided to do their initial development on the PlayStation 3; they're continuing their excellent support for the system with this announcement.

The download should be around the release of the Burnout Bikes pack, which will bring motorcycles to the Burnout world for the first time. Criterion has also announced that the Addition of Trophies will occur after the release of Burnout Bikes. With the ongoing support and ever-changing nature of Burnout Paradise, there's never been a better time to buy.

[Source: Playstation.Blog]

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Star Trek MMO May Unite Multiple Consoles Online

Star Trek Online has a history nearly as tumultuous and secretive as the Klingon Empire.

Originally under the command of Perpetual Entertainment, all art assets and content were unceremoniously loaded on the cargo freighter U.S.S Liquidation and ultimately fired into a dead and economically unsound planet. There it dwelt for a number of Earth years, waiting and evolving, only to be subsequently revived by Cryptic Studios in a genesis effect not seen since well, The Search for Spock.

Star Trek Online will allow die-hard Trekkies and casual fans alike to "be the Captain" and take control of their own ship whilst visiting planets, engaging in space battles with the aforementioned nefarious Klingons and other races and well, going boldly where no MMORPG has gone before.

What's piqued our interest however is a comment that has appeared over in the newly published
FAQ. When asked the (possibly posed) question "Will console and PC players be on the same servers?" the tantalising answer of "We would like that to be the case. There is nothing technologically keeping us from making it so." is returned.

Apart from the nice hat tip to Captain Picard's recurrent command to "Number One", does this also suggest PS3 and 360 users might happily co-exist in the same universe/server? Bound together by the Prime Directive?

We thought we'd send Cryptic Studios a quick hail and ask them what this, admittedly innocuous, piece of text in their FAQ might suggest. Cryptic responded by informing us they have already got their super-hero MMORPG
Champions Online working in beta with PC and 360, with secret identity-sporting users cohabiting the same server. Hence, as they've already developed the (future) technology, PC and console collaborations for Star Trek Online shouldn't be an issue. They also stressed that no console version of ST:O was confirmed at the moment but it is our opinion that a PS3 version is likely.

Though not the
first game to support console/PC online MMO interaction and, admittedly it's somewhat of a stretch looking into the above statements, there is a possibility that PC, PS3 and 360 owners might be joining together in one big Away Mission.

Only time will tell as Star Trek Online won't see a release until Stardate 65908.14 (some time in 2012)

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Ask PS3 Attitude; Which charity do you support?

Q: I'd like to know to which charity you donate to. Asked by Elena

A: Thanks for getting in touch through our Ask PS3 Attitude feature...

This year, the PS3 Attitude Charity Fund is supporting GamesAid. GamesAid is the gaming industry charity.

GamesAid allocate the funds they raise to children's charity groups, so the money goes directly to help projects across the region support underprivileged or less-abled kids.

In January 2009 we will announce the recipients of next year's PS3 Attitude Charity Fund.

Ask DolphGB a question.

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European PS Store update for 14th August

Three demos today for you to try out:


Sheep (PS1 game for PSP/PS3) - £3.49 aprox. €4.40
Driver (PS1 game for PSP/PS3) - £3.49 aprox. €4.40

Demos (all free)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
Monster Madness


Nascar 09 Car Skin 1 - £1.99 aprox. €2.50
Nascar 09 Car Skin 2 - £1.99 aprox. €2.50
Nascar 09 Car Skin 3 - £1.99 aprox. €2.50
Nascar 09 Car Skin 4 - £1.99 aprox. €2.50

Videos (all free)

E3 Shuhei Yoshida interview
Fatel Inertia Ex Trailer 1


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Overlord II raising more hell in 2009

If you liked Overlord, you'll be overjoyed to hear that the imaginatively entitled Overlord II is making tracks for the PS3 in 2009.

A new Overlord and a more powerful and varied set of minions are attempting to take over an entire empire in this sequel, and Codemasters promise us that "the Minions return smarter, deadlier (and funnier) and are ready to fight in large scale battles that will see their wild pack mentality squaring up to the organised legions of the Glorious Empire."

In fact, the minions have even learnt to ride in the new game, mounting wolves amongst other things (yes, I did just say that; giggle if you must).

Check out the two new screenshots (click to see high-res versions) and get ready for more minion madness next year.

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Make room (in your hard drive) for Quest for Booty

We all love the Ratchet & Clank series. The newest installment (think of it as an expansion) in the series hits the PSN Store on August 21 (but you already knew that, didn't you?).

What you didn't know is the amount of "gigs" it will take up in your hard drive. Well, it's official; 2.3Gb.

Pretty decent, if you consider the amount of gameplay you can squeeze out of it. Rumor has it that it will take about 5 to 6 hours to complete it. For the price of $14.99 (that's about €10/£8), you should consider it a must-have. Especially if you are a fan of the adventurous duet.

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Resistance 2 beta opens for a select few

By now a special group of Chimera killin’ freedom fighters have been drafted to “Continue the Fight” and join the Resistance 2 private beta. The announcement was made on the forums and coincided with conscription emails popping up in lucky players’ mailboxes this morning. The administrator of the forum explains that the purpose of the beta is to garner "important gameplay feedback for the development team" and "find out what people like, dislike, and then tune what’s necessary".

Before you write that angry letter to Insomniac about how you’ve been “shunned”, invites apparently were not sent to PlayStation Underground or Game Advisory Panel (GAP) members with access to this round of the beta confined to select people who signed up at the site.

Didn’t get an invite? Don’t fret as, just like most conflicts, there’s more than one way to get involved. If you’re a subscriber to Qore you will have access “soon” while those of you who are instead downloading instalments on an episode by episode basis (and have grabbed the latest) will have access “later”. As you can see, actual dates are a little thin on the ground.

Also revealed in the announcement is Insomniac’s new website which is a little bare at the moment but promises to grow as the beta continues


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It's raining authors, hallelujah...

Following the announcement that CaptainPanda, Kawaii and Majiesto had swelled the ranks at PS3 Attitude, today we're happy to announce another glut of new authors joining your daily PlayStation 3 news site...

Please give a warm welcome, in alphabetical order, to our latest recruits:

Brodiesan is, in his own words, a "life-long gamer with a wry sense of humour who speaks Japanese and runs marathons. Often at the same time."

We asked him his favourite flavour of ice cream. Being a marathon runner Brodiesan insisted he didn't eat ice cream. About 3 seconds later, he confessed to "Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie with lashings of Phish Food on top"! If Brodiesan could be any game character, he'd be Snake because "just like the Metal Gear hero, I'm getting on in years. I also like jumping out of cardboard boxes whenever possible".

Say 'Hi' also to Lonflobber. He describes himself as a "Book loving multi-platform gamer eager for PlayStation's bright future", which is somewhat poetic.

His favourite ice cream is Black Walnut, because "it's fresh, it's rare and it's amazing". In fact it's so rare, none of us have ever heard of it! If Lonflobber could be a game character, he'd be JC Denton of Deus Ex - "great name, powerful and multi faceted character who makes his own future. Choice was never so good".

Our next newbie is MeEdIC. We asked MeEdIC to describe himself in 20 words or less, and he didn't waste the opportunity - "Creative, Responsible, Cheerful, Rebellious, Demanding, Avid Gamer, Objective Judgement, Opposed to Fanboyism, Addicted to Persona 3 and last but not least Extremely Social." Unfortunately, that was 22 words, but you get the point!

Hi favourite ice creams are Pistachio and Wild Cherry, just not together. If MeEdIC could be any game character he would be Samus - "Yes, I know she's a 'chick', but think about it: She has her own spaceship, wears a nearly invulnerable suit, has big "guns" (whatever that means), can transform into a ball, throws a lasso like Indy, calls an air-strike whenever someone is bothering her...", and the list goes on! Good call MeEdIC.

VuZuW is our last new author for now, but is certainly not the least. As well as having the single most unpronounceable name of any of our new writers, he is a full-time gamer who also loves to draw and party with friends; "If I'm not on my PS3, I'd be either drawing, surfing the web or out".

On asking the ice cream question, he simply sighed. Something tells me that VuZuW will be our least frivolous author! Only through some gentle arm twisting did he reveal a liking for Cookie flavour. He was more enthusiastic about being a game character. "Alex Mercer! Shape shifting, high jumps and super strength; what else could you possibly want?"

So, there you have it. Thanks to each and every one of our new authors, some of whom were announced on Monday - PS3 Attitude is starting a new and exciting chapter.

Will there be more, you ask? I guess you'll just have to keep checking in to find out!

Please give a warm welcome to our new writers and let's look forward to their contribution towards our new 100% charity status.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

EU PS Store improvements coming tomorrow

When the new PlayStation Store was released, everyone agreed it was a positive step forward.

Until we saw that the EU Store wasn't set out quite as well as the US Store.

The problem was highlighted during our recent rant about SCEI and their geographical silos.

Things are, however, improving. And that improvement begins tomorrow.

The EU Store will be gaining the A-Z navigation in the 'All Games' section that works so well in the US. Good news.

Let's hope they continue to improve the store in the future to match its US counterpart.

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LittleBigPlanet boxart appears at ThreeSpeech

Our good friends over at ThreeSpeech scored with a first look at the official and finalised boxart for LittleBigPlanet.

Easily one of our most anticipated releases of 2008, we think the artwork does the game justice.

Sackboy - front and centre - looking as ridiculously appealing as ever.

Of course, the big watermark won't make it onto the shelves!

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PlayTV Release Date Confirmed

In another step to make the PS3 the all encompassing entertainment system, Sony has announced September 19th as the release date for the add-on.

For £69.99, European PS3 owners will be able to record TV while they game or watch shows. Also included is the ability to transfer recorded programs to your PSP and PC as well as view them via Remote Play, a nice addition. HD content will also be included at some point in the future, making the price seem all the more worth it. 

I can only hope that this manages to make its way over to the US as this would be a nifty addition to have. 

UPDATE: Well, it turns out that recorded programs will not be transferable. Content will only be streamed to the PSP through the remote play function. 

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Square Enix party video to hit Japanese PS Store tomorrow

Sony have announced that the Japanese PlayStation Store update this week will include footage from the recent Square Enix party.

Whilst we are not totally sure as to what the content may or may not be included, we understand that the footage will contain some of the trailers shown in the 'strictly-no-cameras-allowed' theatre area.

If you have a Japanese PS Store account, set a reminder to check the video section tomorrow for some sweet Final Fantasy XIII action.

[UPDATE] Due to an incorrect Japanese -> English translation, this is actually not right. The footage is hitting PSTV not the PS Store; PSTV is another name for the point-of-sale kiosks in Japan. Thanks to our friend Nofi from TheSixthAxis for pointing us in the right direction...

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Thumbs up for Metal Gear Solid 4

There are lots of things you can do in four minutes.

Some are more fun than others, but this Metal Gear Solid inspired video certainly ranks highly.

It turns out this is an advert for Metal Gear Acid! Mobile, but don't let that put you off. Quite simply you need to kick back, relax, turn up the volume and prepare your corset - just in case your sides try to split in the process.


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Street Fighter Alpha coming to the PSN

Street Fighter fans will be excited to read that Capcom is releasing Street Fighter Alpha to the PSN this week. So far it is only confirmed for the American store but we will keep you updated if we find out about a European release.

It's good to see more PS1 games coming to the PSN outside Japan. I am personally hoping that Capcom will bring the Resident Evil series to the UK and USA.

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Monday, 11 August 2008

Alone in the Dark to get PS3 enhancements

Atari have said that Alone in the Dark will gain a number of 'enhancements' when it launches in November.

The main announcement will come during Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig.

Whilst Atari are keeping their cards close to their chest on what these additional features might be, the game has suffered from some issues and bugs on the other platforms it has already been released for.

Let's hope these enhancements aren't just bug fixes...

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Final Reminder; join our Fantasy Football league

The Premiership season starts this coming weekend, so you only have a few days to enter your team in our Fantasy Football league.

If you win the entire league, organised by Virgin Radio, there's £20k up for grabs.

The winner of our private league will take home a few prizes too.

And best of all, it's free!

Find out more about how to enter.

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Hands-on with Mirror's Edge, Mercenaries 2, FIFA 09 and Brothers in Arms...

On Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the Multiplay Festival at Stoneleigh Park in the UK. Although the event was mainly aimed at PC gamers there were a few PS3s set up demonstrating upcoming games.

I was able to observe an EA representative playing Mirror's Edge. The graphics appeared clean, crisp and visually distinct. I was impressed that the restart points after deaths were frequent. My only concern was that the 1st person viewpoint seemed to make it hard to see the edge of the buildings, making it easy to fall off.

The next game that I saw was Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway. Visually it was a very detailed game. There was a slow motion bullet time when the demonstrator got headshots, which added to the atmosphere of the experience. The gameplay appeared to be smooth and polished, with the squad directions well implemented.

Next I moved onto FIFA 09. I played FIFA in both single and multiplayer. Both game modes were smooth, with very good graphics. EA seem to have worked hard to make the graphics even more realistic, which has resulted in a great looking game - however the game did seem much slower. I found that in both modes it was harder to score than in previous FIFA games.

Finally I got to the highlight of my day, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. I've been looking forward to Mercenaries since it was announced and I wasn't disappointed. I chose to play as Jennifer Mui and was able to start the game from the beginning.

You are thrown right into the action and the game holds your hand with an excellent tutorial. The first fifteen minutes of the game are linear giving you the opportunity to learn the controls, fire a few guns and drive a couple of vehicles. After that you get to roam the local area, completing missions in any order you want.

To conclude it was a great day, which proved that there are some exciting games coming soon to the PS3.

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Put your hands together and give a warm welcome to...

Following our recent transition to a 100% charitable website, a huge number of people have already been in touch to donate their time and effort to PS3 Attitude.

So, without further ado, please meet three of our new authors!

First up, and in alphabetical order, say a big hello to CaptainPanda.

CaptainPanda describes himself using the words "Nice, Gamer, History, Cats, Pandas, Books". His favourite cheese is Parmesan because "it goes on everything, toast, pizza, meatballs, whatever you toss Parmesan on it makes it taste better". If he could be any game character, he'd be Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Why? "Have you seen the guy?!" - enough said.

Secondly, here's our very own Grrrl Gamer in the form of Kawaii.

Kawaii says she's a "bubbly gym addict who loves games from COD4 to Singstar", and she is often found playing co-op games with her husband. Her favourite cheese is goat's cheese -"I have a secret love affair with it!". If she could be any game character she would love to be Meryl Silverburg. "She has two very opposing sides; the girl who can look after herself, mixed with the softer more feminine woman. Of course her main strength is that she can handle a Desert Eagle!".

Last but not least, please give a warm welcome to Majiesto.

Majiesto says "I’m a student in Georgia, US and enjoy playing games and watching movies. I’m smart, funny, and like to travel". His favourite cheese is Pepper Jack because he enjoys spicy foods. "The stuff adds that extra kick to food that other cheeses cannot and had a great flavor overall. It’s good just by itself as well." If Majiesto could be a game character, he would be Zero from the Mega Man X series. "For one thing, he has the Z-Saber and who wouldn’t want to whip that bad boy out when in trouble. He’s strong with a calm demeanor when in the face of danger and can kick butt with style. Plus that ability to transport anywhere would come in handy".

Thanks to our three new authors for donating their time and effort to PS3 Attitude. Keep checking back through the week for additional announcements.

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