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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Life with PlayStation Delayed

Pencil pushers, love 'em or hate 'em, it appears that Life with PlayStation is in their hands now.

It appears that slow traveling paperwork that requires actual physical pushing is to blame for to this latest delay. In the words of Mr. Noam Rimon: "We’re still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation — so hold tight just a bit longer."

It's not all bad news though, it was also announced that the Folding@home client will be combined into the service. So while you read the latest news or check the weather for that weekend beach trip, you will also help cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and different types of cancer. You'll be quite the humanitarian in no time.

These delays are reminiscent of another PlayStation product that shall remain nameless. I'll give you a hint: It starts with an "H" and rhymes with "Gnome".

Source [PlayStation.Blog]

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Friday, 29 August 2008

Official: New 80GB Bundles Not Coming to the UK

This one turned out too good to be true for our UK mates. Official word from SCEE came exclusively to PS3 Attitude this morning stating that the two previously announced 80GB bundles will not be available in the UK:

"The UK does not generally offer hard bundles. These particular bundles are not Europe-wide and will not be offered to the UK market."

It's no surprise for the Blu-ray bundle pack Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis, which will probably be released in France only, but the GT5 Prologue bundle with two DUALSHOCK 3 controllers? That one may leave a mark.

This blogger finds the lack of UK bundles rather odd. North America is getting the Trophy pushing Uncharted bundle this November, France is getting that awesome movie bundle mentioned before, "other" Europeans are getting the spectacular GT5P bundle, but as it stands right now, the UK is left out in the cold. How does this make you feel dear potential UK consumer?*

Christmas is not so near, maybe by then SCEE will announce a bundle worthy of your hard earned dollars, euros, pounds. Maybe.

*Free cake for the first commenter that types "rather cold mate".

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More Bad Company "love" is on the way!

Have you gone tired of playing Conquest on the same maps over and over again?!? Well, now you have the chance to make the Battlefield universe a better place. EA has began a voting competition in which you get to choose what maps are going to be added in the next free patch.

When the voting will be completed, DICE will add the two most voted maps plus two more as a "gift". Voters will notice a familiarity in the maps. That's because all of them where places you visited in the single player campaign (you don't say...).

To sum up, players will be able to download the four new Conquest maps this Fall via the classic patch update. Anyone who wishes to vote, should visit Battlefield Bad Company's official site (vote for Acta Non Verba, will ya?).

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Burnout Enters The Night

We've already reported on the upcoming bike-bonanza Burnout Paradise will be experiencing with the release of the next free DLC pack. In this previous post we also hinted at more details about the Day and Night element of the new package being announced over the coming weeks. Well, true to his word, the ever-magnanimous Jeremy Chubb from Criterion has returned to the PlayStation blog to divulge some extra info about this exciting new feature.

Recapping what's on offer, Jeremy has pointed out that half of the new Burning Rides take place when the sun goes down and are referred to as "Midnight Rides". So, how does time pass in Paradise and what changes can we expect to see as we venture down darker avenues?

Night-time is classified as between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. with lights coming on your bike and traffic depleting to support an environment customised for speed. Invoking night play is possible at any time and you can even customise how quickly night passes. So yes, this means you can set it to change in real time for some mammoth Burnout sessions.

Expect the new update to hit the streets over the next couple of weeks.

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PS3 Attitude Warhawk Server; catch a Fallen Star...

Today, our PS3 Attitude Warhawk Server is set up to rotate through a number of game modes and maps using the new Fallen Star DLC.

Hop on throughout the day to test your new jetpacks, try out the new map configurations and give the Hero mode a bash.

Oh, and did we mention we've kept it to 8 users so that you can easily form TGS - Trophy Grabbing Strategies?

As usual, the status of our server is in the left sidebar.

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Crytek talks consoles and PS3's "future possibilities"

Mention Crytek's Crisis on the interweb and two constant news points will immediately resurface. One, its power hungry demands practically held your rig for ransom if you wanted to run it at the fidelity the German based developers recommended. Two, considering people with high-end rigs usually aren't short of some disposable income, paradoxically, most people didn't actually pay for it.

While the first "issue" was not something Crytek felt any shame about, the piracy debacle has been seen as a key motivator for the studio's recent declaration of "console love".

Edge spoke with Crytek business manager Harald Seeley about the company's shift away from a predominantly PC focused model where he reiterates piracy was not the driving factor for the sea change. The delay it seems is more due to Crytek's internal processes not being ready to support a multiplatform release structure. Until now.

Despite some criticism about the story (and even gameplay) of Crisis, the game is universally accepted as a technical treat to the senses with Crytek's engineers definitely not falling into the "lazy developer" category. It's therefore interesting to note Seeley's honest answers regarding each console's challenges and some comments that may bode well for us PS3 acolytes.

Seeley explains that each console "brings with it certain advantages and certain limitations." While noting the 360's lack of a guaranteed hard-drive being present (therefore preventing the ability of pushing assets to external storage to speed up in-game load times) the much heralded single memory allocation makes for easier development. In contrast, the PS3's complex architecture poses design challenges but its multiple cores "may open up more programming possibilities". PS3Attitude's interpretation of this statement is "Yes, the PS3 is a difficult beast to master but it may hold greater future potential." Remember, our words.

The "limited memory" of both consoles does force them however "to be very creative in our approaches."

Crytek's upcoming African based FPS Far Cry 2 will be released on the PS3 this fall.

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PURE's list of songs revealed

Βlack Rock Studios' upcoming title PURE (aka SSX on wheels) is hitting the shelves soon and as it seems it has all the credentials of being an instant classic.

The stunning visuals, extreme speeds and outrageous stunts will be there to make you smile every time you insert the Blu-Ray disc in your beloved PS3. But what about the soundtrack of the game? If you have visited the game's site, you should already know that Woman (by Wolfmother), Grease Monkey (by Jeff Beck), Rock and Roll Queen (by The Subways) and Granite (by Pendulum) are going to be featured in the game. What you didn't know is the full tracklist of the game. Well, here it is:

The Answer - Into The Gutter
Fred Baker - Genius Touch
Jeff Beck - Grease Monkey
Calyx & Teebee - Dual Processed Featuring MC Verse
The Datsuns - Maximum Heartbreak' and 'Sittin' Pretty
Diet Kong - Diet Kong with Magic
Adam Freeland - Spin Machine
The Futureheads - Beginning of the Twist
DJ Hyper - We Control
Midfield General - On The Road
The Music - Strength in Numbers
My Luminaries - The Sound of Music
Noise Control - Cities of Dreams and 'Mud Bath
Pendulum - Granite and Showdown
Pop Levi - Wannamama
Qemists - Drop Audio' and 'Stomp Box
The Radishes - Good Machine
Silvertone - Try
The Subways - Rock and Roll Queen
Tapeworm - Getting Through
The Whigs - Need You Need You
Zero DB - Late in the Day' and 'Redline
Wolfmother - Woman
We Are Scientists - In Action
Blindside - For the Nation

Quite impressing, isn't it? For you PURE addicts, I have included 3 High Resolution (1600x1200) Wallpapers in the article. ENJOY!

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

American PS Store Update For August 28th

Guys that come last, stars that fall down, souls with some sort of caliber and figure skating for tough guys...what a great PS Store update!

Downloadable Games
The Last Guy ($9.99)
Warhawk Fallen Star Pack ($7.99)
Warhawk Booster Combo ($15.99)

Rock Band
“She Does” - Locksley ($0.99)
“Don’t Make Me Wait” - Locksley ($0.99)
“Don’t Make Me Wait” - Locksley ($0.99)
“All Over Again” - Locksley ($0.99)
Locksley Pack 1 ($2.99) - includes: “All Over Again,” “Don’t Make Me Wait,” and “She Does” by Locksley.

Game Demos (free)
NHL 09 Demo

Game Videos (free)
SOCOM Confrontation Extraction trailer
LittleBigPlanet Leipzig “Sackzilla” Trailer
Motorstorm Pacific Rift Leipzig Trailer
PAIN Trauma Mode Trailer
GT5 Prologue Play the Pros with Tanner Foust!
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Machine Gun & Bazooka Video
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Squad Gameplay Video
Facebreaker Audition Video #1
Facebreaker Audition Video #2
Facebreaker Audition Video #3
Madden NFL 09 Gameplay Trailer
Madden NFL 09 Madden Moments Trailer
Madden NFL 09 Play Call Trailer
Top Spin 3 Player Creator Trailer

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)
Quantum Of Solace Trailer
Prom Night Trailer

PS3 Wallpaper (free)
The Last Guy Wallpaper (x2)

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More Penny Arcade's "Longest Game Title Ever" PSN Details Emerge

PS3 fans of verbose esoteric opaque gaming-centric missives (just like the former sentence) and kick-ass web-comic art were somewhat disappointed when Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness - Episode One (I am not typing that again, hereinafter to be referred as "That Penny Arcade Game") was only to be released on PC and the 360 back in May of this year. Joel DeYoung, producer at Hothead Games, has reiterated over at the PlayStation blog the main reason a concurrent PS3 release was not possible, attributing the delay to "engine incompatibilities". Considering the Torque Game Engine, which drives the web comic themed steam-punk-esque RPG/adventure/puzzle game, was developed for the Windows, OSX and Linux OSs, this is not a massive revelation.

Back in July however a PSN version was announced, testament to Hothead's original commitment to release the game on as many platforms as possible. Little has been mentioned since then however and we know they're busy working on Episode 2. Unfortunately a concrete release date is still somewhat nebulous with only the upcoming chilly season of "winter" revealed in the article.

Some other interesting points Joel makes include: an assurance that, now that they've licked the tricky porting issues, future episodic content should appear on the PS3 closer to the initial release (though we infer from this that, for now at least, the PS3 version will continue to launch after the PC and 360 versions), other Hothead games will support the PSN (Swarm and Deathspank maybe?), the game supports full 1080p resolution and, oh yeah, Trophies are confirmed.

"That Penny Arcade Game" on PS3 will be shown at this year's PAX with one lucky Penny Arcade fan (we hope) winning a signed version of, well, a PS3. What else?

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European PS Store update for 28th August

This weeks European PS Store update is a little less than I expected, but The Last Guy should tie me over for a few hours, and with the new Warhawk expansion I really need to get in there and see how bad I really am.

I wonder where the Warhawk 3 in 1 bundle is though...

Anyone else?

The Last Guy
The Last Guy Demo
NHL 09 Demo

Buzz! Junior Jungle Pack
Warhawk - Operation Fallen Star

Far Cry 2 trailer
HAWX trailer
The Last Guy Launch trailer
PS3 Platinum trailer


The Last Guy

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Mercenaries 2 Ad, Oh Yes They Did

Are you looking forward to Mercenaries 2? I totally forgot about it until I saw this commercial (cleverly named "Ca$h") in the idiot-box this week. Although game ads featuring only computer generated graphics instead of actual gameplay footage urges me to dismiss the game as lacking both in gameplay and graphics, I am willing to give Mercenaries 2 some latitude for that catchy/silly jingle.

Mercenaries 2 takes place in Venezuela (controversy!), features open ended gameplay, online 2-player coop, tons of vehicles and a heavy amount of destruction. Mercenaries 2 will be released in both North America and Europe on August 31st and 5th September respectively.

Don't forget to check this awesomely re-mixed version and our previous hands-on with the game before singing/yelling "Oh no you didn't" all day like an idiot me.

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Warhawk server is up for your 1.5 testing, trophy collecting needs

We've put up a simple Warhawk server that allows 8 users to go head-to-head in order to try out the new features in v1.5.

You can also use it to gain a good number of the new trophies available in the patch, as well as having a good environment to try out the new jetpacks.

By keeping it to eight users at a time, you won't feel like you're being overrun and it should give you some time to gain some experience with the new gear.

Just look out for PS3Attitude in the server list and enjoy!

The status of our Warhawk server is shown in the left sidebar.

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H.A.W.X. uses real satellite imagery

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X will be using images from GeoEye, it has been revealed today.

GeoEye has provided high-resolution images taken from its commercial Earth-imaging IKONOS satellite for integration into the game. Rio de Janeiro, Cape Canaveral and the Middle East are all included.

In fact, with more than 16 international locations in the game, every single mission will have players flying over GeoEye-provided satellite imagery in a three-dimensional environment.

“High-resolution satellite imaging is moving from the black world of intelligence to the white world of commerce and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X will bring that reality to gamers. With video game graphics becoming more realistic, the use of high-quality photographic ground textures in H.A.W.X adds true photo-realism to the air combat experience.” - Mark Brender; Vice President, Corporate Communications and Marketing at GeoEye.

“We are extremely grateful to GeoEye for their collaboration with Ubisoft and pleased with the level of quality and service we’ve received. GeoEye’s amazing imagery, combined with the intense aerial combat experience in H.A.W.X, makes this a perfect partnership for everyone--especially gamers.” - Travis Getz; Authenticity Coordinator for the H.A.W.X development team.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Linger In Shadows Finally Emerges Tomorrow

You may not know it but tomorrow's PSN update marks something of a milestone. In amongst the usual melange of wallpapers, themes, DLC for rhythm games and perhaps even a PS1 game you probably didn't want ten years ago (and don't want now) will be Linger In Shadows. Described as an "interactive art" project from Polish demogroup Plastic, the "game" will see users influence and explore an abstract world that could exist comfortably inside the mind of David Lynch.

Demogroups have existed pretty much in parallel in what could be described as a symbiotic relationship with the more recognised gaming industry. As bone fide studios continue to create, amateur cadres of artisans, coders and musicians form projects that emulate, enhance and sometimes even surpass the output of people who do this sort of thing for a living. Of course, the amateurs of today become the producers of tomorrow. The likes of EA Dice for example (makers of upcoming PS3Attitude favourite Mirror's Edge) started off as "The Silents" - a prestigious demogroup in its day.

What makes Linger In Shadows so unique (and why it sets a precedent when released tomorrow) is its accolade of being the first demoscene project to be officially endorsed by Sony. Speaking in an interview to GameTrailers, SCEA's Rusty Buchert explains how Sony approached three such groups offering hardware and assistance to see what they could create. Linger in Shadows marks the emergence of the first of such projects.

The interview also shows some footage of the "gameplay" and the graphical aesthetic that has been described by some as "surreal", "a missing MGS4 boss battle" and even likened to a Team Ico project. Tomorrow we'll be able to download it ourselves and spend up to a half an hour interacting with flying dogs, haughty cats and ominous black smoke particle effects.

Check back later this week when PS3Attitude may have something exclusive from Plastic, the makers of Linger In Shadows. What's it like working with Sony? How powerful is the PS3 and will they ever work with it again? And, of course, the question on everyone's lips: Cats of dogs? Hopefully we'll have some answers.

UPDATE: The PSN updates for the US and EU stores have come and gone with Linger In Shadows pulling a spectacular no-show. What happened? Those shadows too impenetrable to leave for some reason? We're contacting our sources to see if any reason is being quoted for the strange "art piece" missing the PSN boat so check back and hopefully we'll be able to shed some light on this scheduling mystery.

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The Last Guy Spotted, Headed to PSN Tomorrow

Yes indeed, The Last Guy will be available for purchase tomorrow via the PS Store and inside the demo itself for $9.99. The original list PSN games keeps getting better and better don't you think?

With 15 stages varying from London, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Sydney, Berlin, and Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan there should be enough for world travelers out there to enjoy.

The full game offers more zombies, zombie bosses, online rankings and different ratings depending how well you perform in each level. The Last Guy smiles upon perfection it seems, PlayStation.Blog's Josh Miller hints : "Who knows, maybe something cool will happen if you get a good “clear” rating on all the levels… ". Easily done Mr. PlayStation.Blog U.S. Producer Josh Miller, you seem to forget that I am the last guy! The Last Guy is me! ... Sorry, I should not have said that.

Source [PlayStation.Blog]

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Amazon Gold Box: PS3 Edition

For those of you looking to score some PS3 games at cheap prices, today is your lucky day...if you're in the US. Amazon's daily Gold Box deals offer discounts at specific time intervals as well as one "deal of the day". Today, everything is Playstation 3 related so be sure to keep an eye out. They are kept secret until the specified time aside from a brief description of the game. Here's the rundown of what's being offered:

  • Deal of the Day: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - $22.99
  • 6:00am PDT: Bomb bridges, steal secret weapons, and destroy Zeppelins.
  • 10:00am PDT: Shift smoothly and hug those curves! (Racing game perhaps?)
  • 12:00pm PDT: Save the galaxy and figure out why Cragmites hate Lombaxes. (Ratchet & Clank Future obviously)
  • 2:00pm PDT: El Dorado beckons
  • 4:00 PDT: Nero vs. Dante in the demon-filled landscapes of Fortuna. (Devil May Cry 4)
  • 6:00 PDT: Engage in online battles and furious four-player co-op action in 2048

Any idea what the other games are? Check back at the right times to find out. And remember, these deals only last until stock has run out so get them quickly. The first deal is about to start in less than an hour so get your check book ready.

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SCEA PAX competition for people who can't get to PAX

Can't get out to PAX this year? Not going to be in Seattle from August 29th?

Fear not - SCEA are giving you lucky US PS3 owners a chance to win a PS3 (and more) online.

As long as you're a US resident over 13 years of age, you can enter the competition.

Over on the official PAX pages at PlayStation US you'll find all the details of what SCEA intend to bring to the show, including the first playable version of Resistance 2.

The competition doesn't begin until the show kicks off, so keep checking the PAX pages from this Friday onwards.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Leipzig is dead, according to Gamescom organiser

Ever heard of Gamescom? Well, you do now. Some rather shocking news have made their appearance the last few hours. According to a statement released by the organiser of the new BIU-backed show, the Cologne based event (Gamescom) will "replace" Leipzig Games Convention. I used quotation marks on the word replace, because both events are probably going to take place. The organiser just says that Gamescom is going to be the next key European event in 2009.

Even though Leipzig was a huge success -attracting more than 200,000 people-, BIU (aka German Publisher Association) has decided to support economically only Gamescom for the year 2009.

But, let's see what Oliver P.Kuhrt (managing director of Gamescom's organizer Koelnmesse) had to say in his statement:

"It was to be expected that the Leipzig trade fair would try to keep the topic in its 2009 programme as well by announcing its date. But they will have to do it without the industry for the most part. The lead trade fair will take place in Cologne in 2009 and beyond."

"From Leipzig we are bringing the clear message that the games industry will be exhibiting in 2009 in Cologne at Gamescom. We have met with broad approval, and the industry is looking forward to gathering in Cologne. Whatever happens in Germany in 2009 outside of Cologne cannot claim to represent this sector."

Koelnmesse, has even confirmed the date that the event will take place. It's opening date is September 9th and the "new European games platform for the international games community" -as Koelnmesse termed it- will remain open until the 13th of September.

Mr. Kuhrt continued with the statement: "The trade visitors area in Halls 4 and 5 at the Cologne exhibition centre is the new communication and trading platform for the international games industry."

"Designed as a compact unit, the area offers the participants from trade and industry, media and development optimal conditions that will allow them to enter into dialogue with one another."

What do you guys think? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Will having two rival shows taking place at roughly the same time eventually result in what happened in UK a few years back?

[Source: MCV]

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del Toro: "There are only two game classics. Both are by Team Ico."

Edge Online have posted a succinct but insightful interview with famed Pan's Labyrinth and upcoming Hobbit film(s) director Guillermo del Toro. A director with a renown passion for his craft, the Mexican filmmaker personally creates a cornucopia of hand-drawn pre-production sketches for each of his films/ideas so it's poignant to note what games inspire such a maven of the visual arts.

Though lauding the likes of GTAIV and Bioshock there are only two games del Toro considers good enough to warrant the moniker of "masterpiece": Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both games graced the PS2 and (in case you didn't know) Team Ico are hard at work on an elusive (and exclusive) PS3 game which we are confident will join their previous offerings to become a trinity of gaming masterworks.

Check out the interview for more info (like, would he open his own game studio?) and the man's insights on such topics as the cinematography of
Silent Hill (the game, not the film).

[Source: Edge Online]

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PlayFactory set to bring more Eye candy

Along with the recent announcement of EyePet at Leipzig, news comes to us that Curve Studios are working on a new PS Eye title.

Curve are probably best known for collaborating on the PSP version of Buzz! with Relentless. The London based team have now added an entry for PlayFactory to their website, which simply reads:

"The PlayFactory range of titles encompass six individual games developed for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Eye for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe."
Other than the world's smallest boxart picture, that's all we know right now. Keep your Eyes peeled for further info as we get it.

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Kojima talks MGS5 and "new game"

It's not easy stepping away from something you've invested half your life in, especially if that something is a giant commercial success and revered by millions of people worldwide. Such is the conundrum Hideo Kojima has faced at the conclusion of each of the Metal Gear games and a challenge he faces yet again until, well, the next Metal Gear game it seems.

It's no secret that the Metal Gear franchise will continue with or without the imitable visionary director yet, when speaking in an exclusive Kikizo interview, Kojima-san dropped some hints that he will never fully hang up his camo-suit. Though clearly stating that he wishes to hand the reins over to younger members of staff, (co-writer and director Shuyo Murata being the likely candidate) Kojima-san does want to oversee MGS5 as producer while moving on and directing another game himself. The game in question remains a mystery though he tantalises us with: "[...] the thing that I am trying to work out right now is an idea that I had ten years ago, which I am still worried on the technical side whether it's possible or not, even today."

That said, he also admits that he's not ruling out the possibility of returning as director of a Metal Gear game, say, ten years from now (at 55 years of age) comparing himself to acclaimed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki (the auteur behind such classics as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away) who retires at the end of each film but always returns to his love of film-making. Either way, it seems Kojima-san will always have a guiding hand in Metal Gear while also following some other (probably equally awesome) avenues in gaming. This can only mean good things for all of us.

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Dead Space's site is up and running

We all know that Dead Space is gonna kick some major "butt". Action-horror fans have already put it in their "To Buy List", and so should you (Survival Horror games addict, speaking).

Anyway, the new site of Dead Space goes by the name No Known Survivors and is open for business. Although its design and features look a little "primitive", EA assured us that the site will take its final form a few days before Dead Space's release in October (that's 21st for USA and 31st for Europe).

To sum up, be sure to check it out, but watch for the head... (you'll see what I'm talking about...)

WARNING: It is advised that you're over 18 to visit the site. (yeah, right...)

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Monday, 25 August 2008

Reminder: Jump 2008 This Sunday

Hello all you fellow readers. This is just a reminder that this Sunday, August 31st, is going to be Jump 2008, our giant charity event this year. The people at PS3 Attitude will be jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet to raise money for charity. You can donate using the widget located in the left sidebar. Click here for more information. All proceeds will be going to GamesAid, the video game industry charity. Please spread the word and be on the lookout for pictures and videos of the event next week. It's going to be a blast!

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Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star August 28 Worldwide Release

PlayStation.Blog dated the latest Warhawk expansion for a worldwide release of August 28 (or 28 August). US price is set at $7.99, with a booster Combo Pack including all 3 expansions for $15.99.

Fallen Star includes Tau Crater, a new level with 10 layouts, the Icarus Mk.1 Rocket Pack (aka the jetpack), the Daedalus Rapid Assembly Device (aka the jetpack maker), and 30 bonus layouts for the original levels to take advantage of the jetpack goodness (aka awesome).

Head over to the PlayStation.Blog for all the details, including jetpack-centric questions like "can I fly with the flag?" (answer: yes) and more.

Don't forget to pick up your free 1.5 update on August 27 (or 27 August) to get you in the mood.

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in.

Source [PlayStation.Blog]

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Home 2008 Release, 100% Guaranteed

Didn't we all get pissed off last year, when we found out that Home won't be released for a long time? Announced in early 2007, and here we are, middle of summer 2008 and we haven't tasted Home on our PS3 yet. Well, some news regarding the release date for home has been released again, but this time it's not a delay.

IGN had a little chat with Martijn Van der Meulen, a Producer on Home, and he revealed that "it is a 100 percent guarantee that Home will be released by the end of this calendar year." Well we can all expect a Christmas release, but it is possible for the 'rare' occurence of a promise break.

Still I'm happy with the fact that if it won't be released until the end of this year, we might just get it very close to the start of next year. But a Christmas launch with a few Christmas specials would be pretty cool.

Source: IGN

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More Accolades as LittleBigPlanet wins Best PS3 game at Leipzig

Have you been following Danny D's reviews of the gaming extravaganza that was GC in Leipzig? We sure hope so.

All-in-all GC was a good show from Sony as we witnessed some new and intriguing innovations heading our way in the near future. And though we were way off with our over-zealous predict-o-meter, the convention was generally viewed as a positive (though not earth-shattering) showing for the PlayStation brand.

As is the tradition of all such shindigs, the organisers of Leipzig spent some time roaming the halls, clip-boards in hand, and then promptly locked themselves in a secluded hideaway (read: probably a German bar), turning off all phones and debating into the wee hours of the night. After hours of toil (and German swearing) they finally emerged into the sunlight to bestow accolades on the gaming wares so flagrantly flaunted on the aforementioned convention floor.

We're not going to delve into the full list (as there was obviously a lot of non-PS3 related awards imparted) but here's some of the Sony-centric honours that might tickle your fancy.
  • Best PS3 Game: LittleBigPlanet (You do not win a prize if you predicted this one)

  • Best Hardware: PlayTV

  • Best PSP Game: Resistance: Retribution

  • Best PS2 Game: Too few entrants; no award (Huh?)
Interestingly, and in what can only be seen as a declaration of non-aggression, there is no overall best in show award thus preventing an exclusive from one console taking the coveted title of "Best of Leipzig". In fact, the categories are pretty much locked to each console. While obviously quite magnanimous (everyone gets to be a winner!) we expect this peaceful gesture to be merely a temporary armistice in the perpetual console war.

Two other points of interest: the best Xbox360 game on display is not a 360 exclusive (put down your torches, this is just an observation) and Fallout 3 was unceremoniously snubbed. This is despite the German public having gone insane for Bethesda flavoured RPGs in the past and the post-apocalyptic sequel garnering universal extolment at every other gathering of gamers known to man. Apparently it was considered but was beaten at the line by "other games". Who'd have thought?

Check the link below for some more details.

Source: Edge Online.

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

PS3 Attitude's Comprehensive Leipzig Review, Part 2

Part dos of our Leipzig review:

SingStar Vol. 3 Party Edition
With 2.2 million downloads to date, no wonder SingStar is getting a big push. SingStar's PS2-PS3 compatibility was announced and later explained for the PS3 version. Vol. 3 artists includes: Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow, The Ting Tings, Lionel Richie, Queen, Katrina and the Waves, among others. Officially announced tracks are:
  • Barry Manilow, Copacabana
  • David Bowie, Space Oddity
  • Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney, Ebony & Ivory
  • Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson, The Way I Are
  • Coldplay, Viva La Vida

Wish upon a SingStar
PS2's SingStar Singalong with Disney was announced for PAL territories only. Songs from Aladdin, Toy Story, Pinocchio, The Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, The Little Mermaid, and more will be made available in local languages across PAL territories.

Introducing EyePet
Read our recent post of this promising PlayStation Eye game. I wonder which pet will try to hump the other first...

Heavy Rain
This is a game I'm truly looking forward to. Actually this is the only game I'm looking forward to. And not just because of the graphics...that's just a bonus. A demo was confirmed by Quantic Dream's founder David Cage, a gameplay trailer was released, and the developers are touting an immersive and emotionally-engaging experience. Yum, yum. Normally I would scoff at all this fancy talk from a game developer, but this is Quantic Dream. The people responsible for Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit are not to be taken lightly.

New PSP Hardware
The rumors were (somewhat) true, a new PSP was officially announced. The PSP-3000 improves the LCD allowing for higher image quality and more definition when in sunlight. This new PSP also comes with a built-in microphone, perfect for you Skypers out there. Available in PAL territories (Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand) from 15th October 2008 as a bundle, including one software title valued at €199. For NTSC regions the PSP-3000 will also be offered as the Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters bundle (including a 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack) for $199.99, while a core pack will be available later this year at $169.99.

Will there be a part tres? Come back and find out.

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