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Saturday, 6 September 2008

SOCOM: Say It Isn't So

After braving through multiple delays the SOCOM public beta finally went live tonight in the US. But guess what? It appears that you still can't enjoy some decent play time. Due to "overwhelming demand" the SOCOM beta is experiencing load related issues. Perhaps those two extra codes for your buddies were not such a good idea after all.

Issues like "abnormal latency, disconnects, long load times, login errors and community features such as clans and stats not functioning correctly (or at all)" are plaguing the beta and the testers are not too happy.

These issues are to be expected from an online beta, but the general reaction is one of collective outrage and despair. But who could blame them? After a much delayed and highly publicized pre-order bonus people expected to get at least some playtime before the servers crapped out on them. No such luck this time.

Keep in mind though that this is an online beta, not a multiplayer demo. Help the developers fix the issues before the game releases, it's what you are supposed to do. Maybe if they didn't advertise and distribute it like a demo I would be sleeping instead of writing this.

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Friday, 5 September 2008

Create OctoCamo Suit, Be Seen/Unseen, Win MGS4 Bundle

Do your hear that internet? That's the sound of hundreds (thousands? millions?) of cosplayers dusting off their OctoCamo suits. wants to see your best OctoCamo suits in action, or rather not see your best OctoCamo suits in action. I don't know, maybe both:
The object of Solid Snake's Octocamo suit is not to be seen, but we're asking you to show us your best OctoCamo suit in action. Go figure. You'll be judged on creativity, humor and do your best and have fun with it.
To enter you must upload your 30 second or less video (screenshots/pictures are fair game too) to your favorite video/picture sharing site, name it "Metal Gear Solid 4 OctoCamo Entry" and send a link to

Two grand prize winners will receive the oh-so-coveted limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Bundle Pack. Oh, but only if you live in the US. Did I forget to mention that earlier? Me so sorry, but don't hate on me. Go to the SCEE forums and let your voice be heard.

US readers, good luck to you.
European readers, we will keep you in our thoughts.

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PS3 misses out on UK Call of Duty: World at War beta programme

Activision and Treyarch have announced their plan to launch multiplayer beta programmes for UK Call of Duty: World at War gamers in October.

Unfortunately for those of us who own the PlayStation 3, these beta programmes only extend to the Xbox 360 and PC in the UK.

The game, which has a lot to live up to after the massive success of Call of Duty 4, will be released on 14th November 2009. Let's hope the lack of a PS3 multiplayer beta element doesn't leave us with a lesser experience over our Xbox and PC-toting compatriots.

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Japan says "Sayonara" to Dead Space as ban received (Germany and China too)

The recent release date shifts of Dead Space continues - but not in a good way. In fact, if you're reading this in Japan, Germany or China and have been looking forward to EA's sci-fi survival-horror dismember-athon, you might want to brace yourself. The release date in these countries has now moved to, well, never.

Destructoid seems to have the scoop on the ban, quoting Dead Space Community Manager Andrew Green that the gruesome antics onboard the bad-ship Ishimura have been banned outright in the aforementioned countries.

Details are still emerging and we'll put a call out to EA to see if they can comment with any further information as it's likely cuts to the game will enable an eventual release in these affected regions.

For the rest of us, expect to slice and dice alien scum on the 14th of October.


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Get ready to cruise L.A. at October

As it seems, Rockstar San Diego has decided to postpone the release of their latest Midnight Club instalment. The reason behind that decision is quite simple; As the company stated, October has proven to be a more "friendly" month for the company.

Midnight Club: Los Angleles will hit the stores at October 21st in America and 3 days later in Europe. So you'll have to wait a little bit more before you "free-roam" L.A. in slick rides and bikes, in the fourth game of the series.

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Last day to exclusively test Warhawk Fallen Star

We've been focusing on Fallen Star on the PS3 Attitude Warhawk Server, and today is the last day before we reconfigure and create a more varied format.

If you've not had the chance to try out the new Hero and Collector modes, along with old favourites, within the various Tau Crater configurations, now is your chance.

Remember, the server offers a controlled environment for 8 players at the moment, so if you all communicate and use the space wisely you might just be able to get some of those more challenging trophies!

As usual, the server status is in the left sidebar or at our PS3 Attitude Facebook group.

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Motorstorm Q&A; lacking Home support, long jump trophies and lava

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is nearly here.

The follow up to one of the most successful titles on the PlayStation 3, expectations are high for the sequel. When we had a chance to play a 70% complete build of the game recently (video below), those expectations were certainly met.

Nigel Kershaw, Game Director at Evolution Studios, spared us some of his valuable time, giving us more details of what to expect from their new baby. Be prepared for water, lava and... Special Brew?

[PS3A] Why did you decide to host Motorstorm: Pacific Rift on a tropical island, and what different environments can we expect to race in this time around?

[NK] Monument Valley was a fantastic location for the first MotorStorm game but for the second we wanted somewhere where we could really stretch our visual and technology muscles. Picking a tropical island gave us a lot of new interactive technology that we felt we could finally do justice with PlayStation 3. Thus you will find interactive water, interactive vegetation, lava and a whole host of destructible scenery.

[PS3A] We have seen the new Monster Truck vehicle class. In the original Motorstorm, your choice of vehicle determined your route and strategy. What should people be thinking about when choosing to race with these huge vehicles?

[NK] The Monster Truck is designed to be the top of the food chain in the MotorStorm line up; its big wheels makes it capable of running right over opposing vehicles. So when you are racing in one aggression is your main weapon. When you are racing against one stay out of the way! These big wheels also make it a good climber, capable of climbing rough terrain that leave other vehicles as twisted wrecks.

[PS3A] What are the biggest differences in gameplay between Motorstorm and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift?

[NK] Pacific Rift is still MotorStorm but we have enhanced and refined the gameplay in a number of areas, making sure that the player has more decisions to make, more control over his vehicle and a much wider variety of game modes to experience.

[PS3A] We remember the furore around split-screen multiplayer in Motorstorm. What new offline and online multiplayer modes feature this time around, and did bringing split-screen modes compromise the graphics in any way?

[NK] With the technology we had developed for the first MotorStorm split-screen was impossible. When we started Pacific Rift we decided that it had to be a key feature of the game, so we went back to the drawing board and completely re-wrote our rendering technology. In terms of graphical compromise it has not affected the single player or the two player split-screen. We are still working on polishing the four player split-screen, so I can't say whether the tracks will be perfect replicas of the single player ones, but we are aiming to make all modes as fun and enthralling as they can be.

[PS3A] What Trophies can we expect, and will the title be Home-compatible? Are these 'day-one' launch features, or will the game require a future patch?

[NK] Trophies are in day 1 with the usual crop of 'finish the game' and 'progression through the game' awards, but there are also some surprises in here that will really have you hunting out the places to make that perfect long jump, finding a driver to knock over etc. Home support will be along later, but rest assured we have some awesome trophies to really integrate into the game.

[PS3A] We remember all the great DLC you brought to Motorstorm. What plans do you have to extend Motorstorm: Pacific Rift with DLC in the future?

[NK] Sure we have lots of plans for downloadable content for Pacific Rift. We have got some exciting ideas where to extend the game, so keep your eyes on the PlayStation Store in the future.

[PS3A] We've seen people like Criterion almost change their game entirely with DLC, such as the addition of motorbikes and maybe even planes. What do you think of this direction in game design, and is it something we can expect from Evolution?

[NK] We’ve got lots of exciting ideas we are working on, but I wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag this soon. DLC does offer us the opportunity to develop the game in many ways. Watch this space!

[PS3A] We were jealous when we saw the 'making of' Motorstorm, and your visits/jollies to Monument Valley. Did you manage to stretch the development budget to a tropical paradise field trip this time?

[NK] The research trip for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift involved us spending three long, gruelling weeks exploring Hawaii on foot, in helicopters and on speedboats. (Ed: nice work if you can get it!)

[PS3A] In honour of the tropical setting, what is your favourite Tiki-bar cocktail? And can you buy one anywhere in Runcorn?

[NK] The Mai-Tai is the perfect drink for the island, but as it doesn’t involve Special Brew, you are unlikely to find one in Runcorn!

Our thanks to Nigel and the team at Evolution Studios.

If you're a US reader and you get Qore, there's a demo of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift scheduled for release on the 11th September, so you don't have long to wait before you can experience a small taste of island paradise.

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House of SingStar Singing Marathon

Give it up for Southampton, UK. About 50 brave souls will sing every SingStar song on the PS2 and PS3 discs in the order in which they were released. All of them. One after the other. Non-stop.

Before phoning the loony bin, hear them out (get it?). They are doing it to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The singing marathoners will be comprised of friends and family of the organizers, but we can all get in on the fun (and donate of course) through their website

In what may very well be one of the last words she will vocalize a-melodically for a long time, hostess Lucy Calvert commented:
Never have the words ‘I wonder’ led to such an undertaking. What started out as an idea to bring a group of friends together for a night of SingStar, has now turned into something much, much bigger. The support we have been receiving is fantastic and we can’t wait to get going.

Neither can we. It appears it is all about charity this month. First our own DolphGB jumped out of an airplane for GamesAid (spoiler: he made it), Rock Band offered the PAX Track Pack for Child's Play, and now House of SingStar sings their hearts out for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Never has September been such a good month for charity.

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Pure 1st Impressions: Should Motorstorm be Worried?

When it comes to looking at the PSN's shiny new Pure demo you first and foremost think it has got to set itself apart from the competiton. Surely that's a given?

In this case said competition is Motorstorm. This game automatically has a lot to live up to.

So here I am. I Fire up the demo, get through the tutorial, and the first song that comes on? Woman, by Wolfmother.

Erm. Is that not a bit familiar Disney? To me that song is an automatic reminder of Motorstorm.

The race is underway and the controls are familiar to a degree. The graphics are pretty enough although they seem to be a bit soft focused; like viewing everything through a greasy lens. Not distracting but certainly noticeable.

Then there's the 'race' part of it. I was so busy doing tricks and working to get my meter up for boosting for the next trick that I wound up finishing 13th. Not that I expected to get into first place or anything but there seems to be a lack of motivation to place well.

Riders seem to lack the interaction that made Motorstorm so personal. This is Disney so no swearing is a given. A shove or two would have been nice though! As a result of the kid-friendly Disney badge, the great time-sapping slo-mo crashes so loved in Motorstorm have been replaced by a wipe screen. Ho hum.

Admittedly it is nice to get straight into the action after a wipe out though it would have been nice to get a bit more grunt out of a fall or collision. Instead you get the Mickey Mouse Magic Wand of Restoration waved over you after every spill.

The full game promises over 40 tracks, 70 tricks, etc. and may well prove to be a real winner, though my gut reaction is that Motorstorm developers Evolution can breathe easy tonight.

Just some initial thoughts on it. This is by no means a review, rather my initial opinion on the demo version publicly available at you ever-so-local PSN.

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Thursday, 4 September 2008

American PS Store Update For September 4th

Rejoice Qore junkies, your digital fix is here. Besides that, we got the Pure demo someone was looking forward to and more videos that you can shake a stick at (who does that anyway?).

We would like to mention the Rock Band PAX Pack 1, all proceeds will go toward Child's Play charity. Of course, do not forget PS3 Attitude's very own charity fund for GamesAid. Donate what you can, all the cool kids are doing it.

Qore Digital Magazine
Qore Episode 04: September, 2008 ($2.99 Issue, $24.99 Annual Subscription)

Downloadable Games

NFL Head Coach 09 ($49.99)

Add-on Game Content

HAZE Destruction Pack ($9.99)

Rock Band

“Skullcrusher Mountain” - Jonathan Coulton ($0.99)
“Shhh….” - The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets ($0.99)
“Livin’ at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” - MC Frontalot ($0.99)
PAX Pack 1 ($2.99) - includes “Shhh….” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, “Livin’ at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” by MC Frontalot, and “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton.

Game Demos (free)

Game Videos (free)

Super Stardust HD Tips Video 1
Super Stardust HD Tips Video 2
PAIN Call Da Shot Mode Video
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway - Making Of #3: Counter Attack
Legendary Behind the Scenes Episode 1
Midnight Club Los Angeles Trailer 2
Midnight Club Los Angeles Trailer 3
Red Baron Arcade Trailer
Saints Row 2 – Uncle Gary Motorcycles Trailer
Saints Row 2 – Uncle Gary Taunting Trailer

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)
The Ultimates Featurette
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist Trailer
The Fall Trailer

PS3 Wallpaper (free)
The Last Guy Wallpaper

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Take Two double revenues across the last nine months

Take Two Interactive released their latest quarterly results today, and the results show continued strength in the business.

Turnover for the third fiscal quarter was $433.8 million, compared to $206.4 million for the same quarter of fiscal 2007. Similarly, net income for the third quarter was $51.8 million or $0.67 per share, compared to a net loss of ($58.5) million or ($0.81) per share in the third quarter of fiscal 2007.

This means that for the nine months before July 31 2008, net revenues were $1,214.1 million, compared to $689.2 million for the same period a year ago, almost doubling their revenues.

The strength of Take Two's results will no doubt underline their decision to resist the recent acquisition bid from EA. Grand Theft Auto IV has, of course, played a big part with over 10 million units shipped since launch.

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European PS Store update for September 4th

This week's update is short but somewhat sweet considering we get 2(in my opinion pretty good) demos and 2 addon packs(among them the Warhawk triple pack that I was hoping for last week) Well it's finally here and it all equals some really good playing time. Although I still have'nt got past Trafalgar Square in The Last Guy, anyone else having trouble there?


Warhawk Triple expansion pack (£7.99/€11.99)
Haze "Destruction" pack (£3.49/€4.99)

Movement episode 5, part 2 "London" Includes 8 videos

4x SoulCaibur 4 wallpapers

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PlayStation Home Injector scam; please don't get caught out

A website (with associated application) calling itself the PlayStation Home Beta Injector is running a scam that promises to get you a Home download and activation code.

We won't link to the site here for obvious reasons.

How does the scam work?

They ask you to enter your PSN ID and password into an application, and then promise to send you a Beta download code in 24 hours.

Remember, Sony will never ask you for your password. This is nothing more than a phishing scam designed to grab your account details for nefarious purposes.

Please don't get caught out.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Pirates Vs. Ninjas Confirmed For PSN (kinda)

D'arrr, it be the tin'ternet meme that keeps on a-kickin' like a scurvy dog. Ok, we're a couple of weeks early to be speaking like this but it's somewhat appropriate considering Pirates Vs. Ninjas : Dodgeball is not only about to get an Xbox live release but looks to be now possibly heading our way to the PSN.

And just in time too as, hopefully, the 8 player online game can now finally put to rest an age ole question which has sparked drunken brawls at BBQs and church congregations alike. Pirates ... or Ninjas?

When asked in an interview over at Joystiq if the game was PS3 bound, Christopher Stockman, studio director at Blazing Lizard, revealed that production on a PSN version was "[...] not hypothetical. But I can neither confirm nor deny that it's in progress ... but it's not hypothetical". Which confirms it? No? Or is this something like Schrödinger's Cat? Production on the PSN version of the game both exists and does not exist - at the same time. Just don't look at it or we're in trouble.

Considering the guys at Blazing Lizard had some issues with certification for the upcoming 360 release don't expect to see a PSN version appearing on the horizon, shiruken and Jolly Rogers a-waverin', for a while yet.

Oh and by the way - Ninjas, obviously.

[Source: Joystiq]

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Sony's SN Systems opens up new office in Dublin, Ireland

Indulge me for a moment as it's not often I get to report on movements in the Sony spectrum that affect my home town. SN Systems, a subsidiary of SCE, and developer of tools for all three of Sony's gaming devices (PS3, PSP and PS2), have opened a satellite office in Dublin, Ireland.

With its headquarters in Bristol, U.K., new offices are now popping up in San Jose and Dublin in an effort to attract new talent and address "the demand of supporting PlayStation game title developers worldwide."

Check out their own website to see some testimonials from the producers of such games as God of War II and Resistance: Fall of Man praising SN Systems' products such as "ProDG" and "Tuner".

With an exceptionally technical workforce, and comparatively low labour costs compared to the U.K. and the U.S., Dublin seems to have been a good choice. It also helps that the Irish are game crazy with the office sure to attract technical people who also love to game.

Fun trivia fact: outside of Japan, Ireland has the highest console penetration rate per household in the world. Yes, I'm proud, and yes, I'll be sending in my resume to SN Systems as soon as possible.

Source: Edge Online,

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Rumours around Kingdom Hearts 3

TGS (aka RPG lovers' Heaven) is about one month away and rumours around Square Enix's famous Action-RPG are beggining to show up.

According to Official PlayStation Magazine, Sora's new adventure is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Furthermore, OPSM stated that the development has reached a satisfying level.

Rumours or not? I guess we'll find out in about one month from now at TGS, where Kingdom Hearts 3 is to be revealed to the public.

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Insomniac interview at PAX

People had questions and Insomniac have answers! Wander over to the PlayStation blog where you can find Bryan Intihar answering posters' questions about upcoming shooter sequel R2. Here's a quick overview for the lazy out there and those unable to access the video at the moment.

What other games were the team playing when not beating back the Chimeran horde? Unsurprisingly, Insomniac stable-mate Ratchet & Clank : Quest for Booty receives an obligatory mention as does MGS4 and Soul Calibur IV. What does R2 bring to the table that other FPSs do not? Well, the simple answer would be "numbers" considering the 60 player skirmish mode but Bryan also puts emphasis on "accessibility" and "rewarding the player for everything they do."

For those looking for the next full moon podcast check around the first week of September (which is, well, now) with a "mystery guest" no less.

We'll end with the quick-fire round. DualShock support? Check! Home Support? Affirmative. Trophies? Count on it.

Check the full interview for more morsels of information from an obviously chirpy Bryan who seems to be revelling in the awesomeness of PAX. Quote of the interview has to go to: "The PS3 is a ridiculously powerful machine." Makes you feel all warm inside, doesn't it?

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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Burnout Bike Interview / Video

Our friends over at ThreeSpeech have posted up an "interview video" showing off some Burnout bike action and basically reiterating all the information we've been harking on of late regarding the next free Burnout DLC update.

The only real new piece of information we can glean from this smooth presentation is that more downloadable bikes will be made available in the future. This is hardly a revelation of course but it is nice to hear it straight from the horse's mouth / Criterion employee. Sorry Kevin, I'm not calling you a horse or anything - you know what I mean.

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PS3 To Have Exclusive Mirror's Edge Content

We didn't report it (because it was quickly confirmed as a breakdown in communication) but there was much furor across the gaming world last week when Sony's David Reeves announced that EA DICE's upcoming kinetosis flavoured Mirror's Edge was a PS3 "timed" exclusive.

It seems there was a grain of "exclusivity" truth in the rumour however as EA has confirmed to Eurogamer that there will be PS3 exclusive DLC content made available via the PSN. Considering EA DICE developed the game on the PS3 as the lead console, and certain maneuvers that Faith can perform (balancing on crossbeams for example) have been seen to be controlled by the Six-Axis motion sensors, it will be interesting to see if DICE will make use of these specific PS3 features for this new content.

What's this? The PS3 getting exclusive content over its nearest rival? Excuse me while I check outside to see if there's a chap on a white horse.

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Official PS3 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

It's official, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced that on October 30th, gamers will be able to enjoy sweet wireless communication between each other, provided you live in Japan and don't already have a headset. The headset will feature a High Quality mode which features noise cancelling and superior sound. The recommend price is 5,000 yen or approx. $46 and will also be bundled with the limited edition of SOCOM: CONFRONTATION.  With a talk time of around 8 hours and from a distance of 10 meters, it's shaping up to be a nice little ear piece. For those of you who like to read all the specs on the product, check out the official press release. There is no word as to whether this will see the light of day outside of Japan. As for me, I'm content with my current USB headset but it's nice to have options. 

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Behind the scenes with the Mercs 2 trailer

With Mercenaries 2 - World in Flames finally appearing on multiple consoles this week (even the PS2!), EA are engaging in some quirky marketing ploys to keep the game fresh in your mind when it comes to your purchasing choices for this week.

The catchy Mercenaries 2 trailer we already mentioned seems to have spawned its very own making-of trailer. So, if you've noticed you're spending inordinate amounts of time humming the song from the ad (like we have), and you like to see how megaton explosions are constructed, we would definitely recommend checking it out.

Interestingly, it appears that the "Oh No You Didn't" song was commissioned solely for the game (kinda explains the apropos of the lyrics) with artist credit simply going to "The Mercenaries 2 Choir". Know who is involved in this Praetorian chorus of lyrical goodness? Let us know in the comments.

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Monday, 1 September 2008

Jump 2008; I survived!

The first part of our big charity event, Jump 2008, is done and dusted.

Soon, I'll post a full write up of the day with photos and videos, but for now I just have one thing to ask.


I did this for a reason - to raise much needed funds for GamesAid, helping under-privileged and disabled kids get a break. Without your donations, the whole thing will have been just a challenge without a cause.

Use the button in the left sidebar to donate now using your credit card or PayPal account.

If every reader of PS3 Attitude can give just $5 (less than a round of coffees for you and your mates at Starbucks) you can all make a huge collective difference.


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Get ready to aboard Ishimura one week earlier

How many times have companies let you down by postponing the release of an anticipated game? Let me guess; Countless. Well, get ready for (maybe) a world first! Dead Space is going to hit the stores one week earlier. It's not a prank, it's a fact. Instead of October 31st, we will have the chance to enter USG Ishimura at the 24th.

According to EA, while the PS3 version will be available at the 24th, the PC version will be released at the original release date (31st). But you don't care about that, right? Come to think about it, you probably stopped reading three sentences ago...

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Sunday, 31 August 2008

SOCOM: so close, yet ... so far

Sometimes being a PS3 news blogger can be a tough ole life. When we're not contacting hyper-busy studios for answers to burning questions or juggling jobs, families and, believe it or not, playing games, we also sometimes have to be the bearer of (consecutive) bad news.

First "Life with PlayStation" (below) gets bumped and now the SOCOM : Confrontation public beta seems to have taken a wrong-turn somewhere and will be a little late to the party. Seth Luisi from SCEA has posted on the PlayStation blog that the Public Beta will now kick-off on Friday, September 5th with QORE members getting their squad-based freak-on a week later on the 12th.

Seth promised there is in fact oil being burned around the hour of midnight and the reason for the delay is simply to make the game "the best it possibly can be." Oh, ok, if you put it that way.

Access to the public beta is still open (in the U.S.) by pre-ordering at GameStop. You'll even get an extra couple of codes for friends to fight over.

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