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Welcome back. Did you know we do all this for charity? Can you help us promote the site?

As you’ll know by now, PS3 Attitude is a 100% philanthropic venture that is privately funded and offers all revenue generated to charity.

Because of this there are a number of friendly companies and individuals who have been good enough to donate more than their hard-earned cash to help support what we’re trying to achieve. This is where you get to read about some of these great people…

oneeko FriendsOneeko

The team at PS3 Attitude often get together virtually, and when we need to share our screens with each other for training purposes it is the brilliantly powerful yet simple technology from Oneeko that makes this possible.

What is PS3 Attitude’s most popular story?Oneeko have been good enough to donate Pro licences to every PS3 Attitude team member, but you can always use their free licence for one-to-one screen-share meetings.

polldaddy FriendsPollDaddy

When we need your opinion, we use PollDaddy’s brilliant poll and survey solutions to gather all the answers we need.

The great people at PollDaddy have gifted us a VIP account that allows us to survey you in your thousands, but you can still use a free account to get dozens of responses to your questions.

Do you want to be our friend?

We’re always looking for companies and individuals who can help us further the cause of PS3 Attitude. We are especially interested in PR firms, event organisers and online marketing businesses who can help us spread the reach of our website.

If you can assist us in any way, please get in touch.