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Welcome back. Did you know we do all this for charity? Can you help us promote the site?

We’re all about charity here at PS3 Attitude. Not only do we give every ounce of our revenues to worthy causes, but we’ve got some freebies to give away to you too!

As well as a few downloads and free tools you can take advantage of, you’ll also find our merchandise here available for purchase. Every penny we make from our t-shirts, mugs and other schwag goes to our PS3 Attitude Charity Fund – so go ahead and get your PS3 on!


Visit our PS3 Attitude merchandise shop now, powered by Spreadshirt.

Trophy Cards

Get your free trophy card, and join the leading videogame social networking site, at PlayFire. Once you’re a member, why not make the PS3 Attitude team your friends and join our PS3 Attitude Group.

PS3 Themes

For the best themes, downloadable via your PC or the PS3 browser, visit PS3-Themes now.


Got a Facebook profile? Join our Facebook Fan Page and get the latest news, link up with friends and get closer to some of our authors.

Fantasy Football

Join our Fantasy Football league and compete against both our authors and other readers for real prizes. Join up now at the Official Premier League Fantasy Football site and register a team, then join our league, using Private League No. 377996-89317.

Mac Widget

ps3 attitude mac widget 300x162 GoodiesGot a Mac? Download our widget and display the latest PS3 Attitude news with pride!

Our widget was designed and built by one of our readers, Kristoffer Segerlind. How did it come about? Simple – he contacted us to offer the widget for free in order to help our charity efforts.

Thanks Kristoffer for your hard work. Clearly a bit of a talent, Kristoffer created this movie which you should definitely spend a few minutes checking out.

PS3 Attitude official [email protected] Team

Do you like helping to make a difference by letting your PS3 process crucial data for the [email protected] team at Stanford University?

You do? Good. You’re the right person for the job.

Join our official [email protected] team and your name could well appear in lights during one of our regular [email protected] Team Update articles.

Our team number is 153565 and here’s a quick run-down of how to add our team details to your Life with PlayStation software:

  • Start Life with PlayStation. If this isn’t installed and you still have [email protected] simply run the program and it will check the Internet and download the latest version.
  • Once loaded, hold down the square button and – whilst holding the square button – select the [email protected] Channel using the arrow buttons. Release the square button.
  • Press the triangle button.
  • Select ‘Current Channel’
  • Select ‘Identity’
  • Select ‘Join an Existing Team’
  • Enter the number 153565 using the keypad.
  • Press the circle button repeatedly until you are back at the main [email protected] display.
  • You can now hold down the square button and select the Life with PlayStation channel again. Whilst you are looking at the news and weather, [email protected] will continue to work in the background whenever you leave Life with PlayStation running.

Optionally, you can set Life With PlayStation to run automatically when your PS3 is not being used. From the XMB, press the triangle button when you have selected the Life with PlayStation icon and choose Auto-Start. You can now decide whether Life with PlayStation will begin when the PS3 has been idle for 10, 20 or 30 minutes.