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Friday, 15 August 2008

Batman goes to Arkham Asylum on PS3

Our friends over at ThreeSpeech have confirmed that Batman: Arkham Asylum has been announced for the PS3.

With a Dark Knight game not surfacing until 2009, much has already been made about the potential loss of earnings EA will suffer for not having a Batman game riding the coat-tails of the recent blockbuster. Now we seem to be getting more bats than we know what to do with.

Eidos Interactive will publish the game (with Warners Bros. Interactive Entertainment making up a dynamic duo for North America) with British studio Rocksteady developing.

The plot focuses on the Dark Knight delivering The Joker to Gotham's infamous asylum only to be set upon by the collective rogue's gallery of Arkham's inhabitants. Interestingly there is explicit mention of Batman's detective skills as a integral factor in the gameplay, suggesting we won't just be smashing criminals' faces in with batarangs but also engaging in some puzzle solving and investigative practices.

Also intriguing is that the game's story is penned by award winning scribe Paul Dini who just so happens to know a thing or two about the conflicted caped crusader having being a writer and producer on Batman: The Animated Series and the futuristic Batman Beyond.

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