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Friday, 12 September 2008

U.S. MyBuzz is Online, Giving Away Prizes

No longer will our European PlayStation 3 brethren will be able to taunt us with their "buzz". No, I'm not talking about pints of lager being consumed while playing our black behemoth (remember kids, don't drink and drive Burnout). North America has been deemed "buzz-worthy" by the powers that be: MyBuzz is open for business for the US.

Gearing up for the American release date of September 23rd, is ready to be filled up with apple pie and NRA quizzes. But all kidding aside, there is an extraordinary incentive for us them to do so. There will be great prizes for wasting your precious time making quizzes online, take it away Associate Producer Jenny Barbour:
We’re asking you to start building your library of quizzes immediately and on game launch day (September 23), we’ll award a PS3 and BUZZ! Quiz TV game bundle to the “All Time Top Author.”
But that is not all:
A week after launch on September 30, we’ll be awarding another prize to the individual with the “Top Quiz.” He/she will receive a new PSP 3000 with BUZZ! Master Quiz (all the fun of the BUZZ! trivia franchise on-the-go!).

Pretty neat eh? I can't wait for Canadians to get in on the MyBuzz fun as well, I want to test my knowledge of hockey, Mike Meyers, Georges St. Pierre and Celine Dion.

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Thursday, 28 August 2008

European PS Store update for 28th August

This weeks European PS Store update is a little less than I expected, but The Last Guy should tie me over for a few hours, and with the new Warhawk expansion I really need to get in there and see how bad I really am.

I wonder where the Warhawk 3 in 1 bundle is though...

Anyone else?

The Last Guy
The Last Guy Demo
NHL 09 Demo

Buzz! Junior Jungle Pack
Warhawk - Operation Fallen Star

Far Cry 2 trailer
HAWX trailer
The Last Guy Launch trailer
PS3 Platinum trailer


The Last Guy

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Buzz! Quiz TV gets patched, includes trophy support

Relentless may have missed out on being the first Blu-ray game to gain trophy support, but it didn't take long for them to become the second.

Yes, Buzz! Quiz TV now has 25 trophies to collect. Here's a list of the virtual ornaments you can gain:

Sofa Subjugator Bronze: Win 5 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Bronze: Score over 1500 points in Single player
Lonesome and Loving it Bronze: Play 5 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Bronze: Play 1 MyBuzz game
Sofa Surfer Bronze: Play 1 Sofa vs Sofa game
Socialite Bronze: Play 5 Multiplayer games

Sofa Subjugator Silver: Win 20 Sofa vs Sofa games
The Barnard Award Silver: Score over 3000 points on single player
Lonesome and Loving it Silver: Play 20 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Silver: Play 20 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Silver: Play 15 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Silver: Play 20 multiplayer games

Sofa Subjugator Gold: Win 50 sofa vs sofa games
The Barnard Award Gold: Score 5000 points in single player
Lonesome and Loving it Gold: Play 50 single player games
MyBuzz Enthusiast Gold: Play 50 MyBuzz games
Sofa Surfer Gold: Play 40 Sofa vs Sofa games
Socialite Gold: Play 50 multiplayer games

There are also 6 hidden trophies plus a Platinum trophy for completing all the others.

Don't forget as part of your MyBuzz Enthusiast playthrough to enjoy the PS3 Attitude quiz. You'll find it listed alphabetically. I'll give you a clue - it begins with a 'P'.

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Monday, 7 July 2008

Got Buzz! Quiz TV? Go play our quiz!

It was inevitable really...

PS3 Attitude has created a MyBuzz quiz for all your Buzz! Quiz TV owners out there, which challenges you to answer questions on major (and minor) PS3 news events over the last year.

Naturally, the quiz covers the events of the last 365 in conjunction with our one year anniversary.

You'll find the quiz in the 'Latest' quizzes section, or in 'Lifestyle...Gadgets' once it drops out of that particular area. It's called "PS3 Attitude: PS3 News '07-08".

We'll see whether you like it or not using the online rating system, but do drop by and tell us how you got on in the comments section.

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Thursday, 3 July 2008

July Japes - PS3 Attitude Big Three

Sometimes I wish we hadn't called this feature the Big Three.

Every now and then, a month comes along that is so devoid of new games, finding three good titles to spend your hard-earned cash on is a difficult task. Thankfully, this month we can bolster the sadly lacking roster with the first ever hardware entry and first ever PSN entry into the Big Three.

In other words, we can't really recommend you spend money on either Ferrari Challenge or Wall-E.

So here's the rundown on what the Big Three for July. Remember, this is based on UK and European titles that will launch in July only...

1. Buzz! Quiz TV [pre-order with buzzers] [pre-order game only]

I'll admit - I love Buzz! games on the PS2. Of all the different party games available for the PS3's little brother, this is the one that we keep on playing even to this day.

And the PS3 version is like the original, only on steroids.

Firstly, I'll be upgrading to the new wireless buzzers. No more octopus wires strewn across the living room! Yay! Of course, you can use the old ones in the first two ports of your PS3 (assuming you have more than two ports) without issue.

Secondly, they have kept all the games we love and added in some new ones too. Cool!

Thirdly, there's more questions than ever before, and this time the lowest scoring player gets to choose what category comes next, which helps balance the gameplay and keep the questions fair for all players.

Now for the extra plus points. How about taking on families and groups from all over the world online? Or setting your own questions and challenging players across the globe on the subjects you know best? Yep - all of this and more are in the new, improved Buzz!

In fact, you can even head on over to the Buzz website and begin setting your own questions now, even before the game has launched.

Let's face it - if you don't love Buzz! Quiz TV, you don't love fun.

2. DualShock 3 controller [pre-order]

This will be the shortest ever Big Three review ever.

Go and buy this. Now. You'll love it.

I've had a DS3 for a while now, and I have to tell you it is more assured than the SixAxis, feels better to play with, has a longer battery life and - of course - it vibrates.

This is a no-brainer. Click and buy. 'Nuff said.

3. Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Assuming this doesn't get put back again, BC: R should hit the PS Store during July.

A re-imagining of the original Bionic Commando (that we all know and love - and if you don't there's always Wikipedia), the guys at Capcom have finally hit PSN gold with this game after the terrible Rocketmen.

The graphics are still 2D, but with a next-gen feel that pops right out of the screen. Everything has a sheen of gloss that shows real care and attention have been lovingly poured into the game.

BC aficionados will revel in the levels they know so well, whilst new weapons and features make the game a new challenge for even the most ardent fan. Newbies on the other hand will realise just how great 2D platformers can be.

The other reason to get Bionic Commando: Rearmed? The price. We believe it will ship for only $9.99 (between £4.95 and £6.95 after Brits-pay-more tax), which is frankly ridiculous value.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

PlayStation Day 2008; European PS Store update for 6th May

As we revealed earlier today, there was going to be an additional update to celebrate the PlayStation Day event in London.

We knew about some of the items on the list, but were surprised to see the likes of High Velocity Bowling finally appear in Europe.

Here's the full list of items you can download today:


Blast Factor Advanced (£4.99)
High Velocity Bowling (£4.99)
Street Skater - PS1 game for PSP/PS3 (£3.49)

Demos (all free)

Condemned 2


High Velocity Bowling - Mike (£0.69)

Videos (all free)

Buzz! Quiz TV
Secret Agent Clank
Siren: Blood Curse
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
PS Day Showcase

Amongst all these updates you'll have noticed two name changes; one we knew about a few days ago, the other was announced today. Yes, Motorstorm 2 is officially subtitled Pacific Rift, and Siren: New Translation has been, erm, translated to Siren: Blood Curse.

Look out for another date as usual this Thursday.

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