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Monday, 20 October 2008

Dead Space's No Known Survivors Campaign Ends

And so No Known Survivors, EA's interactive marketing promotion for Dead Space, comes to an end. Encompassing two separate stories, interjected with a poignant interlude allowing us to reflect on one tale of misery before embarking on the next, the weekly updates have been fun and informative.

The cycle is now complete with "13"'s final chapter - "Primary Objective". Check out our previous posts if you're still catching up on the online "investigation" but, for those in the know, tub leader Gavin, set the task of "cleaning up" all knowledge of Ishimura's location and objective in last week's reveal, can now be seen in this denouement dutifully performing his responsibilities with the final murder.

Nothing to interact with this week and no aptitude test so we're assuming those of you who have already aced the previous mind-games should know soon enough whether a free copy of Dead Space will be on its way to your location.

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Monday, 13 October 2008

Dead Space's No Known Survivors update: Déjà-vu Edition

Well, we did say that the next episode was going to be released tomorrow.

Unlucky enough to have picked up the Ishimura's distress signal, murder and mayhem continues on board our favourite reconnaissance tub. The latest chapter now also adds some interesting back-story to the Dead Space mythos to the current mix of homicide and hijinks. Considering the "big reveal" might be considered a tad spoilerific we'll simply allude to the new information by coughing through words like "cover-up" and "intergalactic space conspiracy".

Be sure to check out the site yourself to unlock the secrets before the game hits on October 24th in Europe. Our US compadres of course can unravel the mystery right now.

Finally, for the welchers there's also a new fiendishly difficult aptitude exam to test your space-mettle. You can't expect them to just give the game away, can you?

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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Dead Space's "13" continues with "Unanticipated"

I'm going to just pretend that with each chapter in Dead Space's interactive web-campaign appearing every Monday we're dutifully bringing them to your attention on time. Considering we missed the first story arc completely and episode three is out tomorrow (or today, if you like to stay away from PS3 news on the weekends) this charade is thinly veiled of course but I'm hoping you'll forgive things like us here at PS3 Attitude taking a much needed vacation and play along.

Virgins of the macabre and malevolent occurrences inflicting the Ishimura should check out our first article and especially last week's inaugural episode to new story "13".

As previously predicted, Dennis has bought the space-farm; his wounds now seen in greater detail. We now also have an audio log of the tub-dwellers checking the distress beacon revealing something we missed completely from the first chapter: they're not on board the Ishimura at all. From listening to the file however, it would appear that the catastrophic effects are not isolated to just the planet-cracking ship orbiting Aegis 7.

Be sure to re-check Sally's video to witness its transformation into an R-rated Tarantino-esque twist of the original's innocent rendition.

There is also the usual new set of questions as part of the aptitude test where you could win a copy of the game for the console (or PC) of your choice. The first question: "Gavin victim number one" should be easy enough. He's sitting in the chair sporting a range of stab wounds and gets a mention above.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dead Space web-site updated with new tale of despair

It's a new week so it can only mean one thing. Ok, so it could mean a lot of things but when it comes to scaring the bejeezers out of people who are interested in EA's Dead Space we can only be referring to the No Known Survivors weekly update. For those who diligently checked yesterday (as instructed) you may have noticed an initial "Coming Soon" notice which was then replaced with an even less helpful black hole. Well, it's back up today and we've got some new content to consume.

As discussed previously, we are now entering the unnerving setting of the second episodic story of dismay and (if going by the first story is any indication) dismemberment on board the troubled mining ship Ishimura.

Story "13" starts today (though it might have been up late yesterday for you PST guys, let me know) and can be found by clicking on the fifth sector from the hub's navi-bar. Or, you know, you could always choose the mutated hand with the talon sticking out of its palm. Whatever takes your fancy.

The new chapter, subtitled "Tub Dwellers", presents new living quarters that mimics the previous habitat in at least one stylish interior design theme - it's also got a dead body in it. The recently departed is most likely "Dennis", one of the Ishimuru techs we meet in the accompanying video (found on the floor), and we're guessing the next three instalments will explain the events up to his untimely demise. Why not Stefan? Well, our supreme deduction skills couldn't help notice the occasional shout of "You killed Dennis!" when searching the environment - but we could be wrong.

Regarding the necessary sleuthing required, the majority of the content appears to be focused on a personal transmission sent from senior tech "Gavin" to his daughter Sally back on earth. Obviously exerting his authority on fellow shipmates (Dead) Dennis and Stefan, Gavin has managed to press gang them into also contributing to the message. The video ends with the distress beacon going off leaving you to investigate the aftermath.

A new episode also means a new aptitude test. Here are this week's questions:
  • Sally Song
  • Percentage Colony Staff with Sight Problems
  • Soft Drink Brand of Choice
  • Olympia Planitia Accommodation Costs
  • Randall Retirement Destination
  • Dr. Tom Sciarellos's Death Site
  • Gavin's Wife
  • Decipher Bulletin Board Encoded Message
Without spending more than five minutes in the abandoned(?) tub I can answer five straight off the bat. Remember, answer them all correctly and you're in line to win a copy of the game on the platform of your choice.

And don't forget: you need to be over 18 to check this out but, you knew we were going to say that.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Dead Space Web-site Officially Creeps Us Out

Have you been following the weekly updates up on Eh, yeah - neither have we. We reported some time ago about the Dead Space promotional site's emergence but since then we have been more focused on things like bans rather than the spooky events on board the Ishimura. Better late than never of course and we are now masochistically enjoying playing catch-up.

For you fellow late-comers out there: the evolving stories are presented over nine weeks with two separate tales of woe and dismemberment spanning four episodes each. The attentive of you will immediately note that this insinuates a missing episode. Correct, patrons of the Dead Space Grind-house double-bill will also be treated to an "intermission". Considering the freakiness of these stories we'd like to recommend this period become known as the "time to change your pants interlude".

The first misery-fest has now ended; a story of unreciprocated love onboard the Ishimura entitled "Misplaced Affection." We are hence now in the aforementioned moratorium with the next chilling tale ("13") to start on Monday the 29th of September.

As the stories are apparently linked, we'd recommend visiting the site and checking out the five available episodes in preparation for Monday's new instalment. Note: the site is somewhat experimental with each chapter taking the form of different content therefore you may uncover video, interactive media, dossiers and sound files to help you unravel the lamentable stories.

For those more interested in free swag there is also the ability to partake in some sci-fi sleuthing with the Ishimura Aptitude Test. With the answers to each of the chapters' brainteasers found scattered (literally) around each of the episodes, intrepid fact-finders can decipher the ongoing mystery and put themselves in the running for one of a hundred free copies of the game. You'll need to register (and be over 18) and considering the splash screen is a mélange of mutated body parts (and the prodigious amount of crying in the first story); we'd suggest also skipping breakfast.

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Friday, 5 September 2008

Japan says "Sayonara" to Dead Space as ban received (Germany and China too)

The recent release date shifts of Dead Space continues - but not in a good way. In fact, if you're reading this in Japan, Germany or China and have been looking forward to EA's sci-fi survival-horror dismember-athon, you might want to brace yourself. The release date in these countries has now moved to, well, never.

Destructoid seems to have the scoop on the ban, quoting Dead Space Community Manager Andrew Green that the gruesome antics onboard the bad-ship Ishimura have been banned outright in the aforementioned countries.

Details are still emerging and we'll put a call out to EA to see if they can comment with any further information as it's likely cuts to the game will enable an eventual release in these affected regions.

For the rest of us, expect to slice and dice alien scum on the 14th of October.


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Monday, 1 September 2008

Get ready to aboard Ishimura one week earlier

How many times have companies let you down by postponing the release of an anticipated game? Let me guess; Countless. Well, get ready for (maybe) a world first! Dead Space is going to hit the stores one week earlier. It's not a prank, it's a fact. Instead of October 31st, we will have the chance to enter USG Ishimura at the 24th.

According to EA, while the PS3 version will be available at the 24th, the PC version will be released at the original release date (31st). But you don't care about that, right? Come to think about it, you probably stopped reading three sentences ago...

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Dead Space's site is up and running

We all know that Dead Space is gonna kick some major "butt". Action-horror fans have already put it in their "To Buy List", and so should you (Survival Horror games addict, speaking).

Anyway, the new site of Dead Space goes by the name No Known Survivors and is open for business. Although its design and features look a little "primitive", EA assured us that the site will take its final form a few days before Dead Space's release in October (that's 21st for USA and 31st for Europe).

To sum up, be sure to check it out, but watch for the head... (you'll see what I'm talking about...)

WARNING: It is advised that you're over 18 to visit the site. (yeah, right...)

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dead Space will cost you an arm and a leg

Dead Space is one of those games that has always looked intriguing/scary, but this latest trailer explaining the process of 'strategic dismemberment' increases the interest/fright level further.

As the softly spoken voiceover explains, unlike other shooters you can't just hit these enemies in the head to put them down. Nope. In fact, shooting them will just change their approach to you and probably upset them even further.

So what do you do? You tear them apart - limb by limb.

Watch the video below for the kind of advice your mother didn't give you...

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