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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

PlayStation Day 2008; European PS Store update for 6th May

As we revealed earlier today, there was going to be an additional update to celebrate the PlayStation Day event in London.

We knew about some of the items on the list, but were surprised to see the likes of High Velocity Bowling finally appear in Europe.

Here's the full list of items you can download today:


Blast Factor Advanced (£4.99)
High Velocity Bowling (£4.99)
Street Skater - PS1 game for PSP/PS3 (£3.49)

Demos (all free)

Condemned 2


High Velocity Bowling - Mike (£0.69)

Videos (all free)

Buzz! Quiz TV
Secret Agent Clank
Siren: Blood Curse
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
PS Day Showcase

Amongst all these updates you'll have noticed two name changes; one we knew about a few days ago, the other was announced today. Yes, Motorstorm 2 is officially subtitled Pacific Rift, and Siren: New Translation has been, erm, translated to Siren: Blood Curse.

Look out for another date as usual this Thursday.

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Friday, 18 April 2008

Siren: New Translation revealed; we were spot on...

Let the gloating begin!

Whilst many people were calling the SCEJ teaser site out as the next Silent Hill or even Heavy Rain, we did our research and revealed it as the teaser for Siren 3.

The countdown has now completed and, sure enough, 'Siren: New Translation' has been revealed. Of course, we knew that was the official name too after Famitsu helpfully printed some screens and details of the title a day after our news.

The game is dubbed 'New Translation' as it is effectively a remake of the original Siren title, so those of you in the Western world that never got to see Forbidden Siren 2 (all Siren games are known as Forbidden Siren over here) shouldn't worry too much. It's not like they're doing a sequel to a game you've never seen!

The teaser site reveals that a 550Mb demo will be available to play on the Japanese PS Store on 25th April.

There is also a debut trailer. Given the movie is in WMV format, we've set up a direct link to the Siren trailer - you need to have Windows Media Player or another WMV-compatible player available.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

[UPDATE] Forbidden Siren 3; SCEJ launches teaser site

We're going to go ahead and call this one.

The blood red teaser site that has appeared on the SCEJ website is for Forbidden Siren 3. If it turns out we're wrong, we'll eat our video-tape copy of Ringu.

Why are we so sure?

The countdown is exactly the same design and style as in the previous games. And there's lots of blood. Oh, and it has been nearly 18 months since hearing anything about the title, not to mention the development schedule points to the marketing machine starting anytime around now.

Anyhow - come back in 58 hours from now and we'll see if our next task is picking the winner in the 3:15 at Epsom or not.

[UPDATE] Additional evidence in. The symbol on the far right of the teaser is the Japanese さ which would be the first letter of either Siren (as it is known in Japan; Forbidden Siren is a US/EU title) or Silent Hill. The sounds that play in the background are the same as the sounds that play in the original Siren game. Oh, and Famitsu have just printed details of the new Siren game too in their magazine. It's Siren 3 for sure - formally known as Siren: New Translation.

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