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Monday, 25 August 2008

More Accolades as LittleBigPlanet wins Best PS3 game at Leipzig

Have you been following Danny D's reviews of the gaming extravaganza that was GC in Leipzig? We sure hope so.

All-in-all GC was a good show from Sony as we witnessed some new and intriguing innovations heading our way in the near future. And though we were way off with our over-zealous predict-o-meter, the convention was generally viewed as a positive (though not earth-shattering) showing for the PlayStation brand.

As is the tradition of all such shindigs, the organisers of Leipzig spent some time roaming the halls, clip-boards in hand, and then promptly locked themselves in a secluded hideaway (read: probably a German bar), turning off all phones and debating into the wee hours of the night. After hours of toil (and German swearing) they finally emerged into the sunlight to bestow accolades on the gaming wares so flagrantly flaunted on the aforementioned convention floor.

We're not going to delve into the full list (as there was obviously a lot of non-PS3 related awards imparted) but here's some of the Sony-centric honours that might tickle your fancy.
  • Best PS3 Game: LittleBigPlanet (You do not win a prize if you predicted this one)

  • Best Hardware: PlayTV

  • Best PSP Game: Resistance: Retribution

  • Best PS2 Game: Too few entrants; no award (Huh?)
Interestingly, and in what can only be seen as a declaration of non-aggression, there is no overall best in show award thus preventing an exclusive from one console taking the coveted title of "Best of Leipzig". In fact, the categories are pretty much locked to each console. While obviously quite magnanimous (everyone gets to be a winner!) we expect this peaceful gesture to be merely a temporary armistice in the perpetual console war.

Two other points of interest: the best Xbox360 game on display is not a 360 exclusive (put down your torches, this is just an observation) and Fallout 3 was unceremoniously snubbed. This is despite the German public having gone insane for Bethesda flavoured RPGs in the past and the post-apocalyptic sequel garnering universal extolment at every other gathering of gamers known to man. Apparently it was considered but was beaten at the line by "other games". Who'd have thought?

Check the link below for some more details.

Source: Edge Online.

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Monday, 18 August 2008

Behold the Halls of Leipzig

The last time this writer went to Germany he nearly crashed a very expensive (and very rented) Mercedes by driving up the "wrong" side of the autobahn so feelings about this week's GC, currently kicking off in Leipzig, are of a "Will admire from afar" kinda nature.

That's not to say we won't be covering the event and (dare I say it) we may even have a few PS3Attitude spies roaming the halls and sending back news to Attitude HQ. Of course, we understand not everyone is going to be able to visit Germany to witness the electronic overload glory that is GC. With this in mind, we're hoping the images posted on the official GC blog of some of the superbly constructed game areas might sate your appetite for German based gaming conference delights. Apart from the above LittleBigPlanet display we're also thinking that the Killzone 2 area looks very appealing.

Check out the pics and the site in general for more information about Europe's answer to E3. We've already covered what we think might be announced at this year's conference so make sure to check back regularly this week as the news arrives thick and fast to see how accurate we were. (No pressure Captain Panda!)

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