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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Leipzig is dead, according to Gamescom organiser

Ever heard of Gamescom? Well, you do now. Some rather shocking news have made their appearance the last few hours. According to a statement released by the organiser of the new BIU-backed show, the Cologne based event (Gamescom) will "replace" Leipzig Games Convention. I used quotation marks on the word replace, because both events are probably going to take place. The organiser just says that Gamescom is going to be the next key European event in 2009.

Even though Leipzig was a huge success -attracting more than 200,000 people-, BIU (aka German Publisher Association) has decided to support economically only Gamescom for the year 2009.

But, let's see what Oliver P.Kuhrt (managing director of Gamescom's organizer Koelnmesse) had to say in his statement:

"It was to be expected that the Leipzig trade fair would try to keep the topic in its 2009 programme as well by announcing its date. But they will have to do it without the industry for the most part. The lead trade fair will take place in Cologne in 2009 and beyond."

"From Leipzig we are bringing the clear message that the games industry will be exhibiting in 2009 in Cologne at Gamescom. We have met with broad approval, and the industry is looking forward to gathering in Cologne. Whatever happens in Germany in 2009 outside of Cologne cannot claim to represent this sector."

Koelnmesse, has even confirmed the date that the event will take place. It's opening date is September 9th and the "new European games platform for the international games community" -as Koelnmesse termed it- will remain open until the 13th of September.

Mr. Kuhrt continued with the statement: "The trade visitors area in Halls 4 and 5 at the Cologne exhibition centre is the new communication and trading platform for the international games industry."

"Designed as a compact unit, the area offers the participants from trade and industry, media and development optimal conditions that will allow them to enter into dialogue with one another."

What do you guys think? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Will having two rival shows taking place at roughly the same time eventually result in what happened in UK a few years back?

[Source: MCV]

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