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Monday, 20 October 2008

Mega Man 9 DLC: If You Didn't Die Enough Edition

Hitting the PSN Store for download this Thursday will be more downloadable content for Mega Man 9. This time around will be 3 extra modes:

  • Hard Mode – Dubbed Hero Mode in Japan, this mode enables you to play the entire game on an increased difficulty level with alternate enemy distribution and spawning points. Hard Mode is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges Modes.
  • Expert Mode – Dubbed Super Hero Mode Japan, this mode represents the apex of Mega Man 9 difficulty settings and is not for the novice Mega Man 9 player. This mode triples the level of difficulty from the default Mega Man 9 game. Expert Mode is not compatible with Rankings or Challenges Modes.
  • Special Time Attack Stage – This DLC gives you an additional stage for Time Attack Mode, complete with an all new level and Robot Master Boss, “Fake Man.” Similar in difficulty to the Wily Stages, players will have a fun time tackling this time sensitive competitive stage. Special Time Attack Stage is not compatible with Challenge Mode
So for those of you who think the game was too easy to begin with, then this content is for you. Me, I'm happy with its current difficulty.

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Monday, 6 October 2008

Proto Man Joins Mega Man 9 This Week

I woke up this morning with news from Capcom that Proto Man will be joining the Blue Bomber this week in the form of Downloadable Content. The red, shield wielding robot has quite a few tricks up his sleeve as well. With the ability charge his shot, slide, and even deflect bullets with his shield, Proto Man is looking like a pretty sweet option. He does, however, have his disadvantages. If hit, he takes double the damage and has double bounce back. Come on, you didn't think Capcom would make it that easy, would you?

Also included in the DC is a new mode, Endless Attack. In it, you must use all your skills to stay alive as long as possible in a single stage. Records can be seen in the Rankings page. The content is scheduled to hit the PSN this Thursday, October 9th so keep your eye out for it. It is also to appear on the Wii today and XBLA on the 7th. Looks like it's going to be good week for Mega Man fans. 

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