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Saturday, 27 October 2007

GameCity 07; Nobi Nobi Boy technical demo

Live from GameCity 07 in Nottingham; before we get into the strange tale of Takahashi and the keynote speech, I thought you would like to actually see the technical demo of Nobi Nobi Boy.

Now we know Nobi Nobi Boy is definitely a PS3 exclusive, it will be interesting to see how the mechanics are translated into an actual game. Whilst Takahashi himself was guarded about the actual goals of the title (or maybe he just doesn't know yet!) I have my own ideas.

In the demo, you'll see you have the ability to 'stretch' and move the Boy around objects. He can jump in the air, move both sides of his body independently (one end on the left analogue stick, the other end on the right stick) and can swallow items and push them out of the other end - seriously!

My guess is that we'll be moving animals and other objects around a 3D environment by corralling them or 'eating' them only to spit them out in another place. Only time will tell.

Anyway - enjoy the video. The audio may not be the greatest, but the part where we are all laughing out loud was where Takahashi wanted two players from the crowd to form an 'N' with him on the screen and, for some reason, those other players just couldn't manage it!

By the way, YouTube screwed up my video upload, so here's someone else's from Hey ho...

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GameCity 07; Takahashi confirms Nobi Nobi Boy is a PS3 exclusive

Live from GameCity 07 in Nottingham; I've just been in the most bizarre keynote speech ever.

There will be a full write up once I've unscrambled my brain and once YouTube has uploaded the video of the technical demo, but in the meantime here's the news I was expecting (and the main reason I gambled on coming 250 miles to Nottingham).

Takahashi-san's next game after finishing with the Katamari Damacy series, Nobi Nobi Boy, will be on the PS3 only.

I can't describe the game mechanics through words alone. It's too bizarre, and strangely a lot of fun although what we saw had no real environment to speak of. The video will be up soon, and you'll be able to see for yourself.

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