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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

April Competition; win our swag!

It's the first competition of the year at PS3 Attitude, and we promise you it won't be the last.

During Live we collected a load of swag from all the nice people exhibiting there. Some of it you may have received in your goodie bag if you went along to the event, but we managed to secure some additional items that were held back for VIPs only.

Now is your chance to walk away with over 2Kg of prime swag in our competition.

You have questions, I can tell. Here are the answers...

How do I enter the competition?

Simple. All you have to do to for a chance of winning is sign up for our email update. Click the 'Email' button on the left sidebar, enter your details and then confirm you want to sign up in the verification email that you'll receive.

Then, when you get your next email update (which goes out at around 11:00 a.m. UK time each day) you'll see confirmation that you have entered.

Only 'verified' email subscribers will be entered. That means if you sign up and don't see a verification email appear soon after in your inbox, check your spam folder. Adding news [at] ps3attitude [dot] com to your 'whitelist' or contact list will also help.

What if I'm an RSS subscriber?

That's fine - please continue to subscribe to our RSS feed. It is your way of staying in touch with the news as it happens, since the RSS feed updates each time we send out a story.

But to enter the competition, you need to subscribe to our daily email summary by following the instructions above.

What if I already subscribe via email?

You are automatically entered into this and all future PS3 Attitude competitions! If you stay subscribed, you'll gain a place in every future giveaway.

What is the prize?

One lucky email subscriber (picked at random by our 'supercomputer') will win over 2Kg of swag including:

From Ubisoft - an environmentally friendly cloth bag (not pictured)
From Codemasters - a Lord of the Rings leather bracelet; an exclusive magnetic paperweight
From SanDisk - a baseball cap; a lanyard; a pen (not pictured); a Ducati T-Shirt
From - 2 x Ratatouille keyrings, a 'Spooks' book; 'Ice Age' Extreme Cool Edition DVD
From THQ - Stuntman Ignition metal number plate; Conan mini-comic

Who is the competition open to?

All PS3 Attitude email subscribers worldwide.

When will the winner be chosen?

We'll be picking a single winner from the current list of email subscribers on 5th May 2008. The prize will be sent out within 28 days of the 5th May 2008.

What does all this swag look like?

Click through to our gallery below for some artily blurry and overexposed pictures of all the key components.

Good luck, and look out for an even bigger competition coming this May!

April Competition 2008

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Monday, 17 March 2008 Live 08; photos and final thoughts

If you didn't manage to follow the show coverage over the weekend, you can catch up here:

We have two more articles in us about this years Live 08. Let's get one of them off our chest right now.

The photos from the show are now available in a slideshow below. If you hover over the bottom-left corner of the slideshow and click the name of the show, it'll take you to the PS3 Attitude account at Picasa Web, where you can see high-resolution versions of the pictures.

Our final thoughts? Let's categorise them as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

The great people at and Hill & Knowlton for their support
Race Driver: GRID actual gameplay video
Far Cry 2 demonstration and our exclusive developer interview
Playable previews, including Soul Calibur IV, Haze, The Bourne Conspiracy and others
The racing pods for GT5: Prologue on the Sony stand
Buzz! for PS3 (what a laugh!)

The Bad

No Ghostbusters playable demo despite advertising it would be available
Venue was too small for 20,000 people
If you don't like hot dogs, you were out of luck for lunch options
No Street Fighter IV or Bionic Commando playable demos
Complete lack of new title information, but then it is March so that's no surprise (the show would be better in June next year!)

The Ugly

Being battered by every single passer by
The smell of 20,000 people in a hot room
When Soul Calibur IV crashed for the first time in the middle of the £20,000 final (being played on the Xbox 360 version, naturally)
Losing all our chips in the Rainbox Six Vegas 2 casino in less than three minutes

Thanks again to all the people that helped make Live 08 what it was. The UK is in need of a single show that can rival the likes of Leipzig, so hopefully they'll go from strength to strength in the future.

Look out for our final Live 08 article later this week - you won't want to miss it.

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Sunday, 16 March 2008 Live 08; Day Two wrap-up

As you're blissfully aware of by now, PS3 Attitude were at Live 08 to cover the event and find out as much as possible about forthcoming PS3 titles as we could.

Day Two saw much of the same action as Day One. The fact is, the show was relatively small. Having said that, this was the first ever Live event and I'm sure they'll take feedback from this to ensure it's better in years to come. The UK certainly needs a single retail event right now.

We did get a chance to look round the areas we missed on the first day, which included watching the video footage of Ghostbusters and Prototype. Unfortunately, neither title was available to play. Vivendi did, however, have the Bourne Conspiracy for gamers to get their hands on. The people I spoke to were impressed with the gameplay, which combines close-quarters combat with third-person shooting and driving.

We also finally got a chance to play with GT5: Prologue properly using the new Logitech wheel. Playing the London track in a new Mini, the graphics are as stunning as you'd all expect. It's the wheel that really grabbed me. The accuracy and feedback you get from the steering wheel is almost perfect. If only the pedals had a little more 'bite' to them...

The highlight of the day for us was interviewing Patrick and L-P about Far Cry 2. Out of everything we saw at the show, this title really impressed us the most. We'll have much more on this survival-FPS in the not-too-distant future.

We haven't mentioned the additional entertainment across both days. There were number of great music acts on across the event. On the first day, Vincent Vincent and the Villains were great, as were 'headliners' We Are Scientists today. In addition there were loads of competitions with over £90k worth of prizes up for grabs, and to promote FIFA Street 3 EA brought in a World Record street football juggler doing the most insane keepy-uppy tricks I've seen. And of course there were the usual array of unnervingly good looking people giving out bags of goodies to the punters.

So - Live is over for this year. There will be more from us over the next couple of days, so keep checking back. We have a stack of pictures and an extra video to put up, plus we'll be running a little competition for all our readers.

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Saturday, 15 March 2008 Live 08; Day One wrap-up

Wembley Stadium played host to the inaugural Live show today, with another day of the event coming tomorrow.

PS3 Attitude were there to cover the event and whilst there was a lack of items we felt needed 'live' updates, there were some highlights for PS3 fans.

The bottom floor of the event was almost exclusively Xbox 360 hardware. And yet there were still new builds of multi-platform products to be played. The latest Soul Calibur IV was there and looks very slick indeed.

Playing as one of three characters - Taki, Cassandra or Mitsurugi - it is exactly what you would expect from a Soul Calibur title. Only this time the graphics have taken a real ramp up since the PS2 incarnation. Everything looks pixel perfect.

Rainbox Six Vegas 2 was also present and was another title that seemed to deliver exactly what was expected of it. A straight sequel, and whilst that's not a bad thing it also doesn't appear on the surface to bring anything new to the franchise.

Moving upstairs marked the shift from white to black as everything became PS3-oriented. Immediately to the right was the Rock Band setup from EA. With still no release date for the UK, I was surprised at the skill of some of the players, the best of which were chosen to battle on the music stage later in the day for a complete Rock Band kit each.

Sony's stand was very well put together with some impressive 'pods' set up for GT5: Prologue. Around the driving area Sony had a number of screens showing videos from LittleBigPlanet and God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP. In addition, they had playable demos of Time Crisis 4 and the new Buzz! game.

We covered Time Crisis 4's FPS functionality earlier today. In the standard game mode it doesn't offer anything new, but the new GunCon 3 is a remarkable piece of equipment that we expect will be made use of in the future to much better effect.

Buzz! now comes with wireless controllers, although your old wired ones will do just fine. The game has taken a real step up graphically as you'd expect, but the new game modes are a lot more fun and I can see this version being a massive hit for families. I played against three other players (and won with 5,000 points - woo hoo!) and it really helped me to forget just how much my feet were hurting!

The latest build of Haze was also available to play upstairs and although it doesn't look like it has graphically moved on from the build of Haze we played at GameCity, it's still as exciting to us as before. In the deluge of FPS titles available for the PS3, I can see Haze being one of those that raises its head above the rest. The responses I got from other players seemed to suggest they thought so too.

Capcom showed the Street Fighter IV trailer and had Lost Planet set up to play, so I'm afraid we didn't spend much time with that.

On the third floor were a few third-party stands, such as the memory manufacturer SanDisk and Corgi, who had light sabres and other merchandise for sale. I was fortunate enough to meet my favourite ever Dr. Who - Tom Baker - who was being as effervescent as ever. On the next stand was Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame who I shared a few comedy moments with.

The e-sports section of the show saw one lucky PES 2008 player walk away with £50,000 in cold, hard cash. The Soul Calibur IV competition had a Dodge car as the prize. Certainly seemed to have lined up some pretty decent prizes for their first show, and it's good to see e-sports becoming more serious and gaining better rewards.

The two outstanding moments for me were the actual gameplay video from Codemasters of Race Driver: GRID, and the demonstration from the guys who are making Far Cry 2.

Race Driver: GRID looks amazing, but it is the little things that make a difference. The environments you race in and the detail in the crowd and surroundings are superb, but also subtle. Unlike some racing games I've played, the crowd don't all move in unison as if they're connected by a metal rod, and they're not cardboard cut outs either. It's this subtlety that makes all the difference.

Far Cry 2 will be coming to the PS3, and it looks like a serious step up for FPS titles. The real selling point is the natural weather and enemy AI. Virtual wind blows the palm fronds (which are all destructible) and also allows you to set fires that blow towards your enemies, helping you gain cover and create a distraction. The world (which is 50Km in size!) gradually moves through a 24-hour cycle. If you spend long enough, you'll see the sun set. If you want to perform a mission at night, you can sleep for a while and tackle it in the dark.

We'll have more on Race Driver: GRID and Far Cry 2 in the near future.

So - on to Day Two. We'll cover anything that needs a quick update live from the show, but come back same time, same place tomorrow for a wrap-up.

Labels: , , , , , , , , , , Live 08; Time Crisis 4 FPS gameplay

Direct from Live 08, we have exclusive footage of the FPS gameplay feature in Time Crisis 4.

Whilst the game has received lukewarm reception in recent previews, the FPS mode is certainly a novel feature.

The GunCon 3, in it's orange blazing glory, has a whole host of buttons and a thumb-stick on the back that allows you to look around, strafe, jump, reload and change weapons, as well as operating items such as doors.

It looks awkward to begin with, but feels fairly natural after a short time. What will make this much more fun is the online multi-player, which is expected to support up to 10 players.

The reviews from elsewhere may not have been too complimentary, but the FPS function may well save the day.

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Tuesday, 4 March 2008 Live '08; Gemma Atkinson and Iain Lee announced as presenters Live is a new event for UK gamers that will take over Wembley Stadium on March 15th and 16th. And as you'd expect, PS3 Attitude will be there to cover the event.

Today, announced the line-up for the event which includes 'TV babe' Gemma Atkinson and Virgin Radio presenter Iain Lee. The pair (ahem) will be presenting and hosting the event, which also includes a number of music acts.

The fantastic line-up of artists performing includes Elliot Minor, the brilliant We Are Scientists and will be the home of the stars with celebrity appearances by Jamie Cullum, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Lee Sharpe.

The event will also have numerous competitions and feature all the latest video games, with exclusive launches and first-looks, plus movie trailers from this year’s biggest films.

All the major video games companies, including Sega, Electronic Arts (EA), Activision, Microsoft, THQ and Ubisoft will be showcasing their hits for 2008.

New releases such as LEGO Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Condemed 2, Sega Superstar Tennis, Rock Band, LittleBigPlanet and DeBlob are just a few of the exciting titles that will be there to try out.

Tickets cost just £6 per adult and £3 for children and can be purchased through They are available to buy for a morning or afternoon visit to the show on either day or you can buy VIP weekend tickets for £16.

Check back on PS3 Attitude during the 15th and 16th for live updates.

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