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Friday, 10 October 2008

TGS 08: New Prince of Persia Trailer

Ubisoft has provided us with a new trailer for the upcoming Prince of Persia due out in December. Watch in slow motion as the Prince and his new lady friend jump, slide, and fight baddies. Every time something new comes along I am amazed as how visually beautiful it is. And here's the answer before you ask. The song is Breathe Me by Sia. Admit it, you wanted to know...

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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Prince of Persia: New Screenshots

Ubisoft have released some fantastic looking screenshots for Prince of Persia, take a look and see what's in store for us in December.

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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Prince will be vistiting us in December

Remember some Ubisoft's statements saying that Prince of Persia will get released before the end of the year? Well, we're in for a treat! Prince's (and Elika's) latest adventure is going to be available December 2nd for America and December 4th for Europe.

It may sound strange, but the UK release has been postponed for one day and it will eventually hit the shelves December 5th.

With so many games coming out this Fall/Winter, it will be extremely difficult to choose what to buy. Without a doubt, Prince of Persia is one of my future purchases.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

European PS Store update for 26th June

So, you downloaded the MGS Database from the US or Japanese stores and then realised it doesn't recognise your PAL game save data, huh?

Fear no more, as the EU version of the database wings its merry way onto our PS3s in today's update.

We also get the Commando 3 demo, a free WoW track for GH III, a new character for PAIN and Pursuit Force for the PSP.

There's a whole lot more PAIN content coming over the next few weeks, with new areas to smash through and additional characters, so 'Nigel' is just the beginning.

Here's the full list:


Metal Gear Solid Database (free)
Pursuit Force - full PSP game (£14.99)

Demos (all free)

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3


Guitar Hero III - World of Warcraft track pack (free)
PAIN - Nigel character pack (£0.69)

Videos (all free)

Call of Duty: World at War trailer
Prince of Persia trailer
PAIN Characters trailer
Prince Caspian movie trailer

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Thursday, 29 May 2008

European PS Store update for 29th May

It has been one of the titles that we feel has been held back for far too long, especially since the US version gained an update that allowed you to select various languages over a month ago, but Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is finally here.

In addition, there's an Army of Two map pack, Rayman (PS1) and MediEvil Resurrection (PSP).

Here's the full list:


Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (£6.99)
Rayman - PS1 game for PS3/PSP (£3.49)
MediEvil Resurrection - PSP game (£14.99)


Army of Two Veteran map pack (free)

Videos (all free)

Metal Gear Solid 4 - E3 Trailer
Overlord - Trailer
Super Stardust HD - Solo & Teamplay Trailer

Wallpapers & Themes (all free)

PixelJunk Monsters wallpaper
Prince of Persia wallpaper (x2)

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

New Prince of Persia trailer

The next Prince of Persia game is certainly turning heads, with it's cel-shaded graphics that have split opinion amongst fans of the series.

Now, the team behind the game have create this trailer, which reveals a new sidekick for the Prince and some slick, co-operative fighting.

Personally, I think the art direction is fantastic and if the game plays as well as the trailer would suggest, we're all in for a treat.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Prince of Persia movie; Gyllenhaal and Arterton sign up

Time after time we've seen some of our favourite video game franchises mauled and molested by the likes of Uwe Boll and others.

It comes as no surprise to us when struggling actors allow themselves to risk their reputation by signing up for a video game movie. So imagine how we felt when we saw that none other than Oscar-winning Jake Gyllenhaal has put his neck on the line for the forthcoming Prince of Persia film.

Along with the arrival of cast member Gemma Arterton (pictured), the film is being put together by Jerry Bruckheimer and is apparently directed by Mike Newell, so there is a fair chance that it might actually not suck!

You can expect to see the Prince show his Sands of Time at cinemas in 2009.

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