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Thursday, 16 October 2008

TGS; Sony keynote wrap-up - speech videos

As usual there were a number of sites 'live-blogging' the TGS keynote speech from Sony. We didn't get a chance to do that this year, but since TGS finished we've been surprised at the lack of video coverage available.

So what better than featuring the entire keynote in four bite-able chunks courtesy of our friends at GameVideos?

Enjoy the keynote and tell us what you think of Sony's efforts in the comments...

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Friday, 10 October 2008

TGS 08: New Prince of Persia Trailer

Ubisoft has provided us with a new trailer for the upcoming Prince of Persia due out in December. Watch in slow motion as the Prince and his new lady friend jump, slide, and fight baddies. Every time something new comes along I am amazed as how visually beautiful it is. And here's the answer before you ask. The song is Breathe Me by Sia. Admit it, you wanted to know...

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

TGS; Tecmo announce Quantum Theory

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Tecmo is currently developing a third-person shooter called Quantum Theory.

Until now, all we know about the game is that the main hero's name is Sid (aka "Dark Hero" and "Black Destroyer"), while the female hero hears to the name of Filerna (aka "White Rebel").

We shall know more about Quantum Theory over the next few days, hopefully during Tokyo Game Show 2008 (9-12th October).


The TGS trailer is out, so let's have a look at it.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

11 never-before-announced PS3 games at TGS

According to Famitsu, Sony are due to announce 11 new games at TGS this year.

Of these titles, 9 are from SCE themselves with the other two coming from Konami and IREM.

In addition, Famitsu say that 3 previously unknown PSP titles will also feature in the run of announcements.

Sites across the 'net are already speculating as to what the never-before-mentioned titles may be, and many are expecting 'that secret project' - previously alluded to by a BBC reporter - to be one of the revealed projects.

So what does everyone think will be included? Bearing in mind this is TGS, and so SCEJ projects will feature highly, it doesn't mean that everything announced will ever make it to Europe or the US. Afrika, anyone?

Use the comments to speculate away...

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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Rumours around Kingdom Hearts 3

TGS (aka RPG lovers' Heaven) is about one month away and rumours around Square Enix's famous Action-RPG are beggining to show up.

According to Official PlayStation Magazine, Sora's new adventure is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Furthermore, OPSM stated that the development has reached a satisfying level.

Rumours or not? I guess we'll find out in about one month from now at TGS, where Kingdom Hearts 3 is to be revealed to the public.

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Thursday, 20 September 2007

TGS 2007; White Knight Story reminds me of South Park


Watch the new gameplay footage of White Knight Story below, and then tell me if the first four minutes don't remind you of the famous World of Warcraft episode of South Park where Cartman and the gang decide to kill boars for two months to gain experience points!

You'll see what I mean.

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TGS 2007; GT5 Prologue trailer looks as good as ever

A new trailer for GT5 Prologue has been released at the Tokyo Games Show, and frankly it looks just like all the other trailers for GT5 Prologue have been remixed into this one.

Not that this is a bad thing - GT5 Prologue is looking mighty good.

Good to see at the end of the trailer an official release date and price. GT5 Prologue hits Japan on the 13th December via Bluray and PS Store download, and will cost around 4,500 Yen (about £19.50).

Check out the trailer below, or visit the PS3 Attitude YouTube Channel for this and many other PS3 videos.

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TGS 2007; Afrika finally rears it's head again

After a long period of 'no news', the beautiful Afrika is finally back with us.

One of the standout 'launch' teasers, Afrika had disappeared off the radar until now.

Now we're finally blessed with an official website for Afrika and a new trailer.

The new trailer doesn't offer much to explain the gameplay but it sure looks pretty...

My bet is going to be on 'running around taking pictures of the animals to tick off a list of photography goals'. Kind of like Fatal Frame but rated E for Everyone.

Anyhow, take a look for yourself if you have Windows Media Player installed.

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TGS 2007; PSP Remote Play will turn your PS3 on, baby!

In the future, according to Kaz Hirai in his keynote speech, the PSP Remote Play feature will be able to turn the PS3 on and off.

This is an excellent new addition and really ought to be in the firmware before PlayTV comes out.


Imagine wanting to watch your favourite TV shows on holiday but you have to leave one member of the family behind to switch the PS3 on and set it in Remote Play for you!

Hirai also mentioned that in the future many PSPs will be able to connect to one PS3 and use it as a hub whilst other PS3s connect to that hub to watch the action.

The future looks good for the PSP and PS3 working together in a much more sensible and connected way.

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TGS 2007; Home delayed until 2008

We pondered where the development of Playstation Home had got to the other day and suggested that it might hit in November.

Well, looks like that second round of bug fixes are going to take a little longer to work out of the system since Mr. Hirai has now said that Home will not appear until Spring 2008.

I'm not massively surprised that Home is going to be delayed. In fact I was expecting it. But a six-month delay is quite a lot more than I was expecting.

Especially given the news that the core download is smaller than before and that you can download new areas. I was expecting that to be Sony's way of getting something out before Christmas.

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TGS 2007; Dual Shock 3 confirmed

As we reported yesterday after IGN's reporters got a 'bit of a shock' whilst playing Burnout Paradise, Kaz Hirai has confirmed the release of the Dual Shock 3.

Personally, I preferred the name 'SixShock', but there you go.

The new controller comes out in Japan in November but, as usual, we have to wait for it over here in the UK as it won't arrive until Spring 2008.

At least we now know it's coming, right? We should be happy about that... I suppose...

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

TGS 2007 begins; let's get ready to rumble!

The Tokyo Game Show is in full swing right now, and we're expecting a lot of wonderful PS3 news and announcement over the next few days.

So it was fun to hear that when playing the latest build of Burnout Paradise, IGN felt something vibrating in their hands (ooh err missus).

Whilst the controller they were using looked just like a standard SixAxis (although reportedly somewhat heavier), it had a sticker stating 'rumble' on it and seemed to be a prototype for the much reported SixShock/RumbleAxis/DualShock3/Whatever PS3 controller.

Does this mean we expect to get an official announcement regarding the new controller at TGS 07? You bet we do! We're waiting with baited breath, Mr. Hirai.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

TGS 07 nearly here; Top 10 most anticipated games have created a montage of the Top 10 most anticipated games at the Tokyo Games Show this year.

Included in the Top 10 for the PS3 are:

Devil May Cry 4
Last Remnant
Soul Calibur IV
White Knight Story (PS3 Exclusive)
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 Exclusive)
Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3 Exclusive)
Resident Evil 5

So, 70% of the Top 10 according to Gametrailers are on the PS3, and 30% of them are exclusives. Not bad, wouldn't you say?!

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Friday, 14 September 2007

Trailer for PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3 Kenzan

We learnt the other day that Yakuza 3 will be announced as a PS3 exclusive at TGS, and now we have stumbled across the TGS trailer that will be shown at the convention later this month.

It looks like it's going to be an epic in the style of the Onimusha series, with the story taking place in 17th century Japan.

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Friday, 7 September 2007

Star Ocean 4 a PS3 exclusive; new sites go live

Ahead of the hotly anticipated Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix have announced two new Star Ocean PSP titles and Star Ocean 4. The new Star Ocean 4 portals are up and running as I write this.

According to the usually very reliable, Star Ocean 4 will be a PS3 exclusive, with the official word to be announced at TGS later this month.

We're still smarting from the one time we printed a rumour and it was wrong, but it looks like this one will stick...

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