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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Valkyria Chronicles Demo On The Way

I'm really excited today because Sega Europe have announced the release of a Valkyria Chronicles demo to the PSN on of 9th October. The demo will feature two playable levels and will give us just enough time to get drawn into the RPG goodness before the release of the main game on of 14th November.

For more information on the game check out

Here's a video of the gameplay to keep you occupied until the demo hits the PSN

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

A new trailer of Valkyria Chronicles

God bless Leipzig! Since the convention opened its doors, we've been bombarded with news about games (and not only)! But, let's cut to the chase. A new trailer for Sega's upcoming title Valkyria Chronicles, has made its appearance.

As I've mentioned before, Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical JRPG, which successfully manages to mix real time combat with RPG elements. It's also a PS3 exclusive; no kidding. It seems Microsoft didn't get the chance to "time-exclusive" it (stop it, James!).

For those who are really interested in this game, you can watch the embed video and -in case you missed it- read some more details about Valkyria Chronicles, here.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Valkyria Chronicles hits the shelves Nov. 11

Sega's Japanese tactical role-playing game is visiting the US, in November 11. Strangely, no word yet about the European release date. But, if is to be believed, Europe is getting it 3 days later, on November 14.

In addition, Christopher Kaminski (associate producer) gave some details about the game. As he told Siliconera, the DLC (downloadable content) that the Japanese are currently enjoying, won't be included in the retail version; A future DLC maybe?

Wait, you haven't heard the "BIG" announcement yet. J-RPG lovers (like me), you better sit somewhere before hearing this (what am I talking about; I haven't seen anyone "surfing" while he's standing). Japanese voice-over will be available as an in-game option! Now, how cool is that?

[Source: PS3 Fanboy]

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