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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

inFamous and PROTOTYPE go head to head

inFamous and PROTOTYPE - two titles headed for your PS3 in 2009, and both are looking scarily similar to each other.

Let's take a look at the similarities and the potential differences in both games.

We'll get the silly one out of the way first. Both titles have capitalisation in the wrong places within their titles. inFamous is stressing the F indicating that the choices you make in the game will cause either fame or infamy. PROTOTYPE is going all out and is simply shouting in your face. Because we don't like being shouted at, inFamous wins this round.

inFamous - 1

inFamous and PROTOYPE both have sandbox environments where you can choose how to progress. inFamous pitches your options as 'will you be friend or foe to the city', whereas PROTOTYPE allows you to choose between 'deception or destruction' as you move through the story. Of the two premises, we prefer PROTOTYPE - just put as down as the 'non-helpful' kind.

inFamous - 1

Both games offer a main character that has special abilities/powers. However, PROTOTYPE is promising a huge numb of abilities that can be mixed to create thousands of possibilities, whereas inFamous seems to have a more limited, yet still effective, 'power palette'. PROTOTYPE comes out as the winner in this category too.

inFamous - 1

What other similarities exist? Both games have a 'parkour-style' free-running element to them. Both are third person. Both a set in cities that resemble New York (PROTOTYPE is set in New York itself, whereas inFamous is in the fictional Empire City). Both are being compared to the likes of Crackdown and GTA. Both come from great developers, inFamous being created by Sucker Punch and PROTOTYPE by Radical Entertainment. There's nothing to choose between them at his point, so they both get a point.

inFamous - 2

The only differences between the two thus far are that inFamous is a PS3 exclusive, whereas PROTOTYPE will be on the Xbox 360 and PC also. And whilst PROTOTYPE says the release date is Q3 2008 on their website, our Q&A with Tim Bennison of Radical revealed it would be a 2009 release. With inFamous delayed until 2009 in PAL regions (it was promised in 2008 at E3 last year), this puts the two titles directly against each other.

We've scored PROTOTYPE slightly higher in this early look at the two games, and as we get closer to launch the details may offer us all a better understanding of the choice at hand.

But come 2009, the real difference may just be in the marketing budgets Vivendi and SCEE want to throw at these two titles.

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