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Friday, 30 May 2008

MGS4 poll results and update

We asked you if you wanted cut scenes in MGS4 that last up to 90 minutes long, and you answered in your hundreds.

Here are the results:

Love it - bring on the popcorn - 79%
Leave it - bring on the refund - 11%
Loathe it - bring on the 'skip' button - 10%

Since the poll ran, there have been a lot of other reviewers debunk the 90-minute cut-scene story that PSW Magazine printed, but everyone agrees the scenes are still lengthy. As you can see in our results, it's clear most of you want to see the full extent of Snake's 'final' story.

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Friday, 23 May 2008

MGS4; 90-minute cut-scenes - do you want them?

The word is out.

According to PSW magazine, who have played MGS4 through to the end, some of the cut-scenes (not one, but some) weigh in at almost 90 minutes each.

90 minutes! That's as long as I expect for a full movie - in fact if movies go over 90 the minute mark they really have to be good or I start to lose interest.

Of course, some people think a 3-hour movie is a good thing.

The good news - you can skip or pause them now, but you might be missing out on the story, which is supposedly epic.

So here's the burning question - do you, the MGS4 buying public, really want cut-scenes that are the length of the average feature film?

[UPDATE] The poll is now closed and the results are in

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Monday, 11 February 2008

Poll Results: Do we care about different colours?

We asked if you cared about the PS3 colour choices available in Japan, and the results aren't surprising to me at all.

First of all, our readers probably already have a PS3 so it is likely that they'll be happy with black in any case!

Nevertheless, 65.4% of you feel black is just fine. Of the 34.6% of you who would like to see different colour choices, the majority want every colour possible! 1.9% wanted to see white only, and 3.8% wanted to see silver as the other colour option.

I guessed silver would be more popular than white but maybe us Europeans and Americans who voted are holding out for something really special. Red, anyone?

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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

PS3A Poll: Do we care about different coloured PS3s?

Our first poll for 2008 focusses on a simple question following the news of a third PS3 colour choice in Japan.

Make your choice below and we'll publish the results soon.

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