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Friday, 15 August 2008

12 Things About LittleBigPlanet You May Not Know

Last Sunday was THE “perfect day”.

I was up close and personal with LittleBigPlanet and was able to grill one of the demonstrators to near exhaustion. After two hours, I walked away in a fuzzy felt stupor with my head full of level ideas and giant cutesy stickers!

This resulted in the following list. Some I knew were rumours and others completely unknown, but nonetheless it was great to get some solid facts.

Read on, fellow LittleBigPlaneteers, read on!

1. Boo! There are currently no plans to have custom soundtracks in game. Fear not: layered soundtracks will be available. The drums can play solo followed by guitars or keyboards in any order you like! The full game will have six of these layers.

2. The rumours are true; only PlayStation Eye images are available for use in the game. All images will be stored as game data separate from the photo albums in the XMB.

3. An empty level is huge. There is enough room to swing several motor-jointed, burning-limbed cats with plenty room to spare*. A temperature gauge on the left hand side dynamically measures and limits the complexity of each level.

4. The Media Molecule geniuses have created levels ranging in play duration from 5-10 minutes right up to 20-25 minutes and have taken the rigid view that the level editor will be able to replicate anything you see in the game proper.

5. MM are looking into the possibility of adding celebrity-designed levels into the final game, though none are currently confirmed. Imagine... fuzzy pink Fergie levels and gritty hard-hitting Eminem levels!

6. The bundled levels operate as the tutorial for the Create mode. Big red buttons activate helpful hints needed to complete the task in hand. The ‘PopIt’ menu is very complex and takes some getting used to but let’s face it; we knew there would be a lot to do here.

7. Levels created by others will be searchable via theme, rating, hits and users. The best levels will be available from the main My LittleBigPlanet menu and will sit alongside the bundled levels.

8. Glassy orbs containing prizes have now replaced the fluff that previously functioned as points. Levels are a dangerous place for Sackboy with both electrified and burning materials.

9. Spawn points are far more frequent now but have a limited re-spawn number. A white glow surrounding the restart points represents the spawns remaining.

10. Hurrah! The DualShock 3 rumbles when collecting orbs, meeting a grisly end or slapping another Sackboy in the mush!

11. I mentioned the PSP as a platform for the LBP universe and received a cursory response: “Media Molecule is not currently looking at any platform other than the PS3.” Erk!

12. Everyone will be able to have a go at level creation! Shops are expected to be set up in London and Manchester from September onwards for a period of four weeks, though I am awaiting confirmation of this.

(Bonus - 13. MM is aiming for a UK release in October/November.)

See you all on the front lines come the release date, people!

*This author does not condone the application of motors or flammable liquids to any pet.

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Friday, 30 May 2008

Firmware 2.4; news blow-out

There's too much news about Firmware 2.4 to ignore it, even if it is all still rumour, so here's three key links to help you understand what could be coming along in the 'near' future:

thesixthaxis - The FW 2.4 Guide
Rumour: PS3 Firmware 2.4 to include in-game XMB and Trophy support
More FW 2.4 Rumors: Konami Pushing Sony for Trophy Support?

Whatever happens when 2.4 does come along, if it doesn't include in-game XMB at the very least, there is going to be hell to pay. Here's hoping these rumours are true...

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Friday, 7 December 2007

Eye of Marvel; PlayStation Eye playing cards on the way?

We don't usually do 'rumour and speculation' here at PS3 Attitude, but this seems strong enough to run with.

We've heard that Marvel will be releasing cards to use with the Eye of Judgement (or Eye of Judgment if you're American/Sony) next year to further expand the groundbreaking title's gameplay.

The new cards will feature all your Marvel favourites and will make use of the existing Eye of Judgement playing mat. Equally, the game could come out as a seperate Blu-ray disk or PS Store download but 'require The Eye of Judgment' in order to play it.

The way you play the game itself will change under the Marvel card set and most likely be supported by a future game update release. Assuming this is all true it would certainly make the Eye of Judgement less of a niche title and more of a mainstream winner, so we have our fingers crossed.

As soon as we get our hands on an official press release, this story remains in the rumour pot. If it were to happen, we expect it will go ahead around March next year.
[Thanks for the heads up 'P']

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

PSP gaining full access to the PlayStation Network?

Recently, PS3 owners received another terms and conditions update notification by email.

As usual, we went digging around to see what had changed.

Apart from all the usual 'don't upload nasty things' stuff that had already appeared in some parts of the last update, we noticed a glaring new addition - the constant mention of the PSP.

Now whilst this may just be a legal department being extra zealous, there is a good chance that this version of the agreement (version 4.0 in SCEE terms, 2.0 in SCEA terms) points the way to the PSP being able to access the PSN directly.

This is not the first time we have thought this at PS3 Attitude. When the PSP Remote Play via Internet feature launched we noted that the need to sign in to the PSN using your email address. We thought this already pointed to direct access to your Friends and other PSN features.

And we already know from various announcements that the PS3 will become a 'hub server' for various other Sony platforms, including the PSP. Imagine connecting multiple PSPs to your PS3 to stream your movies, music, TV and other HDD content to several PSP devices. That would make the PS3 rival devices like Slingbox and Philips Streamium.

Now it would appear these latest Ts&Cs changes shore up those points of view. It's just rumour and speculation right now, but will we see direct PSP access to the PSN soon?

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