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5 Reasons Why the Resistance 2 Beta Rocks

Submitted by on Tuesday, 28 October 20088 Comments

An enlightened few on the team at PS3 Attitude (Kawaii, MeEdIC and me, Phreaky) have realised that the Resistance 2 Beta is phenomenal. From playing the Beta we have selected our 5 shining beacons which have guided us to this gaming Shangri La. The team as a whole at PS3 Attitude is not without its dissenters championing lesser games but hey – we’re not here to judge… Just pity.

Click through for the run-down and join the resistance!

1.    The online co-op mode is a great system that works really well. With a team of varying skill and class, it is hard for one single player to overpower the game. Every player has to think about where the team is going, what the objectives are and what they need to do to keep the team alive. Restarting a level is your only option should you collectively fail any given objective. This makes every player responsible for the team’s success and therefore more careful about how they play. You will see less “gung-ho running in all guns blazing” and a more considered approach by even the most bloodthirsty players. In the end, who is going to wade through the hordes to revive you when you are shot to hell in the middle of the battlefield?

2.    With rock solid enemies to kick seven shades out of, there is enough game in the beta alone to keep you going for a very long time. There is a greater variety of enemies in the beta than in the entirety of the prequel. The familiar Hybrids carry a bit more force in this mode because there are loads of them coming at you all at once. Back away from the looming masses or die a nasty death. You are in a world of pain trying to get to safety once caught behind enemy lines

3.    Objective-based gameplay is truly rewarding; the same applies to the buddy system. This game punishes solitude and rewards teamwork in spades.  The teamwork side of the game simply would not work without communication. Thankfully, R2 has delivered some of the clearest voice chat many of us have ever heard.  With quality comparable to Skype in a number of cases there really is some great fun to be had chatting to team members as you pulverize the enemy. From directions given by a more experienced player to calls for help from a downed man, there is a constant dialogue going on. At the same time, it never becomes confusing, as the voices are clear enough to recognise the player. This is a major step forward in gaming as I have always been frustrated by the muffled ramblings of the others online.

4.    There are three classes to choose between from the get-go in the online co-op mode; Soldier, Spec Ops and Medic. The Spec Ops guys are the precision snipers whose secondary fire is some kind of electric discharge that damages all foes caught by its tendrils. A secondary function of the Spec Ops is their ability to drop ammo for all classes. Each player has a limited number of clips and therefore relies on the Spec Ops to keep them stocked up.
The Soldier is a real slugger’s class. Equipped with a chaingun and a force shield, he is responsible for the majority of the heavy-duty work.  Pummelling the higher ranked opponents up close and personal with the Spec Ops getting headshots from a distance is a great method for bringing these mountainous creatures down.
The Medic is the most interesting of the three classes, with a life beam weapon that saps a small amount of energy from the chimera while restoring your own health at the same time. The secondary weapon is vital to the team as a whole; a health-restoring grenade shot from the Health Rifle. The Medic can also revive teammates in a flash compared to the other classes.

5.    Finally, the online competitive multiplayer. Despite my reservations about gaming online against sniper-whores and the like, I have to say that this mode represents a real pinnacle in online gaming. Inventive level design combines astonishingly well with some cracking takes on standard online modes. The first foray into the Chicago level remains a standout moment for me. There are fan jumps between buildings creating a real three dimensional element to the gameplay. I found myself filled with paranoia as I scoured the rooftops checking for those looking for my skull in their sights. By far one of the best online experiences I have had in my gaming career thus far.

There you have it; the Resistance 2 Beta is better than COD4. Stick that in your collective pipe and smoke it.

See you online!

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