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Burnout Paradise Will Invite You To Party!

Submitted by on Friday, 31 October 20088 Comments

Criterion have released the news that Burnout fans have been waiting to hear, they’ve told us what will be coming in their first DLC pack in 2009.

Fans of the series will be pleased to hear that Burnout will now have an 8 player offline mode, Burnout Paradise Party, so that when you have your friends around for those gaming parties you’ll all be able to get stuck into a bit of Burnout.There will be three types of challenges for you and your friends to take part in: Stunt, Speed and Skill.

Stunt gets you performing jumps and tricks.

Speed is all about the time trials and timed challenges.

Skill will get your heart pumping as you race in incoming traffic.

This pack is also coming with new trophies which will give those trophy whores amongst us something more to aim for. The team behind Burnout have overhauled the game’s graphics for party mode, and have created lots of nice colourful screenshots to keep us smiling. The pack will be available to download in February 2009, and will be followed by other downloadable content later in the year. Though this is the first batch of DLC for Burnout Paradise that is not free we’re sure you’ll agree that, considering the immense support and content the guys from Criterion have provided gratis, there’s no sour grapes now that we have to fork out some coin for the party to continue.

I’d like to give a big thumbs up to the guys over at Criterion as they are taking massive steps to expand the Burnout world, and to keep us coming back to the game.