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EA talks about the continuance of their latest IPs

Submitted by on Friday, 24 October 20089 Comments

According to what Frank Gibeau, President of EA and Glenn Schofield, General Manager of EA Redwood Shores stated in their interview to Variety, EA’s latest IPs will be followed by sequels. More specifically, the sequels of Bad Company and Army of Two are on the way!

Bad Company has come out and done very well. Army of Two sold very well. We’ve got sequel ideas planned for those”, stated Gibeau.

Schofield went even further by saying: “We’re talking with movie studios right now. We have been all along. The difference with this is we need to go in and say, ‘This is not a $10 million movie.’  Sure somebody could make it, but that’s not what we are looking for. It’s an expensive movie. By doing this now, we could have a movie that bridges the gap between the two games.“  Wait, what?!? “The two games”? Now, that’s news people; Dead Space will be followed by a sequel! Hurray!

The two men sure look confident enough about the future. Well, one thing is for sure; EA made some right choices and now they’re enjoying the results.