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GTAIV: Trophy Zombie Edition

Submitted by on Friday, 24 October 20082 Comments

Recent reports associating Rockstar’s quarantine placards as a portent for the exclusive GTA: IV 360 content have proved inaccurate. No, 360 fans will not be exclusively enjoying zombie themed shenanigans in Liberty City as it appears the contagion notifications actually refers to an undead infestation now live in all multi-player versions of the game. Obviously Rockstar wish to remind us all that hallowe’en is just around the corner and what better way than to infect us with an undead curse. Don’t you just love holiday themed events?

Rockstar’s Social Club informs that the zombie plague is passed-on by the uninfected being killed by the undead blighters; the extent of the infection trackable on the Social Club site.  You can also check to see if you’ve been infected yourself though we reckon a sickly yellow hued skin-tone, an unexplainable attraction to malls and the insatiable urge to scoff brain matter might be a more conspicuous sign that you’ve been “zombafied”.

In other GTA: IV related news our buddies at PS3Fanboy have revealed that the previously documented, but flagrantly unscheduled, Trophy patch for GTA: IV on the PS3 will be with us on Monday the 27th of October. Guess I can wait ’til then before beginning my adventures with Nico and co. in Liberty City.