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Hands on with Prince of Persia

Submitted by on Monday, 27 October 20086 Comments

With a new direction for the Prince of Persia series many gamers are asking if the title will match up to those that have gone before. UbiSoft have taken the brave step of including an active companion, Elika, to fight alongside the Prince and are hoping that she will bring a new depth to both the game play and the story.

Over the weekend I was able to get some hands on experience with Prince of Persia at the MCM Expo in London. Since the original screenshots for the game were released I have been really interested in seeing how the game plays and the interaction between the Prince and Elika.

I played the first thirty minutes of the game which took me through a tutorial and revealed some of the plot. The game felt very smooth and polished. I loved the new fighting system where the Prince excels in combo attacks and counters, making it really easy to look and feel great. I have always been somebody who finds timing ‘blocks’ in games really difficult but, as with Assassin’s Creed, UbiSoft have got it just right. I found myself blocking and countering all over the place.

The graphical style is fantastic. I felt as if I was interacting with a piece of art. The team behind Prince of Persia have taken a brave step in making the design very distinct, and this has paid off. It’s a game that makes you want to play it; every part of the environment has been designed in such a way that you want to try to interact with it. The control system felt polished and I loved climbing up to the top of a wall and then holding down the R2 button to slide down to the bottom – it just felt right.

The interaction between the two characters seemed to work well in the section I saw, although I didn’t play enough to see what effect it will have on the overall game. Before I played the game I was concerned that Elika would slow the game play down but from what I experienced she really enhances the way the game is played.

I spoke to James O’Neil from UbiSoft at the event and asked him what he thought about the inclusion of a secondary character, he replied, “Elika adds a greater depth to the storyline. Players will be really interested to see the affect she has on the story as they play through the game. The addition of a second character really enhances the game.”

I’m now looking forward to Prince of Persia more than ever before – it’ll definitely be on my Christmas list. Prince of Persia is down for release in the first week of December in both Europe and America.