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LittleBigPlanet’s Not So Little Review

Submitted by on Friday, 31 October 20082 Comments

After a short delay and 3 updates later, we finally have our hands on the game we’ve been craving for oh so long. Yes, I’m talking about LittleBigPlanet here and let me tell you, there is nothing little about this game… well, except for the adorable little Sackboy we love so much.

Sony and Media Molecule have teamed up to bring you Sackboy, your very own customizable sackperson to traverse the levels of LitteBigPlanet, helping out its inhabitants and collecting prize bubbles along the way to add to your collection of stickers, decorations, and costumes. What’s probably the games biggest feature is the Online mode which revolves around Media Molecule’s “Play, Create, Share” theme. Users have the ability to create massive levels of their own and publish them online for the entire world to play and judge, providing endless playability. 

The controls are similar to your basic platformer. You run around the level with your Sackboy (or Sackgirl) and make him jump, grab, and fly his way towards the finish. Depending on how hard you push the X button, you can perform a small hop or a giant leap. There are a variety of enemies, traps, and other obstacles to get in your way, including a few boss battles. While some of the levels can be challenging, nothing’s too difficult as the entire story mode can be beaten in a matter of hours. The one aspect I found annoying was moving from the background to the foreground. At times it would respond quickly and I could switch planes effortlessly. Others, I would get burned, electrocuted, or squished just because my Sackboy wouldn’t move out the way. Story mode is fun and all but that’s not the only reason you got this game, right? You want give your Sackboy the head of a Zebra and body of a skeleton, don’t you?

The customization is some of the best I’ve seen. There is so much to collect and you can create just about anything you can imagine. There are a variety of costumes for your Sackboy along with other, random, items to make whatever costume you feel like. Using the D-Pad, you can also put a smile on your face or make him angry, sad, or frightened. There are varying levels of emotion depending on how many times you push a direction. You also have the ability to control your Sackperson’s arms and make him or her wave or even slap a fellow player, something that happens quite often.  Next, you can try your hands at creating a level of your own.

For those who don’t know where to start, there are some nifty tutorials (amazingly voiced by Stephen Fry) to get you up to par. You start out with only a few items but as you progress through the story, you’ll have a ton of material in your asenal to create that level you’ve been dreaming of. Now I’ll admit, the create a level can be extremely daunting for people. With so much to do, it can be difficult and time consuming to create a good quality level. That said, I tried haven’t published anything of mine yet, simply because I don’t think anything is worthy for the world to see.

After creating your own level, why not play one made by somebody else? New ones are popping up everyday so there’s always something to do in LittleBigPlanet. Don’t have 4 friends to play with? Join up with people online. I’ll admit, at first it was a hassle to play online with the heavy amount of traffic the servers were getting. Now though, I’ve had a blast playing with others. There is this satisfaction you receive when you finish a puzzle that requires either a x2 or x4 person job. You really do get the sense of accomplishment as you wave your hands in glory at the feat you have just overcome.

With so much to do and see in LittleBigPlanet, it’s no wonder you will have the hours fly by you as you join friends in an online game or two or 50.  With an easy learning curve, the game is accessible to everyone. I had friends – some that don’t even play video games – come over and play and in a few minutes we were laughing and having a blast.  So grab a bunch of your buddies, get online, and play, create, and share.