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Live from the Apple Corps / MTV press conference

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 October 20084 Comments

Apple Corps. and MTV made an announcement today at 14:00 GMT, and your friendly PS3 Attitude was invited.

Of course, everyone was assuming it was going to be a Beatles and Rock Band 2 announcement (which given that Apple don’t licence the Beatles music to anyone is a big deal), but rather than deal in rumour and speculation we covered the event live.

There’s a full transcript of what happened after the jump…

Conference now over – transcript below.

The headline news? New Beatles game announced by Apple Corps, MTV and Harmonix.

13:47 – Dialling in now ready for the conference to begin

13:54 – Still listening to the hold music. Unsurprisingly, they’re playing The Beatles non-stop.

14:04 – We’re still waiting. Maybe some tardy journalists haven’t made it back from the lunchtime pub visit yet.

14:05 – The press conference begins a little late, and we are joined by Jeff Jones, CEO of Apple Corps, Judy McGrath, Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks and Van Toffler, President of MTV Networks Music/Logo Group amongst others.

14:06 – Judy McGrath explains the background behind The Beatles, Rock Band 2 and Apple Corps. “600 million Beatles records sold” and “25 million Rock Band downloads” quoted.

14:08 – Brand new game featuring The Beatles in partnership with MTV and Harmonix announced.

14:09 – “Pick up and experience the music of The Beatles in a new and interactive way”.

14:10 – “We’re not in the business of releasing a special version for every band out there”.

14:12 – The new game has the full support of all The Beatles (both surviving and the families of those not with us any more), and the musical direction is being handled by Giles Martin, son of George Martin.

14:13 – Giles Martin speaks. “This is not just The Beatles music inside Rock Band. It is a new concept built from the ground up”. The vision is to take the gamer through The Beatles’ journey, including their imagery.

14:15 – Q&A; this will not be a Rock Band entitled game. It is due to release in Summer next year.

14:16 – Q&A; the entire catalogue will be in the game and will include every album. It will have similarities with Rock Band and interactive performances as well as a completely new direction for the franchise.

14:18 – Q&A; the music will be based on the UK releases of the songs and will be the original songs rather than remixed versions.

14:20 – Q&A; no confirmation that Rock Band will gain Beatles music at this point, so we can’t say if the music will be available to existing Rock Band owners or will only appear in this new title.

14:22 – Q&A; every member of the Apple Corps team including Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were involved at the start, and will be involved throughout.

14:24 – Q&A; this is an exclusive arrangement of the use of The Beatles music for video games.

14:25 – Q&A; no confirmation on platforms at this point.

14:27 – Q&A; question from PS3 Attitude – no confirmation on whether the game will include the kind of mixing desk interactivity that is appearing in the Guitar Hero series.

14:30 – Q&A; the game will not include the Rock Band title because it is a Beatles game and deserves its own title. The Rock Band platform is there behind the scenes, but this is a completely new experience.

14:33 – Q&A; the game will be released worldwide although no specific date is available.

14:34 – The Q&A session is over as is the conference.

The game is around a year away. Are you excited about a Beatles game? What do you think about the announcement? Tell us in the comments…