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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Information Overload

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 October 20082 Comments

When news hit the inter-tubes yesterday that Anime fan-fave Naruto’s first venture on the PS3, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, would be getting free DLC we knew it was only a matter of time before someone from developer CyberConnect2 popped up on the PS Blog to talk about it.

Answering the horde’s voracious questions of “What? When? How Much? Will there be English subtitles if I choose to play with the original cast members performing dialogue duty”? (The answer is yes to that last one), we’re happy to hear that Naruto appears to be getting “The Burnout Treatmentâ„¢”.

If you’ve checked out the demo you’ll know that the graphical integrity in terms of how close the game looks to the show’s aesthetic is outstanding. It really does feel like you’re ‘playing’ the Anime. Hiroshi Matsuyama reveals a vertible storm* of information in his post (and in his responses to readers’ further prodding for details) but here’s the main points in brief:

  • Two modes are presented: The Free Battle Mode (which can be experienced in the demo) allows you to square off one-on-one (though assistance from “friends” naturally features heavily) choosing from 25 characters from the series and using hundreds of over-the-top jutsu moves. Ultimate Mission Mode presents 101 missions across Hidden Leaf Village and adds some RPG elements to the game allowing for gear purchasing and even noodle slurping in the Ichiraku Ramen Shop. (Brodiesan’s useless Japanese lesson of the day: Ichiraku loosely translates into “Place of Comfort” ).
  • The missions encompass the first 135 episodes of the series (which is just mind boggling) and, apart from fighting, you’ll be racing through forests and even climbing trees(!)
  • The demo was good but the release version is “even more polish[ed]”
  • The exact plans for the free DLC will be released today.  Expect new missions to be on offer and even more characters from the series on top of the initial 25 presented. (Just how many characters are in this show?)
  • Did someone mention “wall combat”?
  • Online play is not something that is on the cards at the moment but Matsuyama-san does mention that there’s the possibility it might appear via a patch if players really push for it. (Note to self: really push for it)
  • The whores among you wondering about Trophy support may have to wait a while. After the first batch of DLC is released they’ll “look into it”. So, at least six months away then.
  • The pre-order DLC program is currently exclusive to North America though they are looking into how to not shaft support the rest of us.

Naruto is a breath of fresh (Ninja) air, and will surely drive flagging sales of the PS3 in Japan but, in this notorious period of awesome game overload, is it something you’re going to pick up? It hits the NA region on Tuesday (the 4th) and the following Friday (the 7th) for us Europeans.  Let us know in the comments.

*Sorry, I won’t do that again.