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Official PS3 Trophy Leadboard launches in France

Submitted by on Friday, 31 October 20089 Comments

By now, you’ve probably got some trophies (or maybe you’re going for every trophy possible) and would love to see how well you’re doing against other PS3 owners in your region. Right?

You do have some options, such as our friends at PlayFire, but the problem is that you have to update your trophy card manually. And then there’s the odd user who says they have more than they actually do. This is easy to ratify if you add them as a friend, but it’s time-consuming.

So what other options do you have?

As of today – if you live in France – you can now gain access to an Official Trophy Leaderboard courtesy of SCEE. How does it work?

PSN users are being asked to add a friend called ‘Trophees_01’ to their list. If that particular ID has been filled by users, then you add ‘Trophees_02’ and so on.

The resulting leaderboard is part of the forum at the French PlayStation site and I’m sure it will draw thousands of ‘trash talk’ comments as people try a more global version of our very own PS3 Attitude Trophy Wars.

We’re waiting to hear if and when this feature will appear across the rest of Europe but until then we think it is a pretty safe bet that the system will be expanded in the not-too-distant future.