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Punisher: No Mercy – Exclusive Mike Deodato artwork revealed

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 October 20082 Comments

White, black and red - just like us

It’s always difficult to know how to present the nuances of plot and character development within a game; especially when that game is one such as Punisher: No Mercy where the modus operandi is to shoot everything that moves – and anything else that for that matter, just for the sake of it.

With this in mind, PS3 Attitude can reveal that Punisher: No Mercy developer Zen Studios will be using exclusive Mike Deodato artwork as a story device to depict the more narrative moments within the game.

As a special treat for PS3 Attitude’s relaunch, the guys at Zen Studios have been good enough to share with us a sneak peak of Mike’s artwork to be featured.  Therefore this could be considered something of a spoiler. Trust us however, you’re not ruining anything be taking a look.

Historically the FPS genre has usually preferred to be somewhat light on context and heavy on semtex so it’s refreshing to see the upcoming PSN exclusive embracing its shooter pedigree yet incorporating the content’s origins with a stylistic and pragmatic method of getting across some of the more poignant of story points.

The Punisher - he doesn't ask twice

The Punisher - he doesn't ask twice

Comic book fans will immediately recognise Deodato’s name as an artist involved with a veritable ‘who’s who’ in comic book history. From X-Men to Batman (and appropriately “Punisher: War Journal”) we’d recommend checking out some of his work online. This one is probably our favourite.

Of course this is not the first time comic book styled panes have been used to drive story within a game with, recently in the news, Max Payne coming immediately to mind. Nonetheless, we are intrigued to see how Zen Studios manages to marry the frenetic bedlam of the FPS action with the more subtle story moments presented with Deodato’s art.

Next month we’ll have more Punisher: No Mercy news with an interview with Zsolt and the gang from Zen Studios. In the meantime, check out the gallery below for the full set of exclusive artwork.

Full Disclaimer: one of the presented images has already appeared on – the rest? Exclusive to PS3 Attitude…