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Trophy Wars – Week 1 – “Declaration of War”

Submitted by on Monday, 27 October 20087 Comments

Earth. The 21st century. The world had prospered during a period of relative peace and stability borne from the Treaty of Tokyo. 599 days after the historic accord’s ratification however the fragile armistice is broken with the discovery of the elusive “four alloys”.

First detected in the stardust of a distant galaxy, the prestigious elements soon appear in our skies, our roads, even in our very shadows.

Nations scramble to exert control and maintain any semblance of social structure but the allure of the metallic scourge proves too much.  Soon a person’s base Trophy weight dictates their status within society and civilisation descends into a maelstrom of competition and turmoil.

The upheaval intensifies in late 2008 with the passing of the Rand Act which literally grants each person the ability to declare oneself a legal entity; voiding previous citizenships whilst also immunising oneself from the laws and jurisdiction of any state other than one’s own. With little hope of abatement or resolution:  The Trophy Wars ensue.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of PS3 Attitude’s “Trophy Wars”. Each week we put team love and support aside and get down and dirty with some intense rivalry and, if we’re lucky, gross humiliation.  Entitled “Trophy Wars“, every Monday will see us publicly extol the splendour of some (and downright shame of others) with a leader-board depicting the Trophy pecking order within the PS3 Attitude team.

It took Sony nearly 600 days from the PS3’s (Japanese) launch to the release of firmware 2.40 to correct the imbalance between the PS3 and its nearest rival and introduce gaming “incentives”.  It’s safe to say we’re all fans of Trophy collecting – though some of us are a bit better at it than others – and this recurring piece is our friendly way to show you what we’re playing, how our Trophy collections are faring and just who is the biggest Trophy Whore on the team (*cough* Kawaii *cough*).

Our leaderboard is taken from Playfire which we heartily recommend you check out and open up an account with as it enables you to run your own weekly Trophy competitions amongst friends. And when you add some friendly competition to the equation the driving urge to pick up some more Trophies is only intensified – if that’s possible.

We should mention we’ve been waiting until the PS3 Attitude relaunch before sharing with you the trophy ranking within our team and the forerunner has literally changed three times over the last week.

With that, here’s this week rankings.

The prestigious title of “Week One Leader” goes to Danny_D with a mighty haul of 159 Trophies and 226 points.  Commander-in-Chief DolphGB is close behind on 202 followed by fellow U.K. gamer Kawaii. I know she’s somewhat crestfallen and irate considering the wails of “This is not fair! Mercenaries 2 Trophies are not available on Playfire yet!” for a while now. A lamentable fact indeed. Now that Playfire have updated their Trophy section with Mercs 2 details – expect a comeback from PS3 Attitude’s super girl-gamer next week.

War is hell. Here’s some comments from the combatants:

Danny_D: “In the words of the great Stewart Gilligan Griffin, “Victory is mine!”. I would like to dedicate this victory to my girlfriend and my dog; they were both greatly rejected by me over this weekend (more than usual) in order to guarantee the downfall of all who opposed me. I shall rule with an iron fist and a heavy metal soundtrack. Think of me as your friendly neighborhood dictator. Commander D, over and out.”

DolphGB: “After a weekend of playing catch up I have more trophies than anyone on the team, but it seems that I don’t have as many ‘points’ as Danny_D. I feel I have the moral victory anyway. And frankly, grabbing the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ is more sensible than trying for the 50th time to get the ‘shoot a rocket through a keyhole and destroy a player flying with a jetpack’ gold trophy in my book.”

Kawaii: “3rd place isn’t too bad, I still have a little way to go though. Dolph and Danny had better look out, this girl won’t stand for anything less than 1st place!”

Phreaky: … was too busy to comment. Probably looking for Trophies no doubt.

Captain Panda: “I expect mine will shoot up in the coming week as I have just started work on Dead Space, Bioshock, Novastrike and High Velocity Bowling :) So look out cos the Panda is coming.”

Majiesto: “6th place may be near the bottom of the list but hopefully I won’t bee there for long. Still have plenty of silver and gold trophies to collect, mainly from LittleBigPlanet and Wipeout HD. Guys at the top should watch out!”

Brodiesan: “Eh, no comment. Ok, I don’t want to make excuses (yeah right!) but I’m just not playing games with Trophy support at the moment. That and the fact I managed to mess up my PSN ID and Sony are currently looking into why I’m unable to sync with the Trophy database. And, eh, yeah – I suck. The last reason probably explains it best to be honest.”

MeEdic: “Trophy hunting is going exceptionally well in the Dead Space universe! Soon, I’ll have all 49 trophies! I’m also waiting Far Cry 2 to arrive (Damn you Ebay!), so let’s add 40 more trophies to the “To Do” list. And let’s not forget the Uncharted trophies, which are yet to be ahem… “un-flowered” (Have you no shame?)”

Check back next week to see if Kawaii’s Mercenaries 2 haul will put her to the top. Cpt. Panda seems to be playing three trophy heavy games and with LittleBigPlanet being so addictive, we wouldn’t be surprised if Majiesto plays it non-stop until everything is unlocked. Could this catapult either of them to the heady heights of the Trophy Totem Pole? And what about Brodiesan? Will his PSN ID get fixed? Will he stop playing “retro” games with no trophy support like Heavenly Sword and crack into GTAIV now that that Trophy patch is released? Seven days is a long time in a war. So much can change …

Also, let us know how you’re getting on with Trophy Proliferation in the comments. Any hard-luck stories like Brodiesan? Prompted to now open a Playfire account and obtain a snazzy gamer-card like ours found in our “Team” section? Let us know.

Final note: This weekly article will not be focusing on the virtues or perniciousness of Trophies – we’ll leave that debate to another day – but if you’re someone that detests the whole concept of “Collection Gaming” maybe you’ll read these weekly posts and take from them a different angle. Probably not but, you never know.