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Top 5 Tips To Prevent Your LBP Level From Being Ban-hammered

Submitted by on Monday, 10 November 20085 Comments

By now you will no doubt have heard about the recent Sony cull of user-created LittleBigPlanet levels. Forums are alight with disgruntled budding game designers calling foul on the hard-line practice of simply deleting content with no warning, no apparent reason and no remorse.

Well, you may have also read that Sony will try and not crush your dreams so flagrantly going forward but, in an attempt to perhaps mitigate any such tears in future, PS3 Attitude presents five tips that should guide you along the perilous path of content creation and straight to LittleBigPlanet level compliant gaming nirvana.

Inappropriate Content:The most obvious of offenders makes the top of our list. Who knows the source of pre-pubescent boys’ obsession with their own genitalia. I’m sure if you were to go back to ancient Roman times you’d find corona sporting ruffians scratching imagery of giant wangs on walls. Needless to say, if your level sports such a motif – it’s not even going to warrant a derisory chuckle when the administrator  pegs your creation with a one-way ticket straight to the nebulous town of “banned-ville”.

It’s not just the obvious puerile content of course; levels that bare the names of infamous concentration camps, bloody historical battles or anything that starts with “Paris Hilton’s … ” (we’ve seen it) is going to get unceremoniously dumped. And so it should be. Show some class people!

Level Recreation: Imitation may the highest form of flattery but when it’s a blatant recreation of another intellectual property’s design it’s going to get marked for death pronto. Yeah, it’s kinda cool to see Sonic, Mario and Zelda levels painstakingly recreated with a hessian flavour but, please, don’t waste your time – these levels are the first to go (right after the levels with the wangs in them).

Homage (not to be confused with fromage – which is like cheese, only smellier): You know that awesome scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with the rail carts, and the jumps, and the excitement and the screams and the … yeah, don’t do it. It’s going straight into that Big User-Created Recycle Bin in the Sky faster than you can say: “George Lucas owns your ass”.

Seemingly-innocuous-almost-incredulously-to-believe-they-deleted-it-perhaps-even-accidental copyright infringement: This is the current bugbear that seems to be trapping a lot of people. Did you create a level that has nothing to do with 80’s action movies? Perhaps there’s no green-eyed Chinese Sackgirl or a guy that looks a lot like Raiden from Mortal Kombat in sight but, purely because you liked the sound of it, you called it “Big Trouble in Little Planet”?

Yeah, we’d recommend reviewing your naming conventions as these levels are easy prey for the Overlords of Content Observance even when, you could argue, the IP infringement is marginal if not downright non-existent. When it comes to the law however this is an argument you will lose. So, be careful with this one.

Friendly IP theft: (kinda like homage but slightly different): Sony own Sackboy. Sony own Kratos. Sony won’t mind if I create a God of War level! Well, they do and they’ve displayed this Olympian wrath by casting numerous levels that contain content from other Sony properties straight to Hades.

Personally I don’t see why they need to do this other than the possibility that there is something in the works where other studios of popular Sony exclusive (and maybe even non-exclusive) titles will be able to offer their own LittleBigPlanet levels as DLC. Would you buy a Metal Gear Solid themed LittleBigPlanet level designed by Hideo Kojima? Thought you would.

Can you now see the problems if Johnny from Dundee’s Metal Gear Solid themed LittleBigPlanet level is universally acclaimed as being better than Kojima-san’s? Yeah, we see problems all over this one.
There you have it. If you take into consideration the above there is no reason why Sony should be deleting your content. Of course, with the new “softly softly, we’ll tell you why we just deleted 10 hours of your work” approach everyone should be soon up to speed with the Little Big Content Regulationsâ„¢ but in the meantime – we hope this helps.