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Alex Evans’ Top 5 LBP levels (so far…)

Submitted by DolphGB on Tuesday, 4 November 200810 Comments

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alex evans top 5 300x204 Alex Evans Top 5 LBP levels (so far...)LittleBigPlanet is almost here in the UK. The game has already been in widespread use through 100,000 beta testers and the release of the title in the US, so when you do unwrap your copy on the 5th you’ll be treated to a raft of great levels.

So what does Alex Evans of Media Molecule think of the user generated content so far? We got a chance to sit down with Alex this weekend at GameCity 3 in Nottingham and ask him that very question…

We tried where possible to get screenshots, video and the names of the creators. If you are the creator of any of these levels, drop us a line and we’ll make sure any missing info is updated.

1. No Surprises by HappyBivouac

“Despite the title, this level really surprised me. Other people had made music levels, including us, which were revealing the mechanics of how the music was sequenced. He was the first guy to take a song and incorporate it without showing all the triggers behind it. He hid all that stuff and whilst we enjoyed ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, it was great to see someone use the technique without showing all the tremendous hard work required to make it possible.”

2. Sackworld by ???

“Sackworld came from the beta. In fact, I’ve actually played the beta more than I have the final game! Sackworld is relentlessly inventive. It’s not really balanced - I would have gone nuclear if it was a developer level - but you’ll play through it and you’ll be saying ‘oh my gosh, that’s a good idea’ repeatedly. It’s just full of great ideas.”

3. The Horror of ‘44 by Foil

“I didn’t actually play this through - to my shame - but it was a level from very early on. What makes it cool is it was one of the first to really strive for a different look and feel; it was all in black & white for example. Kudos goes to the creator for striving to create that ambience across the level.”

4. The House of Fun by Jeff

“I’m cheating a little here because I don’t think he has actually published it. It was built by one of our QA guys. What’s amazing about it is that it is easily as well balanced as any of the developer levels. He uses a really cool mechanic we hadn’t thought of; it’s a long and thin cloth block which you grab hold of and you repeatedly jump and grab to progress. So this is a public plea for him to publish it - so Jeff, get it done!”

5. Various levels by Geosautus

“For my fifth pick I’m going to choose a creator rather than one level. We interviewed him for the MM blog. I’ve never met him or her, and we’re not endorsing Geosautus officially, but it is worth going through all the levels he or she has created. When I was creating levels I got obsessed with this one mechanic and ended up putting it in every level - a kind of pinball flipper that launched you in the air. Geosautus has put together some really great levels but what I appreciate is the creativity; the mechanics, ideas and execution are different each time.”

Here’s a look at World of Colour by Geosautus

We’d like to thank Alex Evans for sparing us some of his valuable time.

What’s amazing is that most of these levels were created in the beta. According to Alex the beta had only around 5% of the built in objects and functionality the final product has available - which makes me both intrigued and, at the same time, slightly scared about the future possibilities within LittleBigPlanet.

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