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Are You a Gaming Addict?

Submitted by on Friday, 7 November 20089 Comments

While carrying out some research for another article, I found myself sidetracked looking into gaming addiction. As with most other forms of addiction, most people don’t know that they have a problem. Further reading surprised me in that I display one or two of the symptoms of gaming addiction. Should I be worried? And how common is gaming addiction anyway?

According to the Byron Report, gaming addicts are far less common than people think. Apparently you need to display a number of the following criteria in order to be considered a potential addict. Click through for the skinny on the signs and find out if you class as an addict.

“Technological Addiction” refers to excessive human-machine interaction. (Ahem.) The characteristics of such addiction include:

How important it is. Personally, I get antsy when I haven’t checked my friend messages in at least a few days and I get quite peeved if there is a delay to updating the PSN store. As for the LBP delay, well…

Mood Swings. I get angry if I just can’t get passed that one guy. Sometimes to the point of getting angry with people around me… (Sorry about that!)

Tolerance. Do you need to play for progressively longer stretches in order to achieve the same gaming high? Not an issue for me – I’m happy with a short sharp gaming high as opposed to a prolonged gaming session.

Withdrawal. Do you get the shakes? Do you sweat if you know you can’t get gaming for a few days? Maybe this is the most common aspect we gamers experience. Even the threat of no gaming for a period of time can cause outrage. After all, was that not what really irked the RRoD masses?

Conflict. Does your gaming cause arguments with your spouse? Are you constantly missing work deadlines because of your obsessive compulsion to play one more game of CoD 4? Have you missed a few classes at University because of an alcohol-assisted all night frag fest? These are all key indicators, people… take heed!

Relapse. As with all addictions, there is always the risk of lapsing back into your old ways of crazed, argument-filled, long-duration gaming sessions. I’m not about to stop to see if I do lapse back. After all; giving something up is for quitters, right?

What about you? Any stories highlighting any of the above addiction indicators? Let us know in the comments below. A problem shared is a problem solved. Either that or we will all just laugh and point.