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Best Turkey Day Games

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 November 20084 Comments

What else is there to do after you have stuffed your body full of tryptophan but to plant yourself on the couch in front of the TV?  There are many possibilities:  You can watch some good ‘ole American football, mellow out to your favorite TV shows or pick up a controller and enjoy some PS3 goodness.

If you choose the latter (like me), you may be wondering what to play during your postprandial Turkey Day sedation.  That’s where we come in.  Join us as we explore the best games to play while in your self inflicted semi-vegetative state.


The list could be made with this game alone.  The music will soothe, the visuals will amaze and the controls will not get in the way.  And the best part?  It’s multiplayer so your baffled friends and family members can join the experience.  Go with the flOw…life could be simple.

Everyday Shooter

If flOw were the ying, Everyday Shooter would be the yang.  Contrary to what the title suggests, this is not your average (read: everyday) shooter.  The visuals and aurals will suck you in like no other shooter can.  Even in the most impaired of states this game is rewarding, setting off musical cues through your gameplay is all you’ll need to keep yourself entertained.  Everyday is another shooter.

PixelJunk Eden*

*Available for $4.99 as part of a limited time fall game sale.

Another perfect game for your mellow self.  Great soundtrack, relatively simple controls, engaging artwork and a fun cooperative experience for you and those around you. Just stick to the early levels or even better, mess around in your garden for a while.  Being a Grimp never felt so good.

Linger In Shadows

This one is an experience more than a game.  Start up the ‘Linger’ mode and pass the controller to an unsuspecting couch potato.  The results may be far more interesting than you might expect.  Or not.  Your peers may be too far off in their coma to appreciate this amazing piece of art.  You can also re-experience the ‘game’ while looking for all ten greetings.  You may appreciate it in a new way given your newly sedated state.

Buzz!: Quiz TV

You could spend all afternoon watching game shows, or you could star in your very own!  One of the best family multiplayer games for the PS3 begs to be played on Turkey Day.  Family and friends are gathered already, why not prove your mental prowess while Buzz ridicules them for you?  It’s a win-win really.

This may be the most mind taxing of the list, but you only have to press one button at any given time.  I’m sure you can handle that.

PixelJunk Monsters

This one the whole family can enjoy.  Since your tactical skills may be compromised on account of the tryptophan, you and a friend (in 2 player mode) can execute the plan your other peers may come up with.  If you put all your minds together, you may be able to come up with one good plan.  Another great soundtrack PixelJunk is now known for compliments the colorful levels.  Not a very taxing game, since the towers you build do all the work while you reap the rewards.  Especially in the earlier levels.

The Last Guy*

*Available for $4.99 as part of a limited time fall game sale.

Sure you are ready to succumb to the Turkey’s only offensive maneuver: chemical warfare.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t rescue a few thousand people before you gently go into that good night. This one could be played one handed if you were so inclined.  Just don’t run into any zombies.  Relax, the DualSchock 3’s rumble will wake you up if any of them are near if/when you doze off.  Nice guys finish last.