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Burnout Paradise Network coming Feb ’09

Submitted by on Saturday, 1 November 20084 Comments

When used together, the terms “official” and “blog” could be viewed somewhat as an oxymoron (or at least considered a tad suspicious). Not so in the case of the PlayStation’s edition where they balance corporate with a friendly atmosphere found from a blog format so well.

Jeremy Chubb from Criterion Games, and no stranger to the PS blog, has followed up on the recent news regarding Burnout Paradise’s first “not-free-but-we-don’t-care” DLC with some more details of how the game will continue to compete for time in 2009. When most year old games have long since been traded, or relegated to the dusty confines of your game shelf, Burnout Paradise will continue to innovate and reinvent itself like a drunk Madonna at a Hallowe’en party.

Apart from more content, Criterion will be utilising the “great hardware innovations for PlayStation” and introduce an in-game browser as part of what will be known as the “Burnout Paradise Network”.  This feature will bring you closer to your friends and up to date with what’s happening over at Criterion.  How this add-on will pan out if yet to be fully realised but, according to Jeremy, it will enhance the Discovery Map feature where, right now, you can already “transfer your save game to a USB drive, and we’ll create a map of all your outstanding discoverables on” Trophy whores take note – if you can drag yourself away from furiously searching for those delicious elemental trinkets.

Like all good posters over at the PS blog, Jeremy has stuck around and answered some of the readers’ comments. Sometimes you can find some real interesting information in these responses and this case is no exception.  When asked about how the new island is progressing, Jeremy reports it is going “to be very special indeed” where you can “catch massive air” in an area the size of Downtown Paradise with its own “different feel”.

The Burnout Paradise Network will be available along with the new Party content in February 2009. Also around this time “Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box” (which is literally Burnout Paradise + 2008 Content + New Party Content and the above enhancements) will also be released for those of us who are still yet to experience the thrill of next-gen oncoming traffic racing. We’ll be sure to keep you informed when any pricing details are confirmed.