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Capcom’s high expectations

Submitted by on Thursday, 6 November 20083 Comments

Yesterday, we informed you about the release dates of Capcom’s upcoming titles. Today, we are here to let you know how confident the lads at Capcom are about their future releases.

And why shouldn’t they be? Street Fighter IV has made us super duper anxious and so has – maybe even more – Resident Evil 5.

So what do Capcom think about their future sales. For starters, Street Fighter IV is expected to sell 1.7 million copies and Bionic Commando following that with 1.5 million copies. Resident Evil 5 is targeting…. Wait; WHAT?!? Bionic Commando to sell 1.5 million copies? Now, that’s positive thinking…

Anyway, we are not here to judge (yeah, right…). As I was saying, Capcom seem to be putting “all their money” on Resi 5. With sales expectations reaching up to 3.5 million copies, the latest instalment in the Resident Evil series should better be good; I mean “Resi 4 style” good!

With Resident Evil 4 having sold approximately 6 million copies – and counting – 3.5 million copies seems like an easy task.