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Closer to Home – Non-English Beta-ers Wanted

Submitted by on Thursday, 13 November 20082 Comments

As the inevitable gets closer, expect to see more and more of the following updates disseminate out of Sony regarding the upcoming/delayed/mythical release of PlayStation Home.

TedTheDog, renowned voice of Home in terms of telling us just what is going on in the Halls of Sony, has posted on the Community forums the following information that pretty much locks Home down to a release date – just don’t ask Ted what that date might actually be.

Ted declares:

  1. The version 1.0 Patch Notes will be published in the closed beta forum so they know what to expect and to help plan testing.
  2. A couple of days later Version 1.0 will be released into the Closed beta. That will not happen this week.
  3. SCEE will be inviting a large number of extra testers into the closed beta to load test and that process will start within a day or so of v1.0 going live. We wont invite them all straight away, we’ll ramp it up over a a period of time. We will be inviting non-English speaking testers for the first time. Languages covered will be English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Please remember these are languages, not countries, so more than the immediately obvious countries will be included to a degree. The lists have been chosen already, don’t try changing your language to get included!
  4. Once we start inviting people in to the Closed Beta the public SCEE Home forums will become the Home beta test forums.
  5. The date of Open Beta start will be announced in advance.
  6. Open Beta starts and that will be just as it implies, Open to all.

There you have it. It appears Home will still make its nebulous release window of “this year” but do you still care?

Let us know in the comments.