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Destroy All Humans sequel cancelled on PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 27 November 2008One Comment

As analysts have already warned us, the games industry is not immune to the recent and ever deepening global economic crisis. With markets in free-fall and investors reluctant to part with their angel-money, (and recent claims that only 4% of games started actually garner a profit) it’s no surprise that niche titles start to feel the wrath of the Game Reaper’s blade.

Such is the case with THQ’s alien hijinx shooter “Destroy All Humans: Path of The Furon” with Shacknews reporting that the title has been cancelled on the PS3.

Citing “development issues”, it appears developer Sandblast Games came unstuck when porting the 360 version to the PS3 and, after spending time wrestling with the migration, decided to ultimately can it.

With THQ posting losses of over $100m for the year resulting in the shedding of 250 staff (and closing five studios: Helixe Games, Locomotive Games, Mass Media, Paradigm and Sandblast Games itself) we’re not surprised ‘difficult’ projects are being canned.

We’re always disappointed however when any game is cancelled for the PS3 as it means the option for those who were interested in picking up a PS3 version is no longer available. To be honest, no one here at PS3 Attitude planned to play this next-gen edition of Destroy All Humans, and we’re really not that cut up about the loss, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t on someone’s list.

The original (which this writer actually played on the Xbox) was quirky and overcame its mediocre presentation and limitations through a great use of comedy and interesting game-play. On the PS2, it and its sequel shifted over a million units so, while I say it’s somewhat “niche”, that is not to say it wouldn’t have sold well on the PS3.

We’ll never know now of course but how has the news affected you? Miffed? Nonchalant? Perhaps even glad? Let us know in the comments.