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EA talks new franchise sequels and frequency

Submitted by on Monday, 3 November 20086 Comments

Applauded for injecting some freshness into the season by publishing two new IPs (Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge) in an effort to prove that they’re not just about churning out “Generic Sports Game 200X”, it should be no surprise that EA are now talking about sequels for their new babies.

Both titles have met with favourable p/reviews (and sales in the case of Dead Space) so this is the part where you start sweating as Old EA reemerges from the shadows and flips the game factory grind switch, commanding new iterations of these games to magically appear on our shelves every few months. Mop that brow because it appears EA will not be milking their new promising properties so hard that they might kill the proverbial cash cow.

Edge have some details regarding EA CEO John Riccitiello’s plans for the inevitable sequels going forward. Riccitiello states: “[…] titles like Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, I think you can absolutely expect those titles to come back in one way, shape or form, but they’re not likely to be annual sequels.”

The article goes into more EA properties such as Spore and Warhammer: Online (still rumoured to be PS3 bound) but it’s also interesting to note that, while confirming Mercenaries 3, Riccitiello mentions that, if he had his way, “there will be a Mercenaries 10.”

Ah, that’s better, there’s the EA we all know and love!