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EVE FPS hinted at during CCP’s annual presentation

Submitted by on Monday, 10 November 2008No Comment

Considering we’ve mentioned the phenomenon of MMOs hitting the PS3 already, the words “PS3” and “EVE Online” in the same sentence should come as little or no surprise. And if the portents are to be believed: the era of the console MMO is rapidly approaching.

In this particular story however there is an interesting twist. Bucking the trend of attempting what some may consider the impossible, CCP Games – the Icelandic developers of sci-fi MMO EVE Online – have decided to not unleash the popular space faring online game on the PS3 but develop a spin-off in a genre that the PS3 knows all too well – First Person Shooters.

Unveiled in Reykjavik at their annual soiree, comments that the prospect of expanding the EVE universe away from the confines of the PC is a big possibility. CCP bosses Hilmar Petursson and Nathan Richardsson were at pains to assure the PC-loving crowd however that their resources are firmly focused on the upcoming expansion to EVE online: “Walking in Stations” but that the company does confess to a “game console strategy”.

“Walking in Stations” is scheduled to hit next year and sees what some would consider as a large departure for the series. Players will soon be able to create avatars that can interact with other pilots for the first time. To fully realise this endeavour CCP have recently licenced the Enlighten lighting product which is sure to open up whole new arenas to players usually confined to their restrictive cockpits.

The graphics tool “empowers artists to create vivid and dynamic worlds in unrivalled detail” and is quoted as being “the only truly next-gen technology that offers dynamic radiosity in a runtime environment”.

For those interested in the tech side of gaming we should note that Enlighten has already been touted for the PS3 so maybe we’ll be seeing it utilised for the above suggested EVE FPS. Want to see what “dynamic radiosity” actually looks like? Check out the video below: