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Fallout 3 To Receive Cuts in Japan

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 November 20084 Comments

Speaking of ban-hammers, you’ll no doubt remember our recent stories about games such as Dead Space ruffling a few censors’ feathers in places such as Germany and Japan.

With Australia’s Adults Only for games rating system completely up in the air at the moment, it’s interesting to note that the Japanese haven’t ceased their own demands for regulated content*.

Fallout 3, which has already seen tweaks due to references to real life narcotics, has once again fallen victim to political correctness and “social sensitivities” and will require changes if it’s to see the light of day on the streets of Shinjuku, Akihabara, etc.

Kotaku lead with the story (picked up by CVG and now streaming straight into your eager eyeballs via PS3 Attitude) that the side-quest to detonate a nuclear bomb is out (which – considering Japan is the only country in the world to have nukes dropped on them – we can perfectly understand) as is an “offensively named weapon”.

Though Kotaku posit that “Fat Man” is the particular offender we’re going to stake our money on a different possibility. Check out this list of weapons and you’ll find the unfortunately named “Stabhappy” weapon. Considering Tokyo’s recent tragedy in Akihabara where seven people died from a knife wielding lunatic, we’re thinking the aforementioned “Happy Knife” has not gone unnoticed.

In other news: India won’t be getting the game at all due to “cultural sensitivities” – which, unlike Japan’s requests for changes, we have no idea about. If you’re from India and reading this maybe you can let us know how a post-apocalyptic RPG where you can set off nuclear explosions might offend.

(Most of) Fallout 3 will be released in Japan in December.

*Which we find kind of ironic. Have you ever seen Urotsukidoji? Trust us – that school girl was NOT expecting her date to transform into a demon and do that.